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    Game of the Year?

    Batman AA for me.
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    Game help needed, I've tried almost everything...

    I use Steam for most games. I only bought this on D2D because it was one sale, and I got a $5 off coupon from them for buying Mirrors Edge for $5. Essentially paying nothing for Mirrors Edge, and like $16 for Ghostbusters.
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    Game help needed, I've tried almost everything...

    I'm diggin it because I like the movies, and its all the original actors doing the voices. The games not real serious, just like the films, so it's pretty cool so far. Thanks again.
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    Game help needed, I've tried almost everything...

    Holy shit that worked! I know what you mean about D2D vs Steam, especially since the D2D support couldn't tell me what you just did, lol. Thanks a ton man!
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    Game help needed, I've tried almost everything...

    I didn't actually. I'll try to re-download it right now that way. EDIT Downloading it now. That's dirty that it must use IE.
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    Game help needed, I've tried almost everything...

    Hey guys, I can't get Ghostbusters to load at all. I bought it at D2D. It's not the problem every had where it would load then crash, I can't even install it. Looking for suggestions. I've tried just about everything I can think of. Updating all drivers, I even upgraded to Windows 7 from...
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    Google Wave invites

    Would love one srouvalis(@) Thanks in advance!
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    [S]moking: Motorcycle track suit $399 + ship

    I have the Shoei RF1000 (Black,Picotte) and I love it. The one thing I noticed over some of my buddies cheaper helmets is how much lighter mine is then theirs. It's a huge difference. Although, buddy of mine just got Scorpion EXO400 and it's not that heavy, and a hell of lot cheaper then my...
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    Ratpadz - shipping is still FREE!

    I just bought an XT to replace my old GS that I've had for a while. It's pretty worn out, and I'm looking forward to trying out the XT. Thanks for the deal!
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    Seagate 8gb pocket HD - $36 shipped with google checkout.

    I bit too. Free shipping if you use the budget one. Total, 29.99.
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    iPOD halts boot?

    It's USB 2.0, not the device. It's because you can boot off USB 2.0. Anything that is a storage device, and is plugged in to the USB ports when booting, will cause your computer to hang because it's searching that device to boot from. You have to unplug any USB drives when booting.
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    Ctrl+Alt+Del goes Animated!

    I find CAD more entertaining then PA, although I do read and enjoy both. I just like the ongoing storylines of CAD better. G4 is the devil. I haven't watched that absolute garbage since TTV went bye bye. The programming on that channel is so horrid that I can't believe that it's still a...
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    Ctrl+Alt+Del goes Animated!

    I'm a big fan of CAD. This is pretty cool news.
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    Ipod Shuffle vs Nano

    My nano replaced my Shuffle. The shuffle is good for working out with, but the nano will do that also, and gives you the basic iPod fuctionality. It does scratch easily though.
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    Good work laptop for less then 2K.

    Dell Latitude D610
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    Nano Car Charger and FM tuner

    DLO Transpod
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    Where to buy replacement battery?

    The part number is: PA3166U-1BRS I found a few on ebay for 84 bucks shipped. That's the best price I found. This is my old laptop. I have a D800 that I use everyday. I love the keyboard on this laptop though, and since it was my first, it had sentimental value. :P I recently upgraded the...
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    Where to buy replacement battery?

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a replacement battery for a Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301. I checked online, and I found the cheapest price at $110.00 new. I was just wondering if there is any other place that you know of, that I should check before ordering. FYI-I checked ebay already. There are...
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    68 kittens and I want to shoot my speakers. Good times. The "hijacked" one:
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    Those with laptops $1500 and above...

    My laptop was 3800 when it was all said and done.(with dock and warranty) Now this was a little while ago. Right when the 1.6 P-M's came out. Dell D800 1.6g P-M 1gig DDR 40gig 54000 HD GeForce4 Ti4200Go 15.4" WSXGA screen When I bought it, it was top of the line. And it was...
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    Need Advice on MP3 Player

    I have a 20gig iPod, a 1gig shuffle, and I just bought my wife a mini. Accessories alone is enough to warrant buying an iPod. But the interface puts it over the edge.
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    What to do with this laptop?

    Had an old Dell that did that too. Somehow the processor came loose. Popped it open, reseated it, and all was well.
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    How do I erase all personal info from my pda before selling it?

    2nd hit on google. "How do I hard reset the iPAQ 3950, 3955, 3970, 3975? Just hold down the calendar and today buttons, these are the two outer buttons on the lower left and lower right, then using a stylus press and hold for at least five seconds the soft reset button this is located on...
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    Windows XP Home-Can't load user profile...

