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    omg u.

    omg u.
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    Considering upgrade from amd 4890 to nvidia 460

    I don't know about your case, but I personally had so many driver issues with AMD, I switched back to Nvidia.
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    Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Released

    Yeah, i just switched from a 5870 to a 480, and my FPS in this particular bench doubled.
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    Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Released

    CPU: i7 930 @ Stock RAM: 6GB DDR3 1600 GPU: ATi Radeon HD 5870 1GB Bench Settings:1680x1050, 4xMSAA, DX11: High Test A: Results (31.2 fps)
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    Mafia 2 Questions and Answers

    Mafia 1 was moddable, btw.
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    Mafia II demo.

    Everything maxxed, PhsyX off with a 5870, i7 930 stock, 6GB RAM, averaged 101 FPS on the benchmark. Pretty meh about the graphics as a whole, definitely looks like a console port graphically.
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    GTS 250 512MB vs 1GB for dedicated PhysX

    I would imagine 512 is more than enough.
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    FFXIV Benchmark

    Probably could get higher if i turned off a lot of crap, and restarted but meh. 6GB G.Skill PI DDR3 1600 7-7-7-24, 2x1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3's. 1080p
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    Strange graphical issue

    yeah... been stress testing a few different things and the 8800 seems fine so far. If i had a system to test the 280 i would, but all of my friends think PC gaming fails in comparison to their xboxs.. heh. I guess ill call up evga, and see what i can do about getting it replaced.
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    Strange graphical issue

    yeah, temps were okay according to evga precision, idled at about 50, peaked at about 74.
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    Strange graphical issue

    I put an older 8800GTS in, and its perfectly fine now. I'm still a little worried, because like I said before, it disappeared before, but came roaring back. But after the same issue going on for about 6 restarts this morning after trying to game, its completely gone after testing a few times.
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    Strange graphical issue

    About a week or so after I installed Windows 7 I started getting very strange problems with my PC, i chalked it up to driver issues and reformatted and the problem went away for a while. However over the past day or so it has come back, even with going back to Vista the problem remains. I'm kind...
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    Issue with Zalman 750w continuous

    Yeah like I said i've rebooted, turned it off/on etc many time since then, i just thought it was really strange. Thanks for your input =)
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    Issue with Zalman 750w continuous

    I just recently bought a new 750w continuous supply, and had a strange issue. When i booted the PC it took a few seconds for the first time before I could see the fans etc power up and the PC started powering up, this hasn't happened again but it's been at the back of my mind worrying me. It...