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    Apple launched the M2 Pro and the M2 Max

    I have no issues editing video using Premiere Pro on a MacBook Pro (M1 Pro). It sure is a lot faster and smoother than it ever was on my 2017 MacBook Pro (Intel).
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    Requesting 2.1 Desk Setup Suggestions

    I have a pair of these but not same exact model. They sound surprisingly good for their size. The control board in the sub-woofer box is pretty much gone and the cats have been playing havoc with the satellites.
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    Are HomePod 2 really that good?

    I read a Wired article over the weekend that panned the HomePod 2's midrange as muddled. Is this something you experienced? Based on what you wrote above, I'd say no but would prefer your confirmation that midrange seemed to be fine.
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    Are HomePod 2 really that good?

    That does work but I thought you were looking into a one solution fits all, which the PartyBox will do. I’ve been thinking about getting a new HomePod to replace my Zeppelin OG which I got at an auction but I’m waiting until I can listen to one in person.
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    Are HomePod 2 really that good?

    If you just need one for all use cases just get the JBL PartyBox 310 or 320. Otherwise you’re going to compromise for one or the other use case and won’t be happy.
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    If I want to get a mac just to see what it is like what would you recommend?

    Are you just wanting to try out the operating system? Spin up an AWS macOS instance and play around with it. Go to a local store that carries Macs and play around with it. Etc. I'm very much a fan of Macs but I let my job pay for them. :) Your cheapest entry into the Mac ecosystem, if you...
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    Is 256GB enough for the latest generation MacBook Air

    The M2 Pro edition also has less chips for the 512 GB variant. The M2 release to me seems quite rushed and I think the M3 will be what Apple wanted to release all along. Time will tell. I'm still extremely happy with this corporate laptop; the M2 release is not making me wish we had waited for it.
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    HandBrake 1.6.0 Debuts AV1 Transcoding Support for the Masses

    We still produce H.264 video AAC audio educational videos as it's almost impossible to find a browser that doesn't support it. If you want to almost guarantee any client being able to stream what they buy and don't want to use a streaming server, H.264 is still the way to go (up to 720p).
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    Linux software, steps to migrate Windows from big drive to small drive?

    If the data you’re trying to clone onto the smaller drive is larger than your smaller drive there’s nothing simple you can do to accomplish this. If the data is less than 128 GB dd should do the trick. There’s a very interesting thread on this here...
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    Bluetooth audio, OSX and Sony LDAC headphones

    I found this thread that may help:
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    AtlasOS, a redesigned Windows 10 version for gamers?

    There are plenty of open source projects that have security holes because no one who knows what they’re doing has audited the source, even highly critical software such as OpenSSL that had a critical vulnerability for years. I’m as much a fan of open source as anyone but don’t use it with...
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    Clean My Mac

    My corporate laptop (almost same as yours except with the 2 TB SSD option) slowed down a bit on the transition from 12.6 to 12.6.1. I noticed a bit of performance loss going from one program to another and Finder hanging a bit when opening up more windows. After moving to 12.6.2, all of those...
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    Planning to buy M1 MacBook Pro 16

    I use screenguards on my phones and tablets but I’ve never used one on a laptop; I can see where you’d use one on a laptop with a touchscreen, though. I’ve only had dead pixels on a standalone monitor.
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    Haven't used Linux in some years... Installed Linux Mint on old (SLOW) laptop... pretty impressed so far.

    Xfce is a nice light-weight window manager. Nice find and save!
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    Is 256GB enough for the latest generation MacBook Air

    OP asked about an iPad Pro...
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    Is 256GB enough for the latest generation MacBook Air

    The iPad Pros, despite their name, use the base M1 and M2 chips instead of the Pro or Max versions. The M2 iPad Pro is a great machine but whether or not it would be a good productivity tool is debatable. I love my iPad (older generation Pro) but the iPadOS just doesn't seem sufficient for the...
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    Is 256GB enough for the latest generation MacBook Air

    M1 Pro is not the same as two M1 chips combined. That’s just… wrong. The M1 Pro contains media acceleration engines lacking from the base M1 chip. The M1 Max has two of each of these acceleration engines. The base M2 chip has some of the media acceleration engines built-in. The SSD controller...
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    Planning to buy M1 MacBook Pro 16

    My corporate imaged M1 16” MacBook Pro used just over 256 GB with no user files. For reference, corporate image was Office 365 with all the trimmings, Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effects, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and a couple other programs I don’t remember because I don’t use...
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    Age old question, best overall browser for win 11?

    I’ve switched from Chrome to Edge at work; I’m on a Mac laptop and our company is a huge Microsoft shop. I use Firefox for testing and personal use.
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    DAC/AMP for 2 active speakers + Headphones + mic - What do i need?