    Well, the hive was screwed up, but it couldn't be fixed. So I ended up having to delete the user account, and start a new one like Direwolf20 suggested. So now I have to go change all my settings. Oh well, MXC is on. :) Thanks for the help guys.
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    Windows XP Home-Can't load user profile...

    Thanks number69, I will try that tonight. Direwolf20, the wierd thing is, this problem has been happening since day one, so I've never logged into the computer with anything other than the default account, lol. Everything seems to work fine once you get in, this is just really annoying...
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    Windows XP Home-Can't load user profile...

    Here is the actual error: "Windows cannot load the users profile but had logged you on with the default profile for the system" Underneath it says: "Detail-The system has attempted to load or restore a file into the registry, but the specified file is not in a registry file format."...
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    anyone NOT using Service Pack 2?

    Personally, I have it running on both of my desktops, and one of my laptops. All installed without issue. My D800 is a different story. Everytime I've tried to install it, it BSOD's during bootup. That's the only time I've seen a BSOD on that laptop. I've been on Dell's site trying to figure out...
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    Windows XP Home-Can't load user profile...

    Hey guys. I've had this issue with one of my laptops since day one. I wasn't using it that much, so I pretty much forgot about it. Now I'm using it more and I would like to get this fixed. When I boot up I get an error message saying that Windows could not load the user profile, default user...
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    How is a PDA helpful to you? ($300-350)?

    I know I can use mouse and keyboard with my PDA, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having something that portable. I like my PDA because it fits in my pocket. I would have to carry around a foldable keyboard in another pocket, and a mouse in yet another. Hell, it would be easier to just...
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    How is a PDA helpful to you? ($300-350)?

    I use mine for note taking at work sometimes, but it's kind of a pain. It's just not that easy to take notes with a PDA. Most of the time I will just bring a pen and paper in the meetings with me, because it's quicker to take notes with. I do use my PDA for a lot though. I have all of my...
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    SanDisk Vs. iPod Shuffle

    wow, lol First off LaForge, you can't list your opinion of Sandisks support vs Apple support as fact. I even ended my post saying that I knew the shuffle wasn't for everyone. I was stating that I knew that, and those were the reasons that I bought one. Was it necessary for you to quote...
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    SanDisk Vs. iPod Shuffle

    Well, I guess I'm an idiot then according to goblin. I bought a shuffle, and I love it. I bought it as an "active" player because I run everyday. With my old players, I NEVER looked at the LCD when running. So the lack of a screen meant nothing to me. I have a Lyra and a Yeppe that I will...
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    Programs for Pocket PC

    That's because the iPaq has a different standard of infrared than the Axim. If your PDA doesn't have CGIR (Consumer Grade Infrared) then don't bother trying to use it as a universal remote. Your range is terrible. CGIR on the other hand, is great. But as far as I know, the iPaq's are the only...
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    poll: battery life length

    Dell D800. Around 6 hours with two batteries. Around 4 with one battery. 1.6 Pentium M 1024mb RAM 40gig HD 5400rpm Toshiba Satellite. Somewhere in the area of 1.5-2 hours as long as I'm not doing anything intense like moving the cursor, or typing. :P 2.0g Pentium 4 (loud and hot) 512mb...
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    Trip to taiwan turned sour...

    You said your card has dual DVI on a GeForce 6800GT. Is it an XFX card by any chance? My buddy had one that died on him after a weeks use. He checked XFX's forums and found out that there were a bunch of cards that did the same thing. Seemed like a bad batch of cards went out. I don't know if...
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    new ipods?

    5 or 6 gig, more than likely 6 according to the rumor mill. Also, they're supposed to announce that they will be doing away with all monochrome screens, for all versions. And new colors too. I'm hoping it's tomorrow also. I'm getting a mini for my wife, and I want to get it already, but I'm...
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    Good MP3 player for the gym?

    For a minute there, I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Then look at the post directly above this one.
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    Good MP3 player for the gym?

    I love my shuffle. I wasn't a big fan of iTunes initially, but I realized that it is the best software out there by far. It's all personal preference though. I use mine for running, and I didn't like it around my neck. So I've been throwing it in my pocket for now. That is until these come...
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    I have come to a Conclusion about Fry's/Outpost

    LOL! I thought the same thing after reading this.
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    that thumbdrive thread

    I have a 64mb Dell one that was a free gift when I bought my laptop. That wasn't enough memory, so I picked up a 256mb Cruzer Mini. I love that thing. I also just picked up a 1gig iPod Shuffle. I have my workout playlist taking up some space, then about 600mb or so of space for data. I only...