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    Microsoft May Limit The Number of Windows 8 Editions

    It's already been said in this thread an many others that OSX costs $30 to buy, but Apple makes so much on their hardware that it can cover development costs. They aren't making much if any money off $30 for their OS and certainly not enough to fund the whole business. Also, I don't know why...
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    Microsoft May Limit The Number of Windows 8 Editions

    I don't think windows 8 for arm is going to be a mainstream release. Just the manufactures of arm devices will get it. Much of the code base for windows 8 for arm is not the same as x86/64 windows 8 so Microsoft could most likely ditch 32 bit without impacting arm...
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    Recharge Your Cell Phone With a Touch?

    Yes, but you are missing the point. They can call this green energy and overhype their results to get hundreds of millions of dollars of federal money to start a company and continue "green energy research". They can then give the execs huge bonuses, fire employees, and go bankrupt on the public...
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    Online Role-Playing Can Zap Marital Happiness

    I agree up to a point. I'm totally comfortable with research done by an institution with an agenda as long as they neutralize alternative hypotheses that would be destructive to their findings. I don't know if this research has been peer reviewed. I think it is being published today, but all I...
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    Online Role-Playing Can Zap Marital Happiness

    I'm Mormon. I love video games and so does my whole family. In fact, most of my local congregation likes video games. Also, not at FndTheRver, but what does the study being done by BYU (Mormons) have to do with the results?
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    Tower vs. 2U in non-air-conditioned room

    It probably depends on the amount of air the fans can move in proportion to the case volume. What are your temps right now?
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    Tower vs. 2U in non-air-conditioned room

    What kind of workload do you put on the server most of the time?
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    Hawaii May Keep Track Of All Web Sites Visited

    If everyone in Hawaii got hold of a script that sent massive amounts of requests 24/7 those ISPs would would start fighting back against the bill.
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    Canadian Man Uses iPad to Enter US

    Hopefully the Canadians are nice to him when he tries to get back in...
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    Facebook Two Times More Popular Than Voting

    Not surprising. It takes a few seconds to sign up for facebook at your computer. Probably have to make a phone call, or go somewhere to register to vote.
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    Death Row Inmate Gets New Trial Because of Tweet

    This guy probably loves it that he's being judged by his peers.
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    Intel Reveals Next-Gen High-Performance Computing Platforms

    Actually Intel signed a deal with Apple to have Apple be the first platform with Thunderbolt until like 2012 when other companies can use it.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I need one because my 40 gig SSD is full!
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    GIGABYTE X79 Motherboard Spy Pics

    Big heat sinks won't be necessary for these boards. The ivy bridge parts that will go in them are only going to have a TDP of 77 watts. Overclocking them might get you to 130 watts which still doesn't require a MASSIVE cooler to cool.
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    Senate Judiciary Committee Grills Google

    +1 It's their site and software they can do what they want with it. If you don't want to use it you don't have to, there are plenty of other search engines.
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    PC Prices 15 Years Ago Today

    LOL mac prices are still the same!
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    Tech Company to Build Science Ghost Town

    What are they going to do about security? I guarantee it will get destroyed by idiots if no one lives there. Especially if they build it on the Mexican border...
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    Anti-Piracy Bill To Cost Taxpayers $47M To 2016

    My thought process: I pay taxes. Music/Motion Picture industry gets my money. I can pirate an equivalent amount of their products because I paid for them! torrent torrent torrent
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    Best iPhone App Ever

    Should have have hit the link before posting...
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    Best iPhone App Ever

    Wasn't there some dude who accidentally dropped his iPhone from a cargo plane or something a little while ago and found that it still worked? That would win
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    3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

    Adjustable open top for rising heat
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    The "Forge" Lian-Li A77F Custom Watercooled PC

    That white interior is beautiful! Never seen a case quite like it. Awesome rig, best I've seen in a while.
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    Love the Corsair quality. Except for the Builder Series PSUs ... seriously?
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    Record Companies Seeking $75T in Damages from Lime Wire

    Ok I'm guilty let me get you a check. Oh, and don't cash it for a month.
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    IBM Pays $10M to Settle Bribery Complaint

    So what exactly is meant by "entertainment"? ... Only one thing I can think of
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    What Pi Sounds Like

    I guarantee there's no chorus
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    The card looks great. MSI has a good image in my eyes for video cards, but I think their motherboards are crap. Seriously crap. I've owned one and my dad has owned 3 that failed. Every single MSI mobo that i or my dad has purchased has failed.
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    AMD Fusion APU Llano Multi-Tasking Demo

    yeah for real. Fusion still looks sweet to me. Maybe a APU in my wife's new computer...but not all that interesting to a real gamer.
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    AOL's "Dirty Secret"

    They made 244 million off 4 million customers? That's $61 each! Must be other revenue sources...otherwise those 4 million people are even dumber that I thought.
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    2010 PC Growth Sees Slowdown, Tablet Cannibalization

    I think that there will be a resurgence in the PC market especially desktops in the next few years. Mobile will increase too, but I know a few people now that have dumped their highish powered desktop and switched to a netbook or tablet as their primary computing device along with an xbox or PS3...
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    US Hunters Shoot Down Google Cables?

    Drunks out here in the Nevada desert shoot down the high tension power lines all the time with shotguns. Totally believe the story.
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    Apple Introduces Us To the Smart Bike

    So a good bike usually costs between $400 and $2000 right? Can't imagine how much this one will cost
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    Woot! I'm jealous of my brother who just got a 460
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    High-Tech Carbon Fiber Toilet?

    No j/k required! Too true
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    I'm in!
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    FTC Asked to Probe Street View Privacy Snafu

    Holy typo... I meant to say that I don't care what the reason is that Google collected packets as they drove by.
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    FTC Asked to Probe Street View Privacy Snafu

    I don't think there's any way that Google did this by accident, but I don't what the reason is. I don't know the law on open wifi, but if you have an unsecured WAP you're an idiot...
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    Congress Calls For Google Buzz Investigation

    Congressman "Well, most of the nation hates us what should we do?" Other Congressman "My grandson was talking about "Google Buzz" the other day." Rabble of Congressmen "What's Google Buzz?" *calls for "techie" aide to explain what Google Buzz is" Nancy Pelosi "Google is a monster that...