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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    Yeah, regardless of the cause, I'd go broke paying for private school before I'd send my kids to that school.
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    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    Considering all the bolster issues in SWTOR I can't say I'm surprised that anthem would have the same problems.
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    As I read your post I know you mean the "other side" to be SJWs/Liberals. I get why you would think that, but you made an overall well thought out and reasoned post with a neutral viewpoint on this topic. I hope you realize that you are on the "right side" - intelligent people who can think...
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    Yeah, the amount of butthurt over her disliking that her press junkets were 97% white male is pretty indicative of how broken society has become. She specifically said that she didn't hate white men, just that she wanted historically marginalized viewpoints represented.
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    Sprint Sues AT&T over Its Fake 5G Branding

    I'm still tickled when Android auto shows my AT&T GS7 signal as H instead of the AT&T 4G branding when I'm on HSPA+. Haven't worked in or cared about the mobile industry in ages.
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    YouTube Altering Recommendations to Show Less Flat Earth Conspiracies

    Is this really censorship though? They aren't removing the videos entirely, they are just not assisting with the spread of crackpot theories.
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    Overwatch Team Discovers Female Player Was a Male Imposter I feel kinda bad.
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    Overwatch Team Discovers Female Player Was a Male Imposter

    You're probably just forgetting what things were like back when WoW was the only MMO on the market. As the first MMO, a lot of terms were appropriated from other games and genres and redefined. Just like WOW redefined online gaming forever with it's revolutionary gameplay.
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Good riddance to the time old gaming culture. I gladly report racist and homophobic language when I play.
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    FBI Forced Suspect to Unlock iPhone Using FaceID

    They can't compel you to give them a password or PIN but they can use biometrics to unlock if nothing else is required. See my post just after yours.
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    FBI Forced Suspect to Unlock iPhone Using FaceID

    This is why it's my company's policy that before going through TSA or if you suspect your phone will be taken from you, you are required to turn the phone off. After a reboot a password is required. I don't have a phone with faceid so I hope it's the same way. Don't feel like his rights were...
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    Science Fiction Novelist Peter Hamilton Discusses His Vision of the Future

    I love Hamilton, finished this book on release day. Took a long time to get into, but some very cool ideas. Seemed like more realistic sci fi vs the commomwealth novels.
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    Christopher Nolan Declares War on Motion Smoothing, Other Crappy TV Settings

    Plenty of TVs do 'proper' 24p these days, by just repeating a frame 5x. You can't really do 24hz as it flickers too much. Even 48hz is unwatchable. I was last into high end A/V in the plasma days, and people generally considered Panasonic plasmas to be fantastic except for shitty 24p...
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    Boyfriend Urged On Woman in Fatal YouTube Stunt, New Evidence Shows

    What's the point in using autism as an insult?
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    Net Neutrality Rules Expire Monday, as Lawmakers Push for Paid Data Prioritization

    Before I dumped unversed in 2015, the issue was their DNS and ipv6. If you manually set the DNS to google or some other server, YouTube was faster. Hated uverse.
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    Janitor Gets Jailed Over Data Theft

    If you steal a car with a toddler in the back seat you’re going to prison for kidnapping.
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    Google Could Owe Oracle $8.8 Billion

    I work for one of the companies involved, my opinions on social media are solely my own and do not represent my employer's. I find this case interesting as I believe it to be one of the few instances left where the internet as a whole views Google as a victim.
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    They do this because it used to be a very common scam that people would steal items, return them for store credit, then sell the credit to other people for cash. It's pretty frustrating that they do this when you buy things with gift cards and they give you store credit back, because store...
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    I call bullshit on the dude's story from the OP. BBY and others only check ID for "no receipt" returns. If he brought back three cell phone cases (which are high shrink items), without a receipt, it's not surprising at all that he would get flagged by TRE.
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Finally Launched....Officially

    Since they neutered the rewards for Samsung Pay, I'm probably going to look elsewhere when I upgrade my GS7.
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    BWM Loves the Death of Net Neutrality

    The other poster specifically mentioned that you could do aftermarket on the Camry. Personally I don't think this an awful idea. I bought a used 2012 550i which had pretty tight iOS integration when it originally came out. Now the iDrive is several versions old and most features barely work...
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    FCC May Vote Next Month on Change to Broadband Definition

    If it's made up politicking garbage, why go out of their way to appear to dick over the average consumer? Repeatedly? The optics are terrible.
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    Apple: Color Shifting, OLED Burn-in “Normal” on iPhone X

    My note 4 had mild burn in from using navigation constantly, due to the brightness of the screen in day time. I haven't had any problems with my S7 so I assume Samsung has incorporated some pixel shift or brightness limiting. If apple has done the same it will take some serious work for burn in...
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    Intel Preps Dual-Core i3-7360X for X299, but Why?

