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    After picking up a 4090 Founders from Best Buy i feel the price is worth it.

    My only problem really with the 4090 is that it seems more people are buying at that level than ever. It would seem it would be a small audience, but that does not seem to be the case. At least you know you have the fastest card for the price.
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    no signal on NEW gpu

    Did you get a chance to try a different power supply on the system? I know you said it is newly fitted, but that doesn’t always mean good. Just seeing the power requirements between the two GPUs as the biggest difference. Even if you connect a psu just to the gpu by tripping it.
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    GPU Pricing Guide (Back to Reality)

    This list is for GPU pricing that I usually aim for when buying cards currently. Since I buy for multiple people on pc builds and I am pretty cheap I tend to avoid cards over 500 dollars so the 3080 ti and above I have little input on since I don't consider them worth it unless someone really...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I know this isn't a stock alert, but my friend just bought a 6900xt reference for $800 used. I thought he meant a 6800xt. Crazy that this is finally happening!
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Did you get the 6900xt. I am still able to get it, but really only needed a 6700xt
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    That 3050 page is the perfect example of the market right now. New is 299.99, but if you want to save money you can buy it for 438.92 used!
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    It is also sooo clean. Just curious how this is. Maybe I am just too use to items like this being dirty or having bent brackets.
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    Bought a 5 dollar and 10 dollar box. Pretty happy with it this time around.
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    They still sell outside of OEM, but does not seem to be by much. If they only supplied to OEMs then we might get better “stuff”
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    I feel you. Geforce 2 mx200. Finally I would have a second decent pc for someone to play on. Yeah that went well. Now that I think of it I believe I hate that entire lineup. They put the budget MX cards on motherboards and PCI cards in the masses. The PCI Geforce 4 MX cards had SDRAM for...
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    I see your kit is RGB and mine is grey. Going to say there might be a pattern starting here. Well since this GT 630 doesn’t appear to like drivers I guess there is only one thing for it. Time for the microwave to do some magic for me! Lol I seriously have state that is not what I am going to...
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    Well got a Pitbull mini speaker, a 16gb kit of 3200mhz DDR4 and a gt630. This is the 50 dollar box. At least I got some ram.
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    It says my box is on its way. When it gets here I will let you guys know.
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    Probably around 100 dollars or so.
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    I am in for the 50 dollar one as well. I will have to actually remember to post what I get later for once. Probably going to be a 7750.
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    Traded: Nitro+ 5700xt for Nitro+ Vega 64 LE

    I have a regular reference design Vega 56 with Samsung memory that is tweak crazy. Wasn't looking to get rid of, but there is no way I wouldn't throw money with it. Got to make sure you can get an aftermarket cooler. To add to this I completely understand the whole trade to fix the need to...
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    WTB Radeon Vega 56 or similar

    Like the post says I am looking to buy a Radeon Vega 56 or something in that area as a replacement. Looking to spend only around 180 dollars or so, but that will probably go up. Thanks
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    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    Hey Adoredtv does know that extra space can be used for a Gpu right? I think he might, but I am not totally sure he does.
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    Should I swap my laptop GPU for a FirePro MXM card?

    The Firepro m4000 can game at lower settings decently and older titles do run better on them. I wish I seen this last week I literally threw out a bunch of older laptop gear and I know that I had a few Firepro m4000s around. Maybe I will check tomorrow and see if I still have a couple I might...
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    NVIDIA Blames AMD for Excess GPU Inventory

    All I want is for him to define what a midrange GPU is. Then I will know what stock he is talking about.
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    Do video cards have to go in the first PCIe slot?

    Shoot if you think about it you can run a video card in the x4 slot with modification or an x4 to x16 extender. PCIE made it easy. Then again AGP was easy too.
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    Has Clock Speed Outlived Its Usefulness as a Processor Specification?

    Its all a game. I could go on explaining companies targeting ignorant consumers or ones that simply don't know how to research properly. They also love the consumers who get involved and research too much looking at products that are not even out to drive the hype machine. Has the clock...
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    FS: Radeon 6990

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    wtb: Opteron 8431

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    Registry fix may add %40 more performance to Bulldozer!

    All I am going to say is try the game with a lot of aircraft (400 Construction planes and over 2000 fighters) 3 CPU players and a bunch of units. Trust me it even brings the overclocked 2600K down. Just saying....
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    Registry fix may add %40 more performance to Bulldozer!

    And the thread has successfully turned into a big argument showing once again the forums are one of the most immature places on the web and I am apart of it. So if everyone can stop for a second and think about the article a little bit more. Thank you. Here is what I am thinking...
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    To all the Q6600 out there.

    I guess the 1TB Drive works it just depends on how much space you need and what you are willing to spend. I really don't think it can get too much better than the 6850 for value at the moment unless you find a dirt cheap GTX260 or 4870 right now. It just seems that some perfectly capable cards...
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    To all the Q6600 out there.

    I guess I could see running this setup for a couple of years too. I won't argue with that since I went back to it!
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    To all the Q6600 out there.

    Sorry I meant the system that my Q6600 is a part of. I guess I could stack a filing cabinet on top of the chip! Didn't think of that did you?
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    To all the Q6600 out there.

    So all of you Q6600 its been a long journey with an awesome CPU. From the people that have run their CPU stock to the ones that have overclocked it to the extreme and maybe even beyond that.... Well let me get to the point. Its seems that the time for us to upgrade is coming very near and I...
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    Openbox 4850X2 149.99 at Egg At 149.99 this is a pretty good deal.
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    Anybody ever bought a card made by MSI?

    I have had several MSI motherboards and several MSI graphics cards. Right now my mobile computer (computer that is easier to move around I guess) has two MSI 9600gts in it both running fine and they are open box products from newegg over a year ago. Also running a MSI mobo in it with a 650sli...
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    Nvidia 2XX vs. AMD 48XX series = WE WIN

    Neither a CPU or GPU is harder to make or design. One of them might be more complex than the other, but that doesn't mean its harder to make or develop so the argument is not really that decent of a debate. I say it depends on what the company is trying to do that determines how complex...
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    this is funny - 8600 TOP of the line!!

    I really loved how confusing the GF4 TI4800SE was for many people. That is why it always pays to do a little research before buying anything a little expensive seeming a 4800se is a ti4200 with AGP8x support. Good going Nvidia I hope you are proud of that one.
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    Consoles, piracy, & why you won't need to upgrade your graphics card for a long time

    As for me I am just waiting for the right people to make pirating on the consoles a lot easier such as software hacks. I know that really only hardware mods are available on consoles right now to play pirated games, but hopefully the next generation of consoles will slip up some how. This will...
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    some ATI 4800 details

    The numbers I have seen so far look to be in favor of ATI, but like most have said I too have yet to see a true in game benchmark of the cards. If AMD keeps pricing below 300 dollars for their single gpu cards they will basically beat Nvidia all around. The GT200 seems to be fast, but it...
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    9600gt owners chime in

    I put two 9600GTs in my backup system for 218 dollars for the two and I believe the two 9600GTs are worth it for SLI. The only part that would stop me from getting them now would be the possibility of ATI coming out with new cards this month that are suppose to show a lot of promise. Notice I...