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    People Are Scamming Destiny's Red Bull DLC

    It doesn't seem to be working at least not for me. First one worked fine, I got my "concentrated light" or whatever it was called from the in game postmaster that gives 50% bonus XP for 30 minutes. I tried a couple more times sometimes it wouldn't take the code. A couple times it said the...
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    People Are Scamming Destiny's Red Bull DLC

    Yeah poor me, Bungie forced me to buy the game and all the DLC's and play it for 1400 hours so far, making it 500000000 times better value than Bloodborne. Next they're going to put a gun to my head and force me to buy the taken king! What a travesty! I swear Bungie has more stalking...
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    Fun Speculation-Fury refresh by when...

    AMD is closer to the performance crown than they've been in many generations (basically tied now) and this is a failure? Funny...
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    Fun Speculation-Fury refresh by when...

    5700 wasn't performance competitive, it was way slower than AMD. Fury X is basically as fast as Nvidia's fastest card. Big difference. All it needs is 8GB RAM. AMD is closer than ever to the performance crown, well at least since what 9700 days? They are now just a tad slower if at all, whereas...
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    Richard Huddy talks about rebrands, Fury X, 4 GB limits & more.

    Compare to Nvidia's products and they're very competitive. R390X competes well with GTX 980 for a vastly lower price (429 vs 550). That's all that matters. (looking, I guess 980 has been reduced to $480, still $50 more and half the RAM). Nvidia has an edge in power usage if you care about that...
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    Got a 390x, what do you want to see?

    Yeah, a brilliant move in that my brother paid $650 for a 780 (3GB RAM) a ways back and now effectively has a paperweight if he gets a 4k monitor,. I guess shafting consumers is brilliant. But hey they eat it up. Although as poorly as Nvidia GPU's age it's probably a moot point about the low...
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    Fury won't beat 980Ti, much less Titan

    Ehh, it seems very real and in line with past numbers/rumors and what you'd expect out of the 4096 SP count and everything else. There's hardly any doubt it'll be close to the 980Ti (and thus close to the Titan). Where EXACTLY it falls is the only question imo.
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    Fury won't beat 980Ti, much less Titan

    Within VERY close distance of the $1000 Titan X and above the 980 Ti according to the leaked 3Dmark. Probably driver tweaks before launch should easily push it above the Titan X, especially the more demanding we go, which is what these cards are meant for anyway. At 4k should wreck the $1k Titan...
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    AMD: Zen improves IPC by 40%+, AM4 FX CPU Announced

    I haven't really noticed Intel increasing in performance at all, it seems like 0-5% per disappointing generation, and basically nothing significant since Sandy Bridge (modest jump to Ivy Bridge, little since, with each successor improving less than the last culminating in Devil's Canyon being...
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    AMD: Zen improves IPC by 40%+, AM4 FX CPU Announced

    If AMD ever gets on the ball I've long known the've got Intel dead to rights. Just think about these two GIGANTIC performance advantages FX chips have over Intel: 1) they run in a 125 watt thermal envelope vs 80 watts or whatever for Intel. This is a LOT of extra headroom Intel doesn't have in...
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    One thing about all prices is simple inflation. Our money is worth half or less what it was 15, 20, 30 years ago. Gas costs more than double as well, etc. Having been in this a long time, very good sweet spot video cards used to be $200. It's not so crazy that they're now $400. And frankly...
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    8 billion transistors sounds impressive but I did a little quick googling and 780Ti is already 7.1 billion transistors and R 9 290X is 6.4 billion. In other words this thing has only like 13% more transistors than Nvidia's last flagship. Which is to be expected as it's still on 28nm and Nvidia...
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    This is funny cause AMD is actually very close if not getting closer every gen, even if Nvidia makes a $1000 boutique card that wins by 5% or something. Back in like 3000 series days AMD wasn't even close. And now we're too the point Nvidia's new high end the 980 barely squeeks by AMD's...
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    R9 3xx series to debut HBM?

    Looks like AMD is going to be first by a huge margin, then. This alone makes the 380X just a massive technological jump from 980/970. Wonder what Nvidia is doing with all their cash? Twiddling thumbs? Or perhaps AMD actually has more R&D $
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    Chiphell: AMD 3xx perf. leak

    If AMD does 40% better performance on the same process node then Nvidia has really lost it, unless they have something besides a overclocked 980 coming very soon. I'm not sure why you're using some weird double standard.
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    Chiphell: AMD 3xx perf. leak

    It's hilarious that people would have this attitude but laud Nvidia's not any faster than prior gen at all parts the 980 and 970...(which pretty much everybody did)... If this is incremental, what was 980/970? A backwards step? You can talk about a mythical Nvidia part all day long, why not...
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    GTX 980 May Lose The Performance Crown To AMD’s R9 380X in February 2015

    I dont think it'll be too bad if that happens. You're making the typical mistake in somehow assuming AMD has to price the cards where they currently are. AMD can easily drop the price of the 290x and 290 and that's all they have to do, because the 980 and 970 hardly outperform them by leaps and...
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    MY R390X Predictions

    Who cares about TDP. We're enthusiasts. AMD has a golden opportunity to blow Nvidia out of the water and it looks like they will do just that with a monster water cooled beast (Fiji) if rumors are true. I applaud this. Nvidia just came out with a card that's just as big (Maxwell die...
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    AMD FX 8370 & FX 8370E

    Umm, 3770k was still way more expensive than 8370 even back in the day... I dont agree they should benchmark against Intel architecture's "of a similar age" though, that's just stupid. what matters is what's available now. Reviews for 8370 have just highlighted how bad reviews are, in many...
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    AMD FX 8370 & FX 8370E