    This is for all five players still playing The Old Republic. No one streams it, and it's pretty much single threaded. heh
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    Is the ASUS RMA Process Legit?

    Same problem for me with an R9 290 DirectCU II. took about 13 days for them to send the GPU back saying it had no errors. Card wouldn't even boot once driver was installed in windows. They created another RMA, had the card for about 10 weeks. Finally sent me another card, same model, that had an...
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    Update From Twitter On It's Politically Correct Crackdown

    Awesome. I'm sure they really miss out, not collecting data on neanderthal bigots. Meanwhile everyone else wins.
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    Amazon Alexa Service is Down and People Can't Turn on Their Lights.

    Check out the Lutron Connected Bulb remote. It fits a standard decorator switch plate, so you can just put it in a double gang plate next to a regular switch. I have a few of them. Works pretty well but hacky on Smartthings. I am using Cree zigbee bulbs linked directly to the ST hub. There's...
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    Amazon Alexa Service is Down and People Can't Turn on Their Lights.

    Didn't go down for me today, but I would be a little lost for a few seconds carrying two babies into the living room and having to turn the lights on by hand. The inconvenience of going online to complain would be greater than walking across the room to hit the switch..
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    'Street Fighter V' To Publicly Humiliate Rage Quitters

    Well, I am all for consequences in ranked play, but casual PVP is casual. I have 14 month old twins. I play games (currently overwatch) from 10pm to about 1am. My wife is a teacher and sleeps from 10pm to 530am. Probably at least once per gaming session I have to run across the house and put a...
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    Dell Releases World’s First 30-Inch 4K 120Hz 0.1ms OLED Monitor

    Well the TV lag could just be an LG thing. I haven't been in that business for 4ish years but LG was always terrible at image processing back then. Been one of the main reasons I haven't been salivating to replace my Kuro with one of their OLED sets. I wonder if the miniDP input is just an...
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    Dell Releases World’s First 30-Inch 4K 120Hz 0.1ms OLED Monitor

    Nice edit on the cable standards :). Do OLED TVs have worse lag than LCD? Edit: in at least one review the LG 9500 series had 54ms lag... omg...
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.3

    Overwatch crashes for me within seconds of the second GPU spinning up. I ended up playing in 4k medium with render scale at 100 last night with 1 r9 290. Didn't have time to troubleshoot with friends waiting on me to play. Still very playable with the 1 GPU.
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    What GPU maker has the best RMA policy?

    I'm in RMA hell with Asus right now. My R9 290 DirectCu II died in February, PC shut down in game and then wouldn't boot with the card plugged into any MB slot. Created online RMA, received by them ~March 13, sent back to me on the 17th still broken. Sent it a second time, received by Asus on...
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    840 Evo Random Write IOPS way down

    Interesting find. I had been experiencing the same thing recently with my mSATA 500gb 840 Evo. I had set the page file to off, but after seeing your post I went and checked and she enough it was set to on and windows managed size. I turned it off but won't be able to really test til late...
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    mSATA longevity

    There are several mSATA to 2.5" trays available as well as a few mSATA USB enclosures out there. Only the older NUC models use mSATA, if you're worried about getting an mSATA drive just get a broadwell NUC. Pretty sure the NUC doesn't support PCIe drives, only SATA m.2. Generationally, you...
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    2tb Hitachi refurbished at Newegg $44.99 FS +$10 2 uear warranty

    Reviews were pretty good, so I took a shot at 3.
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    2tb Hitachi refurbished at Newegg $44.99 FS +$10 2 uear warranty

    I don't have enough posts to put this in hot deals, but newegg (not a marketplace seller) has refurbished Hitachi 2TB 7200 rpm drives for 45 bucks with free 3 day ship. The 2 year extended warranty is only 10. If someone wants to move to proper forum thats fine but I figured this one would have...
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    NAS o new server

    The VMs that use my FreeNAS box as an iSCSI target are quite a bit faster than the ones that use a local mirrored Windows Storage Space. Sequential performance might be a bit lower but IOPS are way higher due to the ARC.
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    Extremely high SMART failure rate in my FreeNAS

    So from what you are saying, everything I have previously read is wrong, including Seagate saying they will swap out the drive with 8 uncorrectable offline/pending sectors? I am using RAIDZ2 so I do have redundancy. Unfortunately my backup box (6 6 2TB drives in md raid5) had a drive physically...
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    Any reason a drive should just stop or turn off? FreeBSD/ZFS

    Could be a motherboard or controller issue. I had a board fail slowly where it would just occasionally lose connections to USB and SATA devices. Turned out the thermal tape between the Northbridge and heatsink had failed and was overheating. Didn't notice until I eventually replaced the board...