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    Warcraft Adventure Game Leaks After 18 Years

    Yeah, I remember it. It was also listed in our catalogue of upcoming releases at the store I was working at. The best though is remembering Interstate '76! What a great game!
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    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Is Free On Origin

    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault for PC Download | Origin Games "Please note: As of June 2014, our friends at GameSpy ended all hosted game services, which affects the online multiplayer aspect of this game. Because of technical challenges and concerns, we do not have a solution to keep these...
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    Exploring The Hacker Tools Of Mr. Robot

    Even outside of the very good job they've done depicting hacking and computers in general (thanks to having, like, actual hackers and security experts on staff), the show is terrific. Cinematography, score, story, acting, really great stuff, and quite the mind fuck at times.
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    Sony Finally Sees A Profit

    They alive, dammit!
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    Man Arrested For Refusing To Unlock Phone At Border

    It's a new case, and I'm glad it's finally being brought up. I've no doubt that this or another like it will wind up going to the supreme court. We do have some pretty serious privacy laws, but also some pretty different holes in them than in the states... as far as inspecting goods, they're...
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    U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas To Avoid Taxes

    Umm... how is it costing us jobs and raises if none of the money would ever see the light of American day under your scenario? nm... not gonna get into it here! ;)
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    NBC Developing A Streaming Service For Comedy?

    Well, it's not like they have any current comedy...
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    Visa Begins ‘Aggressive’ Rollout of PayPal Competitor Visa Checkout

    It's not, because you cant. All it does is keep you from having to type in payment details / shipping address, so not sure what the big deal is. Side note, Interac does person to person money transfers up here (Canada) via e-Transfer for that paypal type ability if you need it.
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    YouTube's Video Pick Spells Doom For Adobe Flash

    Great, now let me disable DASH...
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    Broadband In U.S. Still Slower, More Expensive Than Everywhere Else

    Toronto is in the study, which you can see from the link in the article. It only looks good compared to Mexico City... otherwise its the same ballpark as the US.
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    GNOME 3.14 Is Winning Back Linux Users

    I've become rather fond of Trinity lately. Yeah, works a lot like Win7 but, if it aint broke... plus it runs nice and fast on my old laptop.
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    NASA Tests 'Impossible' Space Drive

    Exactly. It is an interesting result, but despite what some people seem to think in this thread, sometimes there can be free lunches in the weird spaces between well understood physics models... Anyway... FULL IMPULSE POWER! Damn you! FULL POWER!
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    Notch Launches Cliffhorse

    Tell me about it! ;)
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    NSA's Coded Tweet Deciphered Using Online Tool

    "The NSA... we'll shoot your eye out!"
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    Microsoft Bringing Back Start Menu And Windowed Apps

    Re-enable Aero Glass and it might find its way back onto one of my systems.
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    Happy 40th Anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons

    Same... picked up my first box set back in 1978... which turns out was the 1977 printing of the Basic Set, which I still have in a box lol... though the dice "chits" are long gone... Time flies! Still have the first 4 hardcover rulebooks too.
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    Panasonic's 20 Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet

    I'm sure Shepard Smith is excited!
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    Run Windows v1.01 In Your Browser

    DesQview (from the qemm people) was the multitasking dos environment iirc, until novell dos 6. (or OS/2 for that matter.) Anyways... win1 and win2 were terrible hehe... bad memories, bad!
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    Sea Sonic Signs Deal To Power Next Generation of Bitcoin Mining Equipment

    It has the bonus of being true. Not long ago, bitcoin value "split" kind of like how stocks can, because a certain number of coins had been mined, and it was always part of the design to have a drop in value once that number was reached. Just going off of memory from when I looked into the...
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    Xbox One Records Gameplay When Achievements Unlock Grats!
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    Malwarebytes Puts Antivirus Cleanup Program on a USB Stick

    Cool, but way too expensive, considering you can roll your own for free (or use one of the many other livecd's.) Wonder if it has a write-protect tab... kinda miss those from the first usb sticks.
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    Microsoft Tops Forbes' Most Inspiring Companies List

    Companies inspire people now?
  23. F News Centered

    When did the front page center all the articles instead of left align? Archives look normal, just the front page is messed up. Fluke? Find it really hard to read with everything center aligned.. *edit* nm seems to be fixed now.
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    Xbox One Automatically Adjusts To Prevent Overheating

    Ha! +1 internets. But seriously, why is this news? All modern procs throttle when overheating...
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    Outlook Is Currently Down

    But the CLOOUUUUD! It's the thing! Do it! Ugh, morons.
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    Windows 8.1 RTM Could Go Gold 'Any Day'

    That's pretty sweet. Will have to give it another look once all the 8.1 stuff is ironed out.
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    Windows 8.1 RTM Could Go Gold 'Any Day'

    The problem... again... and why does this need to be repeatedly stated... is that MS explicitly removed that and other choices from the user, and effectively made it a pain (if not impossible) to restore said choices. Show me the 3rd party application that gives Glass back to the Win8 UI.
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    Windows 8.1 RTM Could Go Gold 'Any Day'

    Yeah, but you and I and most people here know that the most important changes between versions are under the hood. MS pushes these interface changes to make it look like they are doing something, and in the process alienate a portion of their customer base every time. I dont really see the...
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    Windows 8.1 RTM Could Go Gold 'Any Day'

    Which is unfortunate, as the loss of Aero Glass was a big strike against my adopting win8 on my home machine, and the loss of it (+ OMGRIBBON!!) means I'll never use Office 2013 either, and no client has ever expressed joy at discovering the ribbon after "upgrading"...
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    Upgrading From A Core 2 Quad Q6600 To The i7-4770K

    My secondary rig is my old Q6600 2.8ghz, compared to my primary i7 930 3.2ghz there's not *really* a huge difference except at the top end of performance gaming. (My tertiary rig is a p4 prescott @ 3.4 ghz! That thing heats the room when it's on...) So yeah, I disagree with the conclusion as...
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    Console Launch Prices Adjusted For Inflation

    I bought a 2600 for the $200... we couldnt afford the intellivision 8( But the 2600 was great, and had way more games. Still, my friends had an intellivision and there were a couple games I *loved* on that thing... AD&D and especially Sea Battle!
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    The First 5 Minutes of Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's DLC

    That's how I played it 8) Fantastic game. Love Tina, cant wait for the dlc.
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    Happy Birthday to the Animated GIF

    To be exact, gif87a is turning 26. Animation wasnt supported until the .89a standard from... 1989.
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    Mozilla Readies Major Firefox Redesign

    I stayed with 3.6 for a long time, like the rest of you I can only agree... the browser is a tool. I dont need an emotional attachment. I want it to work quickly and I want it to work the way I like to work it... which means customization, which is where FF traditionally has been strong...
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    Microsoft Puts a Windows 8 Key on Its Latest Mice

    So... its the "key" to new keyboard shortcuts, so lets put it on a mouse. Brilliant! Pretty sure I could set one of the 8 programmable buttons on my mouse to be the Winkey if I really wanted to... but why on earth would I?
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    Technology in New $100 US Note Aims to Foil Counterfeiters

    Probably cause you dont have to deal with large numbers of them... horrid things lol.
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    Chrome Extension Allows MP3 Download Of Any Song
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    Scuba Divers Accused of Cutting Internet Cable

    Beat me to it lol... and also... wtf at military facebook news? That's where they talk about what their military is up to?