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    "Microsoft's done their best to kill gaming on PC"

    the widespread use of linux in the wider world. the ubiquity of linux in all areas of computing other than the desktop, especially in the mobile world. so much development is cross platform and windows isn't the sole target for lots of projects now, in total contrast to 10 years ago.
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    Google to Kill Nexus Brand Next Year

    The OP was zorachis and he linked a site called technobuffalo.... pretty much made this entire thread a fanfic to start with
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    Best Current Verizon Android phone?

    moto x, far and away the best android phone on VZ
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    What is the Operating System you loved to use the most?

    Up until this week it was Windows 2000. Now its Linux, specifically Android, Debian, and Slackware just excellent operating systems with a common base
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    Nexus-Five thread

    from what ive read there really isnt a real way to force an OTA, I just happened to get lucky and get a quick one i guess
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    Nexus-Five thread

    confirmed, getting it here right now
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    Nexus-Five thread

    lol, this guy
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    Introducing Android 4.4...KitKat

    Kinda shows you how stupid it is to parrot rumors that have no real sources and amount to literally nothing more than fanboy speculation and clickbait
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    Debian Hits 20 Years Old!

    still one of the very best.... interestingly, been seeing it eat Red Hat's lunch in the enterprise space lately, at least where I work
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    The Desktop PC Needs A Makeover

    haha, snip the part that dismantles your bitching and moaning smart guy
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Indeed, the nexus 4 is the first phone ever where I look at the next generation of phones coming after it and go "that it?" its gonna take a real leap in power demands in software to make the nexus 4 anywhere close to being out of date in terms of cpu/gpu power. There are still good reasons...
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    The Desktop PC Needs A Makeover

    "One can be just as 1337 as you are" * stupid lack of edit
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    The Desktop PC Needs A Makeover

    Wow, someone needs to get off their high horse. Not only are you completely wrong about your characterization of most users on this board, but you really do seem to misunderstand that "standard" doesnt mean the one and only option, or at least overemphasize the impact of what a new standard...
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    JBQ Technical Lead, AOSP maintainer - Quits

    very sad... lets hope this doesnt portend the end of the nexus devices as somewhat open
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I hope LG gets it again, I'm a huge fan of my Nexus 4, and even though i'll probably stick with it until next year, if there is a 32/64 GB option for the next Nexus phone, I'll be mighty tempted....
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    Galaxy S4 and HTC One can be converted to Google Editions (restrictions)

    Hows that laughable? The kind of audience that would go for these phones would generally want the kind of excellent update experience that a Nexus phone would give them...
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    Research In Motion's Stock Falls 27%

    They also don't offer anything that I and most of my friends, usually considered pretty savvy tech consumers, can recall that would make them *more* desirable than the leading ecosystems... If you are starting from the freaking bottom of the barrel, you better damn well make sure you have...
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    Sony 6.4 inch Xperia Z Ultra..Wow.

    +1 it will be interesting to see how the industry changes when everyone is running voice over LTE
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    Losing my smartphone virginity - T-Mobile, Virgin, Boost, or MetroPCS?

    if in a well populated area, Tmobile + Nexus 4
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    Sony announces Google edition phone.

    Of the three announced, this is the best one.... Great build quality, SD card support, waterproof construction, excellent traditional modding support from Sony, and ON SCREEN BUTTONS... Like a nexus is supposed to be.... If this comes out, this will replace my nexus 4, 100%
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    Google Edition phone; Samsung S4 vs HTC One

    To me, the better phone, by a landslide is the GS4... SD card support (this is major), better camera in most light, removable battery, excellent repairability, and much more durable plastic shell make the GS4 a much better buy for me. Sure, it isn't as pretty as the One, but the screen...
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    Intel Starts The Countdown To Haswell

    Prolly gonna go for broke personally and get myself a haswell mATX system with dual SSDs and 16GB of RAM. Haven't gotten a new system in quite a while...
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    Latest rumor: Nexus 4 w/32GB, LTE, and CDMA @ Google I/O

    It leaked on a Nexus S phone, youtube videos were put out showing the OS way ahead of the GNex reveal
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    T-Mobile's new pricing explained

    the real payoff comes if one buys a second hand phone off ebay or even hardforum or craigslist. wait a year, get the next best iphone, or next best android phone, and you'll be saving lots. especially now, where we are at the point where even 2 year old phones (Galaxy S2 era, and almost iphone...
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    Looking for first-hand [H]-user opinions of Windows Phone 8

    How big a problem is this? I assume mobile apps are pretty small overall, and that if you do have an SD card, you'd use it to store the things that really do take up space, like MP3s, pictures, movies, etc correct me if wrong?
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    Switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, some early observations.

    Wow, I dont have any problems with the service, but your post makes it tempting to get a free $20, lol.... I wont though, that would be a dick move on my part :)
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    Verizon to counter T-Mobile's payment plans...sort of

    indeed, the people staying on unlimited past this november (2 years since the GNex was released) are payng for it though the loss of subsidized phone pricing though i guess if they want newer phones they can always just get second hand ones on ebay or the like
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    Windows 8.1 Allow Users to Boot to Desktop?

    now they just need to add options to disable all the hot corners, and an "express setup" option during first boot that disables all the metro apps from being the default file handlers... and they'll be a long way to repairing the damage what retarded decisions by them lately...
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    Bing Delivers 5X More Malware Than Google

    bing is generally a piece of shit, but when it comes to porn it destroys google in finding the good shit
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    Verizon - Now even more awesome

    they'll be moving less phones regardless now that most phones sold have adequate RAM/CPU/cameras
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    Switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, some early observations.

    Yikes, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Outdoors I've had nothing but an impeccable signal.... same indoors, but maybe it has to do with my building being airy and having lots of windows? Either way, TMO has been a massive step up in terms of performance and pricing for me... I...
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    Switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, some early observations.

    As a recent AT&T to T-Mobile convert, I have had an excellent experience... If you, like I, spend 99% of your time in the New York metro area, the *only* recommendation from me is to drop *whatever* carrier you have and go T-Mobile (preferably to the $30 100 min/unlimited data plan). TMO's...
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    iFixit gives HTC One 1/10 for repairability

    Never seen the inside of a Galaxy S3 then I take it... held together by philips head screws, no glue anywhere in sight, all pieces easy as hell to take out without the aid of anything other than the screwdriver... amazing repairability considering how light and slim it is.
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    Confused new T-Mobile contract free Vs. Go Smart

    TMO is *great* if you do 3 or more lines on a family plan me? I'll stick with $30 a month/unlimited data walmart plan
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    Windows Blue Update Leaks Out

    Not gonna happen until Microsoft Office ceases to be the ONLY game in town for those who have serious Office suite needs, and Excel and VBA cease to be what drive 99% of corporate data analysis. And I'm as big a Linux proponent and Windows 8 hater as there can be... but enterprise is only...
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    Sony now selling Xperia ZL unlocked in the US

    Wow, they are going to sell about 3 of those at those prices.... They definitely can't point to a lack of demand for unlocked phones, not after the Nexus 4....
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    Windows Blue Update Leaks Out

    I actually run Win8 on my desktop, and it does indeed work quite well with a start menu replacement. I use start is back, which essentially hacks the windows 7 start menu into the UI, and allows the hot corners and charms bar to be disabled Even so, the metro UI and MS's retarded design...
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    Windows Blue Update Leaks Out

    Someone should tell MS that so they will stop trying to push their retarded metro shit on traditional desktops and laptops.... seriously, if I'm running "WINDOWS 8", I assume the first thing that appears when I install/run a windows 8 PC and that big start screen appears are indeed the "WINDOWS...