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    Game max res list

    yeah i just realized that, i was a little out of it when i was posting that...
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    Bizzare cable modem problem, anybody ever get this?

    so have you tried using your laptop with the modem for a longer periods of time? I had a somewhat similar problem with my modem which turned out to be an issue with either A. the coaxial cable it was connected to not being very well put together and not making full contact, and/or B. that my...
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    Game max res list

    widescreen gaming forum should be of some help to you in this since i don't know offhand the specs for every game out right now. I have a 2405fpw and most things play at 1920x1280 now... anyways just check it out
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    auto connect to shares

    thanks for the tip, im gonna try this tonight and fiddle with the scripts. If only that app had a universal binary.
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    auto connect to shares

    yeah see thats the thing, its not login related, its that i leave the network and shares have to be disconnected then when i reenter the network i want them auto mounted and login items don't relate to that exchange. However yes if i logout and log back in then that would work just fine however...
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    auto connect to shares

    rebump, i really have no clue any help would be awesome cause its pretty sad if this is just impossible
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    auto connect to shares

    Okay so i've been searching around for a while and i can't seem to exactly find the right script or application to do what im looking for. I have a macbook and my main pc and just have the laptop connect through wifi. What i would like to do is have my macbook auto connect to the shares on my...
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    Thinking of MacBook to replace my Thinkpad

    the only problem i could see for you as a photographer is that it will be another year until adobe releases a version of photoshop that is intel native (although you can run photoshop emulated it just has a lot of problems). Other than that it should be just fine... ive always thought the...
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    Can Macs run games yet?

    if by get the UB of it you mean pay adobe 600 dollars for an upgrade version that isnt really anything new at all it just actually loads.
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    Can Macs run games yet?

    thats even funnier cause photoshop runs like balls on my macbook, that is of course assuming it doesnt crash on launch like it does about 70% of the time... way to go adobe you bloated sack of crap.
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    FS or WS better? DVD

    are you serious? Dont dont dont watch full screen cropped movies its just awful, if its shot in 2.35:1 you are only seeing about 40% of the image and it just changes every bit of meaning. Even on a small tv its better to go with widescreen dvds. Ultimately the best idea would be to get a...
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    Will The X-Fi Fatality & other models xram ever be used???

    creative tends to set the tone for future game audio so it wouldnt be supprising if games start to take advantage of it once it's had more saturation. Just my opinion but it seems to be the trend.
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    2405FPW & Movies

    there are a number of fine french or english movies which are 16:10 those would be good to pickup. Otherwise yeah just deal with the bars cause they are very slender on most 16:9 movies, and of course 2.35:1 movies are always gonna have bars cause its just too damn wide. IMO you shouldnt...
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    2405FWP and HDCP

    rememeber it isnt microsoft shooting themselves in the foot its the MPAA shooting all of its users in the face.
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    fable and external audio

    yeah no dice, if i have the card enabled at all it just crashes on startup. Changing the spear config makes NO difference at all. But thanks for the suggestion
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    fable and external audio

    so ive been trying to play fable for pc and it crashes whenever i enable my sound. When i say crash i mean it doesnt even get into the game it just crashes and gives me an error reporting message. I have an extigy and I'm wondering if anyone has any other external sound cards and tried...
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    FS: Maxtor 120g | Grado sr-60 Headphones Paintball Gear

    what's the shipping on the phones?
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    CS:S Problem may haps?
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    2405FPW, How long does it take Dell to ship?

    it seems like it mostly depends what they have in stock at the time, when i ordered mine it took a little while cause they had just come out more or less. Usually the shipping doesnt take too long, but when you are waiting for that thing to arive every second seems like forever. :p
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    Hiding the wires

    you my friend need to watch an awful little show called csi :p
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    Tv Tuner Question

    i couldnt say for sure, but i think the HTPC forum might be a better place for this post.
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    Why LCDs do not make great gaming monitors

    yeah i can see that i suppose, since my 2405fpw is at really low brightness, but i tend to get more eye strain from a display being too dim rather than it being too bright, everyones different i suppose :P
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    Anybody heard of Grado?

