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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    Kind of like the XBox? Tape over the camera and it stops working?
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    first time laptop shopper ... help?

    I'm sure ... the newer Lenovos have an audio, but it's for headphones only. There are 1 or 2 built in mics at the top of the screen, there is nowhere to put a microphone, I've checked :( I don't normally use earbuds for one, and an inline mic might be fine for talking, but it's not going to...
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    first time laptop shopper ... help?

    Hi So I'm considering going from the (huge) desktop I have to a laptop (and selling the desktop) to save space. Needs: General web browsing very light (i.e.: flash based) gaming SOUND - input with a mic very important - hobby is online karaoke (yes, really) -- currently using just a...
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    Facebook Wants Your (Verified) Cell Phone Number

    that should be "old V M - not V W" *lack of edit, lack of sleep*
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    Facebook Wants Your (Verified) Cell Phone Number

    Between FB and Gmail/Google constantly wanting my cellphone #, it's like argh! Oh we need it for you protection in case YOU get hacked or can't get into your account for whatever reason - we can text you a new password. I have a "dumb" cellphone ... An old VW oyster (I'm still on the with...
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    Julian Assange Loses Appeal Against Extradition

    If Mr. Assange is extradited to Sweden, which it looks like he will be, there are treaties between Sweden and the U.S. (and other countries) making it quite easy for Sweden to send him here after they are done with him. One of the odd statements from the Guardian U.K.: "Swedish criminal...
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    The Flame: New Sophisticated Cyber Weapon

    Well, Flame has apparently hit Iran's Oil Industry:
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    White House Questions CISPA Cybersecurity Bill

    The House votes on CISPA on Friday, it's not too late to call, email, see if they're on FB (especially since FB is in favor of this mess) and comment on their page, etc. This was a sneaky thing, while we were all fighting SOPA this little gem was quietly sitting waiting...
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    Facebook Selling Log-Out Ads for $700K a Pop

    the only log out ad I've seen is for bing and there's an "X" in the upper corner to close it (which is kind of dumb since you're logging out of a site). Usually I just close the browser too, but have hit log out on occasion.
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    Crappy Clothes For Your Laptop

    Says in the description for one "Tailored to fit your 15 inch Macbook or similarly sized laptop" and yes, there's a 13" version. Thinks this is ridiculous, I think they're ugly - especially for the price, but that seller has now been given some free advertising. Waits for Apple to sue Etsy...
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    World's Most Ethical Companies

    Feels the same way, many of these companies are far from ethical. eBay? ethical? BestBuy?! Colgate Palmolive? L’ORÉAL? Shiseido? Time Warner (well better than Comcast I guess?), Wegmans - they're just now starting to get on the stopping of selling "pink slime", PepsiCo .... This list is...
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    Senator: Employers Shouldn't Seek Site Passwords

    I would have a huge problem with a prospective employer asking for my FB, email (there have been cases) or any other password. It's NONE of their business. Not only are they invading YOUR privacy, but the privacy of anyone you've got as a friend. And they can read your private messages or in...
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    Why Aren't There More Women in Tech?

    I think you're onto something with the generational thing. And I don't mean older men or even the field being mostly men. I'm a bit older, but when I was in HS the courses I wanted to take were woodworking, auto mechanics, metalworking - I wanted to know how stuff worked and how to make...
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    Tell Congress Video Games Do Not Cause Real Life Violence

    If you're a parent and you're buying/allowing your child to play violent video gamesor you let them watch violent movies, violent shows on TV, sporting events (player being paid to take an opponent out of the game?) and you never talk to them or pay attention to them - they're out of your hair...
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    Law Firm Fires Workers For Wearing Orange Shirts

    I do know about the whole wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day. I have been in my share of, um, physical altercations when I was younger and the whole orange thing was a really, really big deal (4th generation Irish here, yes I'm female but in my late teens especially I was more or less a...
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    National Day of Unplugging 2012

    Ohhh, can I come hang out with you?? I have an original PS3 20g that's sitting in a box - I think I've used it maybe 3 times? and have never played with an Xbox. Oh and I got a ton of stuff that needs printing, just can't afford the cartridges for the stupid printer. I'll even bring a few...
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    Ikea Designs $86,500 Prefab House Kit

    Pretty much, just doing a very quick search, came up with a 3 bed/2 bath 1,226 sq foot prefab for $65,000 - right now on sale for $59,900. The costs besides the house - the land, sewer and other essential utility hookups (and digging), cost of permits, inspections, I can't even think of it...
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    FCC Wants Your Opinion On Cell Jamming

    It's illegal, in fact a federal offense, for an individual to use a cell phone jammer. Why would we want/allow the government to do something we can't do? There was just a stink here in Philly...
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    FBI to Build Social Network Spy App

    "order to aid how it predicts and reacts to criminal behavior, including public disorder and terrorism" So does this mean if I read a news article online about, oh say, SOPA/PIPA, OWS, something like that, and share it on my profile that I'm committing a crime of public disorder and/or...
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    Should Kids Learn to Code?

    My "adopted" nephew is now in college, I know he's taking computer courses - escapes me atm just what all he is taking. But in his junior and senior years in HS he was able to take elective coding classes. The fact that he'd been making and coding mostly using PHP/mySQL his own sites since he...
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    Is Facebook Really Worth $100 Billion?

