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    Self-Driving Cars Will 'Always' Cause Motion Sickness

    I think the idea is that people in the cars will be more focused on doing other things, phone,laptop/movies etc. Typically the act of simply reminding your self that you are moving is enough for most people to avoid motion sickness the trouble comes when people are very focused on other things...
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    Photoshop Keyboard Kicks Off on Kickstarter

    great, now I've got my tablet and this monstrosity to fit on my desk space? No thanks, besides most tablets have a shit load of macro slots already.
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    Tactical Battlefield - An ARMA III mod.

    Hey guys I thought I would bring this to your attention if you weren't already aware of it. Tactical battlefield is on its way to being a full conversion mod for arma 3 and is currently available at Some of you guys probably...
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    Just bought DAYZ SA

    I guess what I would say is that aiming feels much closer to what it would in a more mainstream FPS, as near as I can tell that whole zooming to simulate the focus of a human eye thing is gone. I haven't had a chance to use the m4 yet but I can say pretty confidently that with the new system I...
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    Just bought DAYZ SA

    the current state of the game is very much similar to the mod content wise when it initially released, the map is a huge improvement, the new inventory is a massive improvement (functions similarly to diablo's inventory system), and the game runs about twice as smooth as the arma II mod does...
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    ATF 3D Printed Gun Exploded When Tested

    I would not fire a gun in which any component exposed to chamber pressures was not rated to them as well, and to meet those pressure ratings ABS would need to be extremely thick. reliable 3d printed guns are coming but they will be made with desk top cnc's and other equipment that can work with...
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    In defense of Dragon Age 2

    The problem with DA:2 was not that it was wholly and totally awful no, the problem with DA:2 was that enough of it felt like a low budget indie game that it made the 60 dollar price tag seems ridiculous. DA:2 in many ways was a call back to the days of the NES in which developers recycled and...
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    WoWP - World Of War Planes

    Like i said they're like comic book versions of the real world equivalents. I understand why they didnt put snap rolls in the game. I remember the experiences I had when I first got into CFS's with my joystick not set up right. Snap rolling constantly and not knowing what the hell was going on...
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    WoWP - World Of War Planes

    Believe it or not knowing what maneuvers to perform and when is actually the only reliable way to win dogfights in wowp. I've been playing it long enough and can say with confidence that the game does have some simulation aspects in that real world maneuvers do work the way they are supposed to...
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    WoWP - World Of War Planes

    Its not bad so far, I've been playing since the alpha. The game has improved a lot since then. Its not a full on sim or anything but they do a decent enough job of actually giving the planes the characteristics they would have had in reality so a lot of the tactics used in dogfights are somewhat...
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    Where are my fellow BF2 Project Reality players?

    I would have to disagree with you on this, considering it was announced less than 30 days ago and the threads for it on the realitymod forums are packed with updates from the team about goals, what they are working on etc. So yeah its a non commercial license in simple terms they can not legally...
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    Where are my fellow BF2 Project Reality players?

    I used to run a pr:bf2 server years ago, I stopped playing after I got into arma. I'm sure the game is still fun but I just cant deal with the visuals anymore. I played Arma 2: PR for a while also and that was a lot of fun. The base building was a lot more intricate in it and some times fights...
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    New consoles finally starting to push PC?

    as near as I can tell, these two consoles would have been really high end pc's about two years ago, now they're sort of average. I think what is really holding 4k back isnt a gaming issue, its a video issue (movies etc) at 4k were talking about needing about 20MBPS just to stream a video with...
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    Red Cross Wants Gamers Punished For War Crimes

    Some one fire the crazy person who came up with this. I dont feel comfortable donating to the Red Cross until he or she is gone.
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    So: Valve registers EU Trademark for HL3

    Valve is so troll.
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    How strict were your parents on violent videogames?

    Not at all strict, I would blame video games for my general desensitization but I grew up with the internet, rotten and ogrish. tbh nothing in games today even compares to the horrible shit I subjected my self to on those websites.
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    New Steam Controller

    If valve can make the thing work some people are going to use this for sure. I wont be one of them, I'm the elitist sort that holds his views about his mouse in much the same way Charlton Heston felt about his guns. That said I'm almost 100% positive that this thing will not function the way...
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    Steam Controller Revealed

    This will never work, this will be the first giant failure valve faces in this endeavor. Touch controls do not work, they are not tactile, they are not human. For browsing they're fine, for gaming they're the worst thing ever. Traditional controllers may make us accept compromises but...
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    ARMA III has been released

    the game will be optimized as its life cycle continues, this is pretty standard fare for the series. I know they have said they hit full release but tbh none of the games in the arma series have ever truly been ready at their release points. Arma 2, arma and ofp were all pretty horrid on release...
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    Have physics been forgotten?