    Since the bookshelf speakers are active I don’t think powering them is an issue. Good find!
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    HTPC - no more?

    My mother-in-law is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s but insists on having cable TV so she can watch movies over and over again because she doesn’t remember them. My wife and I want to get a bunch of her type of movies ripped so we can VLC playlist them all day and drop the expensive cable...
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    Bitlocker - Windows 10 - Admin Account - How to

    If your company is really strict about security they likely have an application block at the network level meaning even if you can install the product locally it may not work anyway. The company I work for used to use Fortinet firewall to block out applications not blessed by IT.
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    Non bluetooth wireless headset options?

    I used to use a Logitech headset that used a USB dongle to establish the wireless connection. It was a while ago and I'd hate to repeat the experience.
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    Sound Card/AMP for beyerdynamic MMX 300

    Beyerdynamic's website lists these as 32 Ohm headphones. There shouldn't be any major issues with pairing these with a sound card.
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    iPad Pro 2022 with M2 chip

    The base M1 chip has no media accelerators whereas the base M2 chip has ProRes accelerators. While I have a relatively ancient 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9" I'm holding out for the M3 before considering an upgrade as I think the M2 was rushed (my opinion only).
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    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    While this is true, when I get the request to set up the online account every week it still won't let me. Considering it's my only Windows system I don't think I'm missing much. :)
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    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    I was never a fan of the Windows 10 UI but after years of using it, it's not bad. Once you get to the applications you need to use, the OS UI disappears for the most part in the background so it's not usually an issue for me. In regard to the online account, when we bought this laptop I tried...
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    External hard drive

    If going base model (i.e lowest configuration) I’d get the M1. There should be quite a few deals on this model.
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    iPhone 14

    I got my wife's 12 when she bought the 13. Nothing in the 14 stands out to me but may to my wife. We'll have to see if anything tempts her from her 13. :)
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    Just upgraded to Mint 21

    Slackware extracted tarballs for installs. You were (at one point, don't know about now) responsible for determining the dependencies and untarballing them as well.
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    Just upgraded to Mint 21

    Before I stopped using my signature system, that's exactly what I used. Once I get my system running I do plan on running Manjaro but probably on its own SSD so I can keep the Debian system in reserve. While I used to be a huge fan of Slackware, the constant mistakes I made resulting in hosing...
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    Apples M2 looks like a beast.

    I think it’s fair to say that review sites in general try to shade their findings in the best light of the products they review. Why, for instance, did most of us gravitate to this site in the first place? No bullshit reviews, no overt favoritism (though the reviewers were called out for bias...
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    Apples M2 looks like a beast.

    I doubt Windows 11 x86 runs faster on ARM than on AMD/Intel silicon. The reference is almost certainly Windows 11 ARM running faster on M(x)-based hardware than the other Windows ARM-based computers. And Windows on ARM is the fresh start Microsoft needs to cut their reliance on outdated code...
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    Best all-around gaming/music headphones for $150?

    I bought the Sennheiser HD 630VB before they were to be had 'dirt cheap'. My headphones tend to have better midrange, relatively muddy bass, and elevated treble. The DT 770/880/990 are essentially the same headphone with different pads. The 770 is an extreme closed back headphone where it's...
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    Best all-around gaming/music headphones for $150?

    My wife has the DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm and it's great for both as long as you don't need microphone functionality.
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    Apple M2 vs. AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U Performance In Nearly 200 Benchmarks

    I'm not sure an M2 non-pro will be much of an improvement if you're going base model. While the M2 has a general 20% uplift it's not necessarily in the workloads you seem to be doing (though you know all this already, I'm sure).
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    Digitaltrends Top 6 Nvidia Cards of All Time List. Agree or disagree?

    As others have mentioned, I'm really surprised the 1080 Ti isn't on this list.
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    Apple M2 vs. AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U Performance In Nearly 200 Benchmarks

    So far, I have not found any combination of loads that has reduced the responsiveness of my corporate laptop (M1 Pro 16 GB RAM); this is with After Effects, Dreamweaver, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Premiere and BBEdit, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Transmit thrown in and Outlook and Teams and whatever...
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    Apples M2 looks like a beast.

    It’s not bragging to point out that Apple is in the 25% to 30% profit margin. It’s pointing out that for a company that is supposedly so stupid not to pay attention to certain markets or open-sourcing the entire operating system (as opposed to say, Darwin) Apple doesn’t seem to be doing too...
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    Apples M2 looks like a beast.

    There's almost nothing in my current job role where I need a Windows-based PC to do any aspect of my work. The exception is the web-based Oracle search export to Excel which requires a Java plug-in not supported by Macs but this is not unique to the M(x)-series chips as my Intel-based MacBook...