    I wonder what DX12 will do. On the surface it should make AMD CPU's (or say, Intel Pentium's and dual cores)even more competitive as it emphasizes helping weaker CPU's, that's pretty much it's whole purpose. So that 80-90% you mention could become 95%. But then I wonder if down the road games...
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    Some CPU benchmarks from Everything Inside Your Device (Korean)

    Kind of seems like they just ignored AMD when it came to optimization really. Just completely ignored AMD. Still, ~50 FPS that the AMD CPU's average is hardly completely unplayable. The benchmarks show a few things, first that almost any CPU is good enough to get 70+ FPS, often 100+, on...
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    FX 8370 FX8320E

    I disagree. They will continue to make high end FX CPU's, in my opinion.
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    Warm? Newegg "gamer" pc combo (FX-6300, 6970) $389.99

    Too be fair, it isn't actually that much if any more powerful than PS4 or Xbox One. I've seen some newer games benchmarks where a 7770 (X1) or 7850 (PS4) beats a 6970. If they're programmed to take advantage of the more efficient newer architecture...
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    FX 8370 FX8320E

    That's not what basically confirmed rumors say though. The K12 architecture is coming. Anyways I'm not sure it matters. Intel doesn't create any chips without a IGP (that I know of) why should AMD? Although if AMD chooses too, it should enable them to gain a performance advantage over Intel in...
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    FX 8370 FX8320E

    They do that now actually. It's just that A) they tap out at about oh, 2500K level, meaning they cant realistically charge more than about $180 for any chip in their lineup. B) they kind of suck at gaming even beyond that, which is what most of this forum cares about. That doesn't make them bad...
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    FX 8370 FX8320E

    No. Obviously, as you see with FX8370 about to release and the whole line revamped and lowered in price. FX isn't going anywhere, that's just a confirmed fact, you can go to newegg and buy them. But, most likely you wont see the new architecture they are working on for a while, rumor is 2016.
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    FX 8370 FX8320E

    Yeah AMD has so huge advantages over Intel it's ridiculous. Just think of these, either of these two is a huge advantage. -AMD are eating the cost on much bigger dies/lower margins. FX 8350 is listed at 315mm^2 vs the 177mm^2 of haswell. That's with no integrated GPU in FX series. Yes they are...
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    FX 8370 FX8320E

    So in theory, a whopping 2.5% more performance over the 8350. But also a needed rejiggering of pricing down the line. Even the new lower prices still doesn't really make any of the FX processors good buys that I can tell, at least certainly not for gamers, though. I would like to see some...
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    NewEgg: AMD FX-8350 $159.99 72 Hours

    In that case good thing Intel has been sitting on their butt for 5 years. Because Haswell is barely faster than Sandy Bridge. Yes Haswell is way ahead of Piledriver, but so was Sandy Bridge. I shudder to think if AMD ever actually does something. Intel could be beaten so easily. The fact the...
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    Nvidia Shield 16GB $199.99 w/free Carbon Fiber cover(NO MiR, Free Shipping)

    Nvidia must be liquidating stock, obviously this thing has been a huge market failure.
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    1 Year PlayStation Plus for $34.99

    The "free" games you get with PS+ are only good as long as you keep paying for the service. So it's really just renting. Unlike Xbox where you get to actually own and keep the free games you get with Gold. Buyer beware.
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    280x sales on Newegg

    7970 was never near $200 I dont believe...7950 could be had at the very best deals for some $180. R280X which is basically 7970 debuted at a MSRP of $299 pre-scryptcoin mania. So that tells you 7970 may have been a little less than 299 but not too much.
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    Does the 750 Ti spell doom for AMD?

    This is hilarious considering it gets smoked by it's AMD counterpart at $150 LOL. You know, maybe try to be competitive at sub-budget level before shooting for the moon? Also, with the Mantle drivers new benches today, a R290X is destroying a 780 ti...
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    xbox one +BF4 $500 newegg

    Pretty good deal. ESPECIALLY given newegg is no tax for me, and can use free eggsaver shipping. Still, I get a 15% employee doiscount, so after tax i can get the One for $462. So in essence it'd be paying $38 for BF. Which if I bought any game that would be the one I'd buy anyway. However you...
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    PC parts deals are as stagnant as I've seen it

    Unless you've got a Micvrocenter near you, you're basically dealing with newegg. what you have is: -Intel CPU's pretty much never on any serious sale for years. No reason, no competition from AMD. AMD CPU's are often a good deal, but it's still hard to settle for so much less performance...
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    "Warm" deal at the Egg - US

    These are really pointless at any price given the massive heat/energy usage. Not to crap on the deal, I get it. And it's still the fastest AMD CPU's you can buy. They just highlight what a broken architecture Bulldozer was. But I applaud AMD for pushing the performance envelope as best...
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    FX-8320 @ $99.99 is back @ MC.

    I wish newegg would match some of these deals. Living 100 miles from the nearest Micro Center (in Dallas), once you figure up gas (20 mpg=5gallonseachwayX$3Xroundtrip=$30), 8.25% sales tax (which newegg doesn't charge me) not too mention time and trouble (~3 hrs round trip drive) it's just not...
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    Mantle launches this month in BF4.

    Dice themselves say... It does help the GPU too. Just, it looks to only be a few percent difference so far when GPU limited.
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    Mantle launches this month in BF4.

    I dont think either of you are totally correct. a low level, to the metal driver should have performance benefits for both the CPU and GPU. From the early benchmarks though, it looks like the GPU benefit is much less than the CPU one in practice. But my question is if Mantle is CPU-vendor...
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    Mantle launches this month in BF4.

    Hmm, would this help with low end Intel CPU's? Aka, would it boost my Q6600?