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    Windows 10 Pro Superkey?

    LOL, I have all the keys from WIN95 through WIN8. So, I would have to format and reinstall WIN10 using the 7PRO key?
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    Windows 10 Pro Superkey?

    I entered it during installation. But realized the install is not activated. Tried to enter both keys from within Windows. It takes the keys, but then fails to activate (as opposed to an invalid string of numbers). Probably deactivated as you suggested. So where is the best place to purchase...
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    Windows 10 Pro Superkey?

    In 2018 I purchased 2 Windows 10 Pro "superkey" from ickywu. I believe a lot of forum members purchased keys from him with positive results. Yes... it took me this long to finally rebuild my system, lol. I was under the impression that a superkey has no expiration, so I got lax. Anyway...
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    WTB: BUDGET MoBo, CPU, RAM (combo or piece), or LGA775 MoBo

    Sorry I haven't been responding. Didn't realize there were so many responses. I must not have selected email notifications. I appreciate all of the offers and suggestions. I don't game and I don't do as much CAD as I used to, so the GTX260 is still plenty of GPU for me. I've needed to...
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    WTB: BUDGET MoBo, CPU, RAM (combo or piece), or LGA775 MoBo

    $100 ish was my target. I haven't been on Ebay in sol long, lol. I also haven't followed ANY of the performance ratings of the past 10 years, making it hard to know what is / isn't a good deal. Basically been telling myself if it's newer than the Q9300 and will keep me running, then it's...
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    WTB: BUDGET MoBo, CPU, RAM (combo or piece), or LGA775 MoBo

    Definitely interested Can you PM specs and price? Thx!
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    WTB: BUDGET MoBo, CPU, RAM (combo or piece), or LGA775 MoBo

    Hello all. Been a long while since I've been active on this forum. Life took me in a different direction. Glad my account is still here, and that my forum status is even intact. :) My system has been slowly dying for months and it's now crashing, freezing, and BSOD multiple times per hour...
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    Everything must go!!

    BUMP. Going camping for the weekend. More items will be posted starting Monday.
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    Everything must go!!

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    Everything must go!!

    fixed the red, removed items headed for the dumpster.
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    Everything must go!!

    BUMP... I will be finally adding remaining items this week. Putting all the oldest items together in a bulk box that will be put on Craigslist. If it still doesn't sell, it is dumpster bound.
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    HTPC, need advice for tuner/DVR functionality.

    So, I've had my HTPC for many years. I had satellite TV in an area where nothing is available OTA, so never did any tuning or DVR functions. Now I'm in the city, with Comcast cable, and I'm already tired of the equipment rental fees and the limitations of said hardware. Current setup is...
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    Overkill for HTPC?

    There is if you consider things like power consumption, heat generation, cooling noise, and hardware cost. I guess I'm in the minority, but I prefer my HTPC to run low-power. Video streaming, BluRay movies, and even DVD up-conversion do not require much horsepower, and I can't stand to hear...
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    HTPC to Upgrade or Repair

    i7 w 16Gb for a mere HTPC?? Please tell me you are using it for more than media streaming, lol.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Starhawk... I've played with PCs since the days of IBM386, Z80, and 6520's... And I have never even seen an MFM drive, LOL. I had to google just to learn what one is! BTW, if anyone else is also clueless...
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    Everything must go!!

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    Everything must go!!

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    Everything must go!!

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    Everything must go!!

    EVERYTHING MUST GO!! I have boxes of components that have cluttered my tiny apartment since my foreclosure in November. Now I've lost my job of 14 years, and all the boxes I had there are also in my tiny apartment. I need cash, and I need to clear space. Everything that doesn't find a good...
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    Everything must go!!

    accidentally posted before I was ready... stupid keyboard shortcuts. Mods, please delete this post if you can. Thanks!
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    Is buyer or seller responsible for lost packages?