    You know you actually can't completely do that? "erase" your profile? A friend of mine decided to close his account. It's "disabled" meaning if he changes his mind he can just log back in. And it doesn't prevent "friends" from adding him to groups, etc. I think? he unfriended just about...
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    RIAA, MPAA DoJ Websites Under Attack?

    Apparently they didn't and from what I've read yes, this latest Anonymous move is about Mega.
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    Megaupload Shut Down, Employees Indicted

    I've breezed through the actual Indictment - thing is 72 pages long! They're going back to 2005 and appear to have a lot of emails, etc. along with the FBI d/l copyright materials. There's 6 pages of property subject to forfeiture alone in the indictment. They did "tiptoe" around the line...
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    Megaupload Shut Down, Employees Indicted

    The indictment: - note filed January 5, 2012, 5 counts by Grand Jury no less.
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    Megaupload Shut Down, Employees Indicted

    Honestly? I really don't think Anon doing this is the best response. Not with SOPA/PIPA and whatever else the Gov't has up their collective sleeves (and corp. $$$$ in their pockets). This could be just the thing for the supporters of these bills to go "see, see! We told you, we're here to...
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    MPAA Blasts Anti-SOPA Blackouts As Dangerous Stunts

    Try going to the main wiki page now, click on English on the "globe" menu, it's 12:32 a.m. EST This is a c&p of what it says on the next page: "Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge For over a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history...
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    MPAA Blasts Anti-SOPA Blackouts As Dangerous Stunts

    screw MPAA/RIAA and all the politicians who've been paid off for this mess. The President is saying he won't support SOPA, but technically he has to wait for the bill to be passed, then veto it, then it goes back for another vote. And there's still PIPA which comes up in the Senate on...
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    Zappos CEO Says 24M Customer Accounts Have Been Hacked

    Not necessarily. Some people are ... dumb, even hackers. My roommate had her Amazon account hacked and yes, the thieves bought stuff from Amazon. Yes they were caught, but she went through months of agony and paperwork getting her account straightened out. So,, we have a very large...
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    Project to Pour Water into Volcano to Make Power

    $21 mil, though not to be sneezed at, is actually not a whole lot of money for the government to throw at any project. And if this works, and works well and safely, it's money well invested imho. No greenhouse gases, no nuclear waste, no tar sands, no fouling of the water supply, etc. (re...
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    Bill Gates Has Given Away $28 Billion Since 2007

    Well, yes and no ... the "your money will go to charitable causes ... Apple=buying blood diamonds. You know the recent Foxconn thing? Xbox Plant - I do believe we need to bring...
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    Social Game Cheaters = Cheat At Everything Else Too

    Originally Posted by ditzilla a) see above; b) you have NO idea how much cheating actually goes on in some of the games. No I don't know how they do it, no I don't want to know how they do it, yes they do get reported - nothing seems to ever be done about it. I agree people who cheat on these...
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    Social Game Cheaters = Cheat At Everything Else Too

    Maybe you don't have a reason to cheat on taxes or park illegally ... yet or cheat on your significant other if you have one - does that mean you wouldn't? Hacking into anything for the lolz is disgusting, not "hilarious". a) see above; b) you have NO idea how much cheating actually goes on...
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    Penny Arcade The Bully?

    Read the article, read everything you all posted that lead up to this. There is NO WAY that anyone from PA is in any way a "bully". I would probably have come down MUCH harder on Christoforo. And anyone who in any way is siding with him or trying to justify his actions, read what he's trying...
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    ‘Raspberry’ Computer Should be Available in January

    I will wait for next model up, but I will definitely be looking into this for myself and a few friends. Heck a gift even I can afford!
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    A Wish for a Joyous Holiday to All from [H]ardOCP

    Happy Holidays to all!
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    Zynga Stock Settles at $9.50 for First Trading Day

    What happened? Investors were and are very wary, even with how cheap the stock is. It was analyzed as being "Underperforming" and only worth about $7 per share. And I think many people saw...
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    Inmates Harass Victims Via Facebook

    Many prisons do have libraries, do have and allow computer usage, then there's the "jobs" that some prisons have inmates doing which require a phone and/or a computer. I don't agree with that as a prison job. Way too easy to use the phone/computer for their own ends. The gyms thing - a lot of...
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    Gates Testifies In $1B Lawsuit Against Microsoft

    I'm trying (in vain) to remember when we went from word processors to computers. I know we used WordPerfect, it was the word processing software for just about all the firms up until a couple years ago. Then most did switch over to Word, as with the improvements to Word the only real...
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    Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal CoD: MW 3

    raises hand - live in W.Philly and yes, guy with game would have been shot more than likely. If someone pulled a gun on me, I would not try to "go rambo" on them, even if they were a complete doofus (this particular criminal apparently doesn't really know how to use a gun). But he still (the...
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    Most Americans Giving Black Friday The Cold Shoulder

    Oh gawd, the memories ... worked in retail many years ago and somehow survived a few BF - and holiday seasons. *shudders* People turn into these "things" with less sense than usual (scary enough), short tempers, line shoving/jumping, people fighting over stuff and who was in line first, then...