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    WTB: Cold War Key for 3080

    I have a 3080. Looking for a key for Cold War. Let me know what you guys got. Thanks.
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    Enclosure Builds! Show off your setup!

    Custom enclosure with thick acrylic panels. Fire suppression. I have a two more that aren't kept in the enclosure for making fun toys for the kids. I have a Palette 2 hooked up to one of those that I've been playing around with.
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    Octoprint and Creality CR-10S connection issue

    This is odd, I assume the SD card that runs PI might have been corrupted. I'd try a different SD card and put the image back on there. Also check if you have enough juice running through the Pi. My adapter went bad and the Pi acted really weird.
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    One-Year Update: OLED Burn-in Test

    If you had CNBC on daily, wouldn't the bars just burn in?
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    Prusa Multi Material Unit

    What do you guys think about the Palette 2? Thinking of getting one of these and cancel my MMU order. I was told the reliability was much better than the MMU.
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    Steam VR Usage Almost Doubled in 2018

    Now that would be cool.
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    Steam VR Usage Almost Doubled in 2018

    It was actually 300 dollars around Christmas. It was a new Rift but it was being sold through eBay. I initially bought one a long time ago when it first came out but sold it. It was around 600 dollars if I'm not mistaken when it debuted. The tracking wasn't that good and had some latency...
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    Steam VR Usage Almost Doubled in 2018

    I was on the bandwagon of VR being just a fad. After I watched an NBA game in VR last night, that changed. They need to put more money into having VR at sporting events. I would love a higher res HMD down the line.
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    Rift on sale again

    350 is a great price for this. I lucked out and got it for 300 during a Christmas sale.
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    The State of VR in 2018

    It's too hard to tell if VR is the next big thing. The immersion is definitely cool and I love the virtual tours. I have yet to try the space flight sim but I heard it can get you quite nauseous. It is a niche product though. It runs well on my GTX 1080 but it's understandable that you would...
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    Ender 3 Print bed

    I'd try a PEI sheet or use painters tape. It's not uncommon that the larger prints near the edge would not stick. It's because the heat bed will heat and maintain temperature for the center of the bed but the edges are going to be cooler. I would kick up the temp of the heated bed just a few...
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    Prusa Multi Material Unit

    Man this is awesome. Mine's on order and won't be here until Feb. Prusa did a video where he said that soluble supports were expensive so what he did was to build the support up to the point before it touches the print and the only the remaining layers touching the print with the soluble to...
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    Awesome. Noise doesn't bother me but the ability to do steeper overhangs is awesome. The comments on Thingiverse say it melts. I use a sock on mine though. Hope it fits.
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    Olsson Ruby Nozzle

    Wow, this nozzle is really good. I don't work for them at all. It's a pain for me to keep switching nozzles when printing abrasive materials such as carbon fiber. With this nozzle, you just set it and you don't have to change it again. Carbon fiber filament wears on...
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    eBay Site-wide coupon 10% Electronics, 15% other categories on Sunday 12/16 ( 7AM PST to 7PM PST)

    So technically you could drive the price of the occulus rift even further lower. I think the price was 299 the last I checked.
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    Oculus Rift Is $329 at Best Buy

    Pretty solid deal. 299 is the lowest I have ever seen.
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    Prusa Multi Material Unit

    So I bought one of these during cyber Monday. I wanted to play with multi-color prints. Anyone have one of these?
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    That's funny you mention that. When I took it out of the enclosure, I put the print on the SD card and to my surprise, it printed just fine. I also increased more heat so I'm not sure what fixed it.
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    Moai 200 SLA Printer

    Any thoughts about this printer? The resins are slowly becoming less and less smelly from what I've heard. With a printer that does a fairly large size, I'm definitely interested. It does 200x200x200. My Prusa Mk3...
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    I've tried vertical lift and it didn't work when I tried it before. Someone suggested that it could be excess heat on the control board so I took the printer out from the enclosure and restarted the print. I've made sure vertical lift was enabled so lets see if it fixes it. I'll also look...
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    Creality Ender-3 slanted Nozzle

    I'm tempted with a CR10 because of the huge bed size. The only bad things with that printer is the manual bed leveling and the rubber wheel on the extrusions. I think over time, the wheels will shred.
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    So I have a large bust print that will roughly take about 12 hours to complete. For reasons unknown to me, it always fails. It's constantly layer shifting. I caught it a few times and it's due to the printer head knocking some part of a print that curled. I'll post a pic when I can.
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    PLA just doesn't like heat. Both ABS and PLA will shrink to a certain extent, ABS more so. I don't have issues with PLA on the first layer. It's the overhangs that curl up and my print head just hits it and all hell breaks loose. I've heard a lot of good things about CR-10s. It's supposed...
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    Oh I thought I posted it. I'm using PLA. It's funny but I generally only print in ABS. Enclosures are bad for PLA. I'm using Polysmooth PLA filament. Extruding at 205, bed at 60. PLA is an adventure for me. I'm using the printers for fun as work is super light at the end of the year...
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    Ok a bit of a report. I noticed that it will warp if I have the fan blowing on it in the first 2 layers. After the first few layers, the fan helps massively. I'm able to print large objects now on the bed. I think it's due to the fact that the printer is sitting in an enclosure and even with...
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    I think my prints are curling from not enough cooling. Is there any adverse effects if I just put a box fan blowing on the print? Should I turn off the bed heating after a few layers? Large prints aren't successful with PLA unfortunately.
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    What printers do you all use?

    Is upgrading to a MK2.5 worth it?
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    Creality Ender-3 slanted Nozzle

    It should be vertical. Is the block screwed in properly and flush? I don't have this printer but I need more pics of how it's sitting above the heater. I would leave bending it until you've exhausted trying to fix it on the top.
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    Recommend a CNC for creating picture frames

    Can someone recommend a CNC for creating picture frames? Thanks!
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    Finished Mega Man 11. It was a great game but the main hook is really the nostalgia. The game plays about the same and there are a few levels that are just annoying (ie. Bounce man stage). If you are used to the old side scrolling mega man, you know that if you die you respawn from the...
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    KIller Robot Dogs Protect Your Loved Ones

    The dogs I envision should look like the ones in the latest Kingsman movie.
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    Oculus Go Explained - Not a Money Maker

    This is the single only reason I would possibly buy this. Lying on the couch or on the bed and just watching Netflix. Marathon a few series?
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    California to Become First US State Mandating Solar on New Homes

    This is a very crazy mandate. This means you can't really even have natural gas in new homes. Solar is nice but the panels don't last forever and would need to be replaced in 20-30 years.
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    What printers do you all use?

    3x MK2 Prusas. I have a MK3 on order. Just waiting for it to arrive. I have a Pegasus Makerfarm as well.
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    FS: sold

    How does the NAS compare with the QNAP TS-451? I'm looking to upgrade from that.
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    FS: Amazon Gift Card Balance!

    Interesting. I've been eyeing some a large purchase on Amazon. Might be interested in this.
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    Could High Cable Prices Cause Cord-Cutting? Say it isn't so.

    I don't pay much for cable. Probably about 120 dollars for some basic channels and stuff. The problem that I face is that cable is still cheaper than streaming for me at the time being. It remains to be seen for the future whether this is still true. Kids channels + HGTV for the wife + some...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I'm thinking of using this for my Nvidia Shield. Not sure I want to shuck them and throw them in my NAS.