    100% agree. I couldn't have said it any better. The polar opposite reactions and comments in this thread truly portray the difference between a "good" seller and a DNT seller. BTW, the OP said this: I now live in an apartment complex, and receiving packages can be a PITA. The mailboxes...
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    WTB: GTX 260

    Sending PM... I have one I woudl consider parting with. (bump)
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    WTB - Video cards 8800gt/4770 and better

    Doesn't the 8800's, and the GTX 260/280's use about the same power?? :p Anyway, I have an XFX 8600GTX w/ Zalman cooler, Diamond HD3850, VisionTek HD3870-OC, X1950Pro w/ AT1 dual-slot cooler (also comes with original single slot cooler), and a generic GF8300.
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    WTB: HD-DVD/BD, 775 mobo, 775 C2Q

    RECEIVED: --Gigabyte EP35-DS3R with a Core 2 Quad Q9300 from ShepsCrook. Thanks! --LG GGW-H20L drive from Kwincy. Thanks! Still in need of a cheap 1.8" IDE harddrive.
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    NZXT Announces The Sentry 3 Touchscreen Fan Controller

    15W @ 12V fans is 1.25A per fan... while I can think of many available fans that would cook that circuit, it is still certainly impressive for a "universal" fan controller. FWIW, the PWM fan controller I built handles at least 25W per channel as shown, and up to 65W per channel with a small...
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    custom PWM fan controller

    Thanks :)
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    custom PWM fan controller

    Finally got the pics uploaded. Here is my little handmade prototype. If I build anymore, I will have the PCB manufactured with soldermask and silkscreen.
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    custom PWM fan controller

    I wanted to show off the custom PWM controller that I designed to control 3-wire fans. It runs 2 fans from a single PWM signal and is capable of running extremely high current fans. I am using it to drive my Zalman CPU cooler and a 1.3A Orion 120mm hi-velocity fan. It was designed to adjust...
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    Wttf 775 matx board

    Did you find a board, or are you still looking? I'm still very interested in that EP43.
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    WTB $50.00 PCI-e Video Card

    EVGA 8800GTX 768Mb BFG 9600GT 512Mb HIS HD3870-OC 512Mb (in box w acc.) Diamond HD3850 512Mb (in box w acc.) Quadro FX4500 512Mb ATI X1950Pro 256Mb (w brand new AT1 cooler installed and OEM cooler) Prices negotiable on all cards... PM with offer if interested.
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    Wttf 775 matx board

    Sent PM
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    DRM In New Coffee Maker Will Lock Out Refill Market

    I had a Keurig. It belonged to an ex-roommate. I used it for a year after she moved out. Cups are expensive, and such a waste of coffee (the amount of grounds in one K-cup to brew one cup of coffee). GF got me the reusable cup so that I can brew my own blends. Even more ridiculous! It takes...
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    Windows 7 and 8 questions

    BUMP for updates
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    Dim LEDs?

    Honestly? A dimmer?? LOL. I guess it's just the tech in me, but a resistor is so cheap and uber easy to install. :p (100ohm, 220ohm, or 330ohm are my recomendations. Obviously the higher resistance, the more dimming)
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    WTB Socket A, NF2, with SATA + USB2.0

    I still have an awesome Soyo KT880 Dragon 2 V.2.0 Honestly, the benchmarks smoked my DFI Lanparty NF2. I used this board for many SK462 gaming builds. BTW, the KT880 chipset supported 2 dual-channel DDR... NF2 never did ;) Check out the link...
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    Kingston SSD prices are low on Amazon! 2/17/2014

    Westrock is absolutely correct. This is common across all electronics manufacturers. Look at all the forums dedicated to audio equipment and which models use which DAC chips and which brands of MOSFET's, etc. Same for DAC's in various MP3 players, etc. Most manufacturers will "house brand"...
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    For Sale GTX 580 Asus Platinum Matrix and 775 combos

    BUMP for looking at the 780i
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    FS: Various Items - CPUs, GPUs (680,6570), HDDs, AM3 Mobo, DDR DDR2 DDR3

    Nice motherboard... if only I had a use for it... hmmmmm. NO! Must resist!! LOL
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    Windows 7 and 8 questions

    Downloaded the 64-bit ISO directly from MS (digital river). Will try the install soon. Still looking for any comments on the 8.1 upgrade before I attempt it.