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    Any1 owns MinuteMan UPS Enterprise Plus LCD series?

    I'd be interested in an answer as well.
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    Keep Corsair VX 450w or replace?

    You'll be fine with this psu. It's a keeper
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    5PX2200 UPS cooling & noise management

    Good info here; id also be interested in these answers.
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    How's the fan noise of APC SMC 1500 compares to their SUA 1500?

    Did you flash the firmware? What did you end up doing?
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    500w SFX PSU for extreme Mini-ITX rig

    I hear that the 600 watt silverstone is actually pretty good.
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    Silverstone SX600-G SFX 600 Watt PSU

    Looks nice. Thanks.
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    HP Common Slot

    good info here; i was looking for a server psu myself. Thanks
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    Random Shutdowns - PSU giving out?

    You might be pulling too much power from the wall and getting a dip
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    Evga SuperNova

    Nice; that is a good psu
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    Xion Supernova 800W

    Which one did you pick? get a seasonic!!
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    seasonic psu?

    I always recommend seasonic
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    Sign of PSU needing replacement?

    Yeah... this is weird. Id try running a different psu and seeing if anything changes.
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    Advicec for an old Seasonic psu

    1) no 2) no 3) silverstone
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    Do new Seasonics stink?

    is it a glue smell?
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    Seasonic 1200 Platinum problem

    You sure it isn't a mobo problem? I would test a different psu on the same mobos. Also you may have a deffective unit. try a different one?
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    Portable generators, and UPSes

    Careful with generators; my generator only produces 600 watts; you need to make sure that your generator does well over the watt use of your pc so you dont risk a power surge
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    1200 Platinum Evga vs Super Flower

    I'd get a good seasonic 850 watt psu if you are not planing on tri cross
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    Wich Power Supply for Sonicwall TZ 150?

    id contact seasonic; these are pretty specific questions
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    Bad PSU?

    buy a different brand psu and see if the same thing happens.
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    Is this a power supply issue?

    cool master has really crappy psu from my experience; id sell it and get a seasonic
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    My PSU went *poof* on me

    get a nice used psu on craigslist or on our trade forums; you wont regret it
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    Corsair AX860 Modular Power Supply

    im not a big fan of these psus
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    specs for picoPSU X for very specific project

    Contact gigabyte; they should be able to help you
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    650-750W PSU Suggestion

    Go seasonic imo
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    Video card / PSU incompatibility?

    nice build
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    Most suitable PSU to transplant in to different chassis?

    I think a zalman psu chassis heatsink will be fine.
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    Lepa 1600W - Pop, Fizzle, Dead.

    I had to RMA one as well... i sold it after i got the replacement. Not the best quality psu imo.
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    Need pointers for UPS purchase

    Good info here.
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    12v/400mA vs. 3.4v/1200mA

    gotta match like with like.
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    PSU High frequency noise when PC is turned off

    mike hisses too. But it is normal.
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    Corsair TX 750M good PSU

    Make sure you look up the serial. You want seasonic parts.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    id stay away from coolmaster psus... had many bad experiences.
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    Bitfenix Fury 650w unboxing by MetallicAcid

    nice looking unit.
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    Nexenta NAS Error

    It should work out, let us know how it goes.
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    US government says online storage isn't protected by the Fourth Amendment

    eh. When in doubt, dont connect to the interwebs. *tin foil hat*
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    Need a sanity check on a NAS build

    You could also just build your own server from a small computer.
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    Antec Kuhler H2O 1250 CPU AIO Water Cooler Review @ [H]

    I highly doubt it... that is false advertising *cough*