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    New Build, Ryzen + nVidia SFF

    It's been almost eight years since my last build and it is time to build a new one. This time I plan to go even smaller having recently acquired an ncase M1. I'd love to get feedback from the community to sanity check the build and make sure I'm not doing something dumb here. The plan is it use...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Is this with stock voltages and PBO enabled/stock ? I'm in the middle of considering a 3700X + NH-L9A + Dan A4 SFX myself and I'm just trying to figure out to expect. I'm getting the sense that this setup is very borderline based on what I've been reading. Thinking of dropping to a 3600.
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    crowdfunded router idea (truly open source)

    A simple "No, it hasn't shipped", would have been sufficient.
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    crowdfunded router idea (truly open source)

    Have any Turris Omnias actually shipped?
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    Acronis has gone to pot. What's the best backup software now?

    Maybe its worth reconsidering your entire back up strategy and use file level backup tools instead. File level backup tools are nice as they don't lock you in to a proprietary backup system to recover your files. The back ups are still readable via standard tools (they are just files after...
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    diagnostic sidebar - this new one is very impressive

    You can build it from source if you prefer.
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    What do you do to test new hard drives?

    badblocks can be run on any OS that supports ZFS.
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    What do you do to test new hard drives?

    Agreed. Out of all the computer parts I've worked with in my career, HDDs are the ones I've had to RMA the most. It makes sense to be honest as they are one of the few moving parts in a PC.
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    Two Networks One IP

    You can run two subnets in the same broadcast domain (i.e. without VLAN). I wouldn't recommend it but it can be done. If both subnets need WAN access it will require a router that allows you assigning an arbitrary number of addresses to a single interface. Probably would need an aftermarket...
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    Hackers Gaining Access to a Home PC

    TEMPEST is a NATO program dedicated to understanding and mitigating nonstandard and side channel exfiltration of data. TEMPEST mostly deals with hardware that is operating properly, beyond that there are also ways of compromising machines so that data can be exfiltrated in the presence of a...
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    Looking for (wired) router/firewall recommendation

    iptables and pf are both stateful firewalls. It may not have DPI, do transparent proxy other fancy UTM features, but I disagree with the statement that they are not firewalls.
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    Looking for (wired) router/firewall recommendation

    Just checking my ERL with 1.6.0 firmware, root device is mounted ext3 with journaling and barriers enabled that should be pretty resilient to power loss corruption. I've never had a problem with mine losing power and not coming up.
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    Binary file compare utility for Windows

    Hashing is the slowest way to compare files. Comparing hashes requires you to read both files in their entirety before making a comparison. Contrast with the process below. Check the file size, if different files are different and done. Check modification time, if different treat files as...
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    batch file - local variables not comparable?

    Can you write a minimal, complete and verifiable example. I was unable to reproduce your issue on Windows 7.
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    Binary file compare utility for Windows

    diff from diffutils can do this no problem. The standard invocation is smart enough to detect binary files and give a simple yes/no answer. Otherwise you can force it to give a yes/no only with a '-q' option. diff [file1] [file2] Pretty sure there are Windows ports available.
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    Consumer-grade routers: MAC address for every NIC port??

    If each port had its own interface then each could be on its own isolated network (without resorting to VLANs), with routing and firewall rules dictating what traffic can go where. Take for example the UBNT EdgeRouter PoE. It has 5 network ports each of which is its own interface (eth0-4)...
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    Consumer-grade routers: MAC address for every NIC port??

    Generally consumer routers only have two wired interfaces. One each for WAN and LAN. Typically the LAN NIC will be connected to a L2 switch IC which will be wired up to the multiple LAN ports you see on the outside of the chassis. Picture for clarity. L2 switches do not typically have MAC...
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    Help setting up ZFS snapshot schedule

    There are a bunch of zfs-snapshot scripts on Github that can easily be called from cron. I use this one: Simple and to the point.
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    Suddenlink trying to charge $270 in over usage

    It's worth noting that PFD (Pay for delete) letters don't always work. Some collection agencies will simply not do it.
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    Modern Gecko/Firefox with Older UI

    You can find the API docs for Gecko at If your looking to embed Gecko in your own application you can refer to the Embedding Mozilla section of the docs. There are also various API bindings already for various languages such as PyXPCOM for...
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    Wiping Your Drive(s)

