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    Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle

    Hold up...Shock Troopers 2 in this Humble Bundle? Hell. Yes.
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    T-Mobile Unveils Free Video Streaming For Two Dozen Services

    I was about to mention exactly that, isn't this a violation of Net Neutrality?
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    Microsoft Announces Debt Offerings

    There are certain Swiss and I believe Swedish treasuries that are going for negative yields either right now or as of very recently. It's a bizarre concept at first glance, but it really is just a length people are willing to take to park their money. And before anyone mentions it these few...
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    Uber CEO Wants Every Car To Be An Uber Car

    Uber and their competitors won't ever get there, but with automated driverless cars they'll get very, very close. Driverless cars have the potential to completely upend the entire concept of car ownership for everyone save for those living in remote regions or enthusiasts, and the overhauling of...
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    Apple Announces The iPad Pro

    MIght as well run OSX from this thing imo.
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    PC Gamers- doesn't it bother you that you dont 'own' games on Steam?

    No, because Steam and PC Digital Distribution in general has a different social contract dictating that in exchange for giving up possibility of resale and somewhat specious notions of "ownership", I'm getting vastly improved convenience and lower costs out of the deal.
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    Police Search Uber Offices In Hong Kong And Arrest 5 Drivers

    Regulation and Insurance issues, mostly.
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    10% Of Americans Have Smartphone But No Broadband

    Maybe by "parent company" he really means the Politburo, or heaven. Heaven is totally considered the parent company of Zhongguo. ;)
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    10% Of Americans Have Smartphone But No Broadband

    FWIW, that kind of situation isn't atypical, especially for people in the developing world.
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    Flying Cars By 2017

    Self-flying or get reamed by the FAA, your choice. Realistically though, it comes down to both, because you don't want large numbers of multi-ton passenger craft falling out of the sky if you can afford it.
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    Sega leaving the console market... for PC?

    Football Manager.
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    U.S. to Auction Off Another 50,000 Bitcoins from Silk Road Bust

    I wonder if large amounts of government-seized Bitcoins reentering the Bitcoin "economy" sets off paranoid coiner alarms...
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    Nobody Knows What An iPad Is Good For Anymore

    I thought it was consensus that tablets were larger than phone computing for when you're on the go right? Because I've seen people try to use a laptop on the subway during a commute and it is not a pretty sight, and I don't even want to see how it works on a bumpy bus. Honestly for something...
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    Does The Internet Really Make Dumb People Dumber?

    Not unless they're in Florida. :p
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    So Long, Windows RT. We Barely Knew You

    RIP in Peace Windows RT. But seriously, once you had ~200 dollar and under tablets running full Windows 8, you knew RT's days were numbered. All of a sudden whatever market niche RT could have had just vanished into thin air.
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    Far Cry 4 Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    After this latest iteration of Gameworks for Ubisoft games I'm convinced that Nvidia should terminate that relationship with this company. This is what, the third big AAA game from them that's been a swing and a miss with this supposed vendor specific optimization program? Given how PC gamer...
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    Newegg expires 1/6 $167 512GB SSD+

    Man, it's too bad I can't get another Newegg Premier trial, I could have considering exchanging the MX100 I got for around this price for the M550. Eh, it's about the same, I'm not too bothered by it tbh.
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    I've been having this exact same issue with my ~2 year old X650 for the past couple of days, I'm sure of it. Not really looking forward to it tbh. On a related note, would it be a good idea to use my 7 year old, hasn't been used in 2-3 years out of warranty Corsair 550VX to power this 2500k/R9...
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    Newegg: $15 off $50...Android only

    Awww yeah, just used this to grab me a Datavac on the cheap. :D
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    New Nvidia Gaming Deal

    I'll take any Warthunder vouchers you have off your hands. ;)
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    NFL Bans Players from Wearing Beats Headphones on Camera

    Pretty much the best I could do, pretty sure those are K240s. You are right though, the Athlete headphone market really is Beats City.
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    Twitter Troll Jailed For 18 Weeks

    Oh, I thought Britain only arrested twitter trolls for racism. Learn something new everyday.
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    Which cards do gpu makers make the most profit from?

    And even if they were enthusiasts, that doesn't mean that they have the money to plop down for the highest end card. I mean, I'm a relatively new watch nerd, and I have zero plans to plop down for a 20k Patek anytime soon.
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    Which cards do gpu makers make the most profit from?

    It has to be the low-mid range. The bottom end is being annihilated by APUs and integrated solutions and is practically not worth releasing product in as evidenced by the years old rebrands there, while the high end has fat margins but not nearly enough volume to generate the most revenue and...
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    Would you prefer AMD wait until early 2015 to release new cards (with 20nm or lower?)

    TBH it could well be that the 20nm process won't be ready by then.
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    Indie Dev Accused of Exchanging Positive Press for Sex

    I still completely fail to understand the distinction between corruption via sex and corruption via money when it comes to the rabbit hole that is gaming journalism's flaws. In the end you get pretty much the result you wanted. Is it really that terrible if you don't have the requisite plumbing...
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    Total Cost Of Publishing One Indie Game: $50K

    Frankly I'm not surprised that it takes 50k to localize and release an indie game for most of the major regions. Releasing games, even small ones mostly worldwide is a major undertaking that requires significant capital expenditures in stuff like QA and various bureaucratic measures with game...
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    Apple's Work Force Is Mostly White And Male

    That is a...good question. Unless someone made a huge gaffe they can't be transgender, because a trans person would identify according to the gender that they've already wanted to be so that's out. Hmm, Hermaphrodites perhaps? Lizard people? :confused:
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    Well I didn't think about that until I saw your post, I played a bit of Planetside 2 and Warthunder: Ground Forces and it seemed to be working fine. Places where I was definitely not getting decent frames on like medium on my GTX 660 I can now get good frames maxed out on my new 290, so I was...
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    So I finally found a way to update my BIOS since Live Update and M-Flash weren't working (but apparently just clicking on the file will), to the latest version, and while initially trying out the new card in the top slot on my board yielded the same results as last time, putting it in the...
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    It's a Seasonic X650, it should be readily able to handle even a 290. As for safe booting for testing, it doesn't actually get to the stage where I can pre-select boot state. I suppose what I could do is to clean drivers and then tell Windows to boot in safe mode again with the new card...
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    Okay, update on this issue: Played around with the RAM in slots, the 24 pin power, and then moving the old card back into the PCI-E slot I was using before, and managed to fix the issue completely? :confused: However, the new card on installation is now exhibiting boot loops that make it unable...
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    I'm on a work computer right now but I have been wondering about this, I've had situations where I've improperly installed ram and the computer would beep at me loudly when I try to boot up from there. There is none of that going on here, which combined with the lack of anything being displayed...
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    It's an MSI z67a g43 g3, the one with the PCI-e 3.0 slot that may or may not be useful (do like the slot locking mechanism tho). I think I'm on BIos 4.0 while the latest is 4.3, which was fine up until now.
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    Hmmm..I tested both sticks individually on every single slot and neither of them allow me to boot in any slot. Might one or more of the slots and/or sticks be dead? This is getting a whole lot more complicated than I expected.
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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    Actually I take back what I said, just realized that I had disconnected my div cable just before restating my RAM and using the other PCI-e slot :o . Now getting boot up and Windows, although the system doesn't seem to be reading a stick. Will try the other paired slots to make sure a stick...