    over the coming years you're going to see big improvements in implemented physics, the shift has really been to simulated soft materials at this point though and where as I appreciate realistic hair and cloth etc I still really want to see more in the way of non procedural environmental destruction
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    Camelot Unchained - New MMO Kickstarter Project

    Well the problem with warhammer was that the server handled literally every thing but rendering. Where as this makes it much harder to cheat in a game it also makes latency a far more obvious issue.
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    How much you in the hole from Free To Play games?

    maybe about 50-60 bucks across three games. Really probably some of the better money I've put into games in recent memory. Think I've gotten more enjoyment out of tribes and league of legends than I have out of the last 4 AAA titles I've played.
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    Cliff B wants everyone to stop being so mean to EA

    I cant really blame him, I am sort of sick of seeing people bitch and moan about how horrible EA is and still seeing pretty much every one of their games do relatively well. Obviously there are plenty of people who are happy with what EA is doing and I cant personally say I have ever been...
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    Video Tracks Chinese Hacker In Action

    This guy is a glorified scriptkiddy and he is spearfishing. How to catch up to this guy? Stop opening attachments and random fucking pdf files. I assure you 99% of the "hacks" being preformed by the Chinese are no different than this. The real problem is the computer illiterate people in society...
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    Bungie Reveals Destiny: A Shared-World Shooter

    Raise your hand if you weren't surprised at by this looking just like halo. Leave Microsoft to do something new, do the same thing you have been doing for the past 15 years. Kind of disappointed by this.
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    Demos hurt sales

    This is probably BS look at what happened with battlefield 2. That demo probably accounted for almost half the sales of that freaking game, I have never seen so many dedicated demo servers in my life.
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    GRID 2.

    the thing I liked about grid was the multiplayer, and the thing I hated about grid, was the multiplayer. I would like to see more ability to adjust the rules to the specific player's or group of player's desire. Aside from that the game play was pretty good.
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    The War Z - Zombie Survival MMO

    The issue has nothing to do with an engine. An engine can be changed as much or as little as a developer wants it to be. The VBS engine is probably one of the most sophisticated engines being used today. The real issue that the dayz team ran into with the mod, and the primary motivation for the...
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    Negativity surrounding the unreal engine

    my feeling is the issue lies primarily with producers looking at the unreal engine as a shortcut assuming it in and of it's self will make a good game or at least contribute in a major way towards it. Licensing an engine is all well and good as long as you're not taking a shortcut in one place...
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    'Pros' hardware selection for CS: GO?

    pretty much what ever their sponsors give them.
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    action/shooter high-end graphics wanted

    I would check out metro for sure if you haven't. Its not the greatest fps ever made but I feel like its one of the best to come out in recent memory for single player content any how. Fantastic visuals also.
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    Resident Evil: Revelations - 360, PS3, PC and WiiU May 21st, 2013

    Im kind of torn, when I first saw this game they were still saying it was a 3ds title and for the 3ds I thought the quality of the game seemed amazing. Now to me it looks average given its new platforms and although I like the fact that they are going back to the roots of the series some what, I...
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    Let's Talk about Hackers

    I dont like it any more than any one else but in my opinion the issue isnt nearly as bad as it was 10 years ago.
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    U.S. Attorney Issues Statement On Aaron Swartz Case

    Translation: We all knew this case was a bs witch hunt and we went ahead with it any way because of political pressure. I sure do hope she spends the rest of her career chasing ambulances because that's no better than what she deserves for allowing this crap to get so vastly out of hand.
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    Playing too many games at once...what is this I don't even...

    I ran into this problem with league of legends, world of warplanes, battlefield 3 and, dayz. the quality of my play has suffered in all of them for it. We have no one to blame but developers who have the audacity to make a decent game.
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    Last of the pcgamer text adventures - Hotline Miami :)

    Liking hall and oates does not make you a hipster. The only thing it does is confirm to every one that you have very poor taste in music. I didnt really care for this game, sort of got boring quick.
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    Arma 3 Developers Free On Bail

    I doubt they will ever actually be charged with anything. Greece has thrown way to much shit in to it's fan to bother. The law its self is pretty ridiculous in the age of satellite surveillance any way.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    I used to run a galaxy 9500 gt. for the last year I ran it, it sat at 90c or there about while under load probably do to my refusal to clean it. In any case the card never even had a hic up doing that, I keep it on a stand on a shelf along with my other old cards and to this day I feel that for...
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    The War Z - Zombie Survival MMO

    time to increase the levels of spam to newel about this, get this rip off, off of steam quick.
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    Free STEAM Game...

    the facebook give away is going on until the 16th so any one who doesn't have metro should definitely check it out. Over all I think its a fairly average game but it does have some absolutely fantastic visuals and when its free its really damn hard to say no to.