    Block level wiping is pretty old hat at this point and not sufficient for sanitizing data anyway as LBA is an abstraction of physical storage and not a direct mapping. If you're wiping a drive you should be using the ATA Secure Erase command. On HDDs using FDE and most SSDs this command is...
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    How to disable firewall in RHEL 6.x permanently

    I have no clue why turning it off in chkconfig isn't working, but as an alternative you can set the default policy, flush the input chain and then save the config. This way even if it starts your firewall isn't stopping anything. (Repeat if necessary for FORWARD and OUTPUT chains.) (as root)...
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    Checking the Status (Commit Log) of Arbitrary Git Repositories

    git --git-dir not working as expected
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    running cat5e between 2 keystone jacks

    Even if you have an B-B patch connected to a A-A cable, connected to a B-B patch the electrical connections all line up, so mixing and matching should never be an issue as long as each segment is actually done correctly. Heck, even mixing and matching straights and crosses isn't really an issue...
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    How to install Rasbian OS to Micro SD card on Raspberry Pi 2

    Using NOOBS is the easiest way these days. Partition the SD card MBR style with one large FAT32 partition. Copy the NOOBS content to the partition, put card back in Pi2 and boot it. NOOBS will redo the partitions during the install procedure as appropriate.
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    Raspbian not responding well to my keyboard

    Raspbian defaults to a UK keyboard layout. You can go in to the config settings and set the locale, timezone and keyboard layout the way you like.
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    Quick question: Partitioning for Windows 10

    In UEFI boot, its required. The EFI System Partition contains the bootloader.
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    Isloate a PC

    Add a second IP address in the desired subnet to the gateway's LAN interface. GW IP #2: PC IP: Running two subnets in the same broadcast domain like your intending is fine, but it isn't really isolation. It can prevent mistakes, but not malicious activity, for more...
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    Networking and wiring question

    Cat5e is standard for 1GBase-T. It will also run 2.5G and 5G NBase-T if that ever becomes a thing. Cat6 isn't called for by any standards (and may or may not run 10G for short runs, ymmv). Cat6a is standard for 10GBase-T but its much harder to work with and terminate properly. I see no...
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    FIPS covers implementation of crypto primitives, but how those primitives are used is just as important as choosing them. I can use a FIPS compliant implementation of an AES256 cipher in my crypto system, but if I use the same key for every ciphertext I've created a horribly broken crypto...
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    In fairness the audit team wouldn't have been looking for code injection exploits, and assuming they were, they would have been only concerned with the components in the crypto system itself. The vulnerability isn't a cryptographic weakness. Regarding MS code auditing, without knowing who, if...
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    Security benefit, none. Assuming proper implementations HW/SW doesn't make much a difference from a security standpoint. HW FDE is great because its transparent to the OS, it also makes ATA Secure Erase a fast and very secure (just regen the hw key). It's also pretty fast, as the cypto is done...
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    Proper design of a crypto system not only involves picking appropriate crypto primitives but also in how the crypto primitives are configured and used within the system. FIPS certified primitives are useful for building secure crypto systems but how they are used is also important as a crypto...
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    Linux Programs to replace Windows?

    Excellent list of applications for various tasks can be found on the Arch Linux wiki (the info is good for Linux in general though) I use Arch Linux as a daily driver. It is a rolling release distro that strikes a nice balance between...
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    Using own router with Verizon Fios

    I've had FIOS for years, and used option 2. I use a UBNT EdgeRouter Lite as my gateway which is directly connected to the ONT. I still keep the ActionTec as a MoCA bridge inside my LAN so the set-top boxes continue to work (guide info and VOD). When I set my network up originally the early...
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    Secure Erase SSD in Centos7 on LSI HBA

    Assuming the drive is directly accessible to the OS, then hdparm should do the trick. There is tons of info out there, read it carefully as hdparm used incorrectly can brick drives.
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    SSL Certs, internal names, and local domains

    This is all fallout from the disaster/moneygrab that is gTLDs, btw.
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    Best forum for C++ beginner?

    This is a really excellent post. Your 100% correct about being able research skills being a big factor in being an effective developer. Knowing how to find and read user guides, specifications, APIs, bug reports, etc is just part of the job.
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    Setups/systems for programmers

    If I saw that during an interview, I'd walk. Life is too short to let frustrations like that eat at your enjoyment for software development.
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    Best forum for C++ beginner?

    People who ask poor quality questions, get poor quality responses. If you make an effort to write a detailed question that shows some basic research, you'll usually get a great response. If not then it is usually a duplicate or it is unanswerable for a variety of reasons.