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    NVIDIA Announces Upcoming Event for Financial Community

    Possibly, but also will have slides showing that Nvidia sold more Titan X and $160 Quadro cards than AMD sold of ANY of their SKUs.
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    Bezos Takes Hands-On Role At Washington Post

    Wow, use smaller images so the pages load faster.....welcome to 1994....
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    AMD launching open-source GameWorks alternative; GPUOpen

    Does the use of GPUOpen come with the same support that Nvidia provides for Gameworks or will they cheese back to the MIT license disclaimer?
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    Former Google VP: Machines Emotionally Intelligent In 2016

    Just what we need, emo computers.
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    EA Announces The Competitive Gaming Division

    ...and like everything else that EA has tried in the "online" realm, this will go down like the Hindenberg crashing into the Titanic....
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    AMD Joins Leading Businesses To Protect Climate

    I think everyone can agree that AMD needs to concentrate on protecting its own ass first in the next year before worrying about how the planet is going to look 100 years from now.
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    No Arkham Knight Multi-GPU Support

    Just wait till they have to make a game in D3D12 where they actually have to do the work and not pray for the GPU companies to save their asses with driver hacks that replace entire blocks of code in their shitty engine.
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    Hell has frozen!!!

    So AMD basically made Java for HPC GPU's but without the all-in-oneness of Java (have to convert and then compile separately).
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    AMD Launches ‘Boltzmann Initiative’ to Dramatically Reduce Barriers to GPU Computing

    Hilarious how they have to make a program to try and get people to port their HPC apps from CUDA.
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    AMD Promotes Ruth Cotter And Robert Gama

    Why did I keep hearing Horshak going "Ooh ooh ooh!" whenever I read "Cotter". It isn't even spelled right... Guess the name is that uncommon, around here at least.
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    Sennheiser’s $55,000 Headphones Sound Like Heaven On Earth

    Be glad its not Apple. They would make it Gold *Colored* and sell it for $550,000.
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    Now you do need 8 GB VRAM, folks

    And these are guys people are trusting to be able to handle "close to the metal" coding required for D3D12 and Vulcan....
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    Kickstarter That Turns Your Phone Into A Drone

    New Youtube video idea! Shoot a flying Drone Phone with a .50 cal.
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    $4,000 Futuristic PC Workstation

    Why must these guys insist on using colors like fluorescent green in their designs?
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    Don't Pour Liquid Bromine On An iPhone 6S!

    Someone get this genius some hydrofluoric acid and watch the hilarity ensue.
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    Intel To Power DOE’s New CTS-1 Supercomputing Clusters

    And all that supercomputing power will still be hackable by some 13 year old British kid because the software sucks.
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    Hackers Make Cars Safer

    Even scarier is that the same setup is used on commercial airliners. You can hack into flight control systems by going through the frigging entertainment system.
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    Will The New VR Gear Trip Up Older Gamers?

    I await the orgy of Youtube videos of people nearly killing themselves wearing VR headgear...even some idiot trying to eat and totally missing his mouth and dropping boiling hot soup in his lap, jumping up screaming and knocking over his monitor and headgear off his head costing several thousand...
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    Nintendo NX Reportedly Has "Industry-Leading" Tech, 2016 Release Date

    ..industry leading chips... Someone please tell them Frito Lay isn't a tech company....
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    Online Ad Industry Admits “We Messed Up”

    No mention of Flash, probably the cause of 90% of the hatred toward "invasive" ads.
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    AMD LiquidVR Technology Wins Prestigious Lumiere Award

    Betamax was better than VHS too...
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    Adobe Shares Slump As 2016 Forecast Disappoints

    Wish I had the "problem" of only having 5 billion dollars in revenue in one year.....
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    Fable Legends DX12 benchmark

    This crap is going to continue unto perpetuity since each and every developer is going to tweak their engines different ways with the latitude that D3D12 gives them. Aside from the welcome overhead reduction, its nothing more than MS, AMD, and Nvidia's driver teams giving the big middle finger...
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    China’s NeoKylin OS Is A Windows XP Clone

    I imagine someone will find huge blocks of code that are stolen in their entirety in this "new" OS. I would suggest to any hardware or software company that has exposure in China put something like "Mao Zedong sucked donkey dicks!" somewhere in their code. If it is copied exactly, the thieves...
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    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Meets Unreal Engine 4

    Can always spot the SpeedTree trees that move like they are in a Category 4 hurricane when the wind isn't actually more than a fart.
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    What Shape Is The Internet?

    Whatever shape it is I'm sure Apple has a patent for it...
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    [Project] F.R.A.M.E

    Build is amazing. Too bad about the state of "wired" tech we currently live with, though. All that awesomeness and we still have a rat's nest of wires hanging off the back of our desks..LOL
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    Swiss First to Tap GPUs to Improve National Weather Forecasts

    Inb4 someone blames Gameworks for losing their house in a tornado that wasn't predicted by the system....
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    R9 Nano Review Thread

    Too bad Nvidia got the 3dfx IP's, AMD could have named this card the Banshee for its coil whine....
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    Legendary Disney Animator Draws In Virtual Reality

    Not just awesome tech, the production of the video was amazing.
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    California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Drones Over Private Property

    Kickstarter for non-firearm Drone disabler in 3...2...1....
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    20 Of The Worst PC Setups

    What the hell is in the aluminum foil? A baked potato?
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Video Card PAPER Launch @ [H]

    Again with the half-assed marketing benchmarks, ie 0xAF. Can't wait to see the Arctic Island card marketing slides: "Beats Nvidia when we disable hardware triangle setup and transform and lighting!"
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    Project Quantum... Intel Inside??

    Noooo! No disassemble Number 5! So why exactly did it "die" I wonder?
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    Sony Thinks You’re Dumb Enough To Pay $1145 For A Metal Gear Walkman

    No cassette player? No sale! LOL
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    The Incredible Cars Of The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

    Silly to buy something like that and not ever actually use it. Why not just have a big show where people display their stacks of gold bars?
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    Solid-State Batteries That Could Last A Lifetime?

    Now he knows what its like to be GW. What goes around comes around. The MIT article said the energy density was 20-30% greater, so a good jump but no one is going to be powering their lightsaber off one of these.
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    Samsung HBM Gen 2 presentation at IDF

    Hmm, wonder if Nvidia has a little suprise?...Samsung HBM instead of Hynix, so AMD can have all the exclusivity it wants.
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    Japanese Company Building The Aliens Power Loader Suit

    If you want mechs, help build one....