    wouldn't supprise me at all, used SR-60s and 80s for music and they sound great never used for movies, or games or anything of the nature. SOoooo go with what he said :P
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    Why LCDs do not make great gaming monitors

    well i agree, as has been stated that it all comes down to what you want from your monitor. I switched cause i could get a good deal on my 2405 and my crt was hurting my eyes (i was certainly running at 85hz). I work from home formatting documents for WASL stuff and when working for 10 hours...
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    Why LCDs do not make great gaming monitors

    i replaced a 19" trinitron (dell) monitor with a 2405fpw and i notice dragging far more in film than in actual gameplay. As far as im concerned whats gonna make a difference in cs is how good you aim not how good your monitor is, the most blurring is going to cause is you to miss by maybe a...
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    Battlefield 2 at full resolution on Dell 2405?

    im shocked that dice is still in buisiness... i mean really anyone recall when they turned the BF1942 patch development to that open source group and they started fixing all of dices horrible code... i mean really when they stop doing dev for that game it got a lot better.
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    Smallest case for normal motherboard?

    isnt that a micro-atx case? isnt the question the smallest case that can fit a normal motherboard? so by that i assume regular atx... or am i missing something. On a side that case is fairly sexy
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    NEW 2405fpw $779 SHIPPED!

    this price mocks the price i paid for mine :'(
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    Dell 2405FPW and Windows Longhorn: not good

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    Good news for all those 2405fpw users on the go

    I emailed those geargrip people and i got a response within the day (which bodes well for them as a company in general). I asked them about a lcdgrip that would fit the 2405 fpw and this is what i got: Hello Cameron, We are in the process of producing wide screen versions of our popular...
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    What soundcard do you Use...

    psh... suckers... SB EXTIGY BABY! NO DRIVER UPDATES SINCE 2002!!! sigh... still looking for a good affordable upgrade with similar features
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    Dell 2405FPW Dual Input Support?

    i've only tried it with my xbox2vga adapter and i remember it working, so i believe it's possible, i may try it tonight and if it works out i'll post again... try checkin ye old video card and what not.
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    replacing this fubar asus board, or not?

    I've been working on building my friends computer and we got him an Asus P5WD2 and a intel p4 630. When we installed it the cpu was repoting a temp of 80-100c so it wouldnt stay on to even let us adjust anything in the bios. Now we are going to RMA or return the board and RMA the cpu. What im...
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    7800's on Newegg!

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    LAN Case/Bag for 2405FPW

    are you actively using those right now? because the sizing chart seems to suggest that the large wouldnt be enough...
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    2405FPW, 1080p, 720p, and 480p

    I've always had poor image quality with ATI turner stuff so its not too big a supprise that their hdtv stuff has a problem... Of course usually its been the problem that the ati viewing software makes everything look like crap for some reason... but oh well
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    Unofficial 2405FPW Thread (Now that its been announced)

    yeah im glad i purchased the 6600gt cause now i can not only display at native res but play all my games at native res with everything turned up pretty damn high... which is way better than playing at 800x600 with everything all the way off with the 5200.... what a sack of crap.
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    Unofficial 2405FPW Thread (Now that its been announced)

    i had exactly the same problem and i think i posted about it a couple times. Anyways the 5200 doesnt seem to be able to drive it correctly at all and my solution in the end was to just get a new card (6600gt)
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    2405FPW, 1080p, 720p, and 480p

    1, there is a bunch of info on the revolution that got released a little while ago so poke around gamespot and you can probably find it 2, i wouldnt be supprised at all if LCD displays started having support HDCP in the future especially if enough people complain about it enough which people...
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    Ever seen AC line noise on an LCD?

    why dont you take your computer up from the basement and try it on the same outlets as the other computer...