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    Favorite GPU you have owned?

    Voodoo3 3000
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    interplay is back??

    Not a bad idea. I saw the Serious Sam HD version on Steam and well, it probably sold a lot. :cool:
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    Gem of a game theme - QFG4 - Myst 4
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    PNY offering RMA Promotion to BFG Customers

    Very nice of PNY to do.
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    The official old school games thread

    My personal favorites of Old School. Doom Quake Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Edition) Shadow Warrior Worms 2/Armageddon Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Might and Magic III, IV, V, VI Albion Starsiege: Tribes Quest for Glory IV Spellcasting 101, 201, 301 The Settlers II Thief: The Dark...
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    Worms Reloaded coming to Steam August 26th

    Best follow up Worms game since 1999's Worms Armageddon. Did not mind the 3D games, though.
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    OMG, the new Call of Duty game is going to be an actual PC game!

    This is Treyarch making the game, not Infinity Ward. ;)
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    FFXIV only 1 hour a day!

    To fully complete FFIV: The After Years takes 60 hours. :eek:
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    Happy 15th Birthday Windows 95

    Nostalgia and memories. :)
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    Would I benefit from buying a 1080p monitor for gaming?

    Was going to ask if it was FPS games that are giving you that feeling. I know someone who has vertigo and can't play FPS games for that reason.
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    I am so bored. All these games suck.

    Fallout New Vegas Rage Brink Hunted: The Demon's Forge Guild Wars 2 Gothic 4 Worms Reloaded
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    AMD to retire the ATi brand?

    Similar to how the Markham HQ's ATI building name changed to AMD when AMD got them.
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    Global Agenda; how is it?

    Reminds me of Starsiege: Tribes for some reason. I like it.
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    [H]appy Birthday, Steve

    Happy Birthday and have a good day.
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    New Guild Wars 2 Trailer

    This. With the exception of Rage, Brink, Hunted: Demon's Forge etc.
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    NZXT Phantom case: lotsa airflow and perks.

    Imperial stormtrooper case FTW.
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    QuakeCon 2010 Pack Includes 27 Games

    Memories and nostalgia. This is a definite buy. :)
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    VisionTek... any good?

    They are non existent, imo.
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    This thermal paste review is very informative. Please read it

    Surprised to see the Gelid GC did so well.
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    Shocking Performance from Athlon II!

    And with the X6 1055T being a sweet price, many seem to be getting that AMD CPU more now. :)
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    System died was thermaltake 450 watt psu what should I do?

    And get more of a reliable and better quality brand. Corsair or Seasonic to name two. ;)
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    Trusted website with PC reviews

    Good point. Some I do know just judge a game based on scores, so they miss out on the actual experience/gameplay of the game. :eek:
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Collector's Editions

    Best - Fallout 3, Oblivion, New Vegas (pre-ordered) Worst - The Sims 3
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    Building a new rig. Which PSU? Thoughts?

    Going to agree with my two friends above. :) Not only do you get 80+ but the cable management feature also.
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    Good places to shoot in Orlando?

    Disney World
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    Developer showdown..

    Ultimate (and final) showdown between Valve and Bioware would be awesome. :cool:
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    Duke Nukem Forever Demo Is Out!

    Shadow Warrior 2 ;)
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    NVIDIA Announces GTX 580

    Person 1: "Yo dawg, I just used the 480 and it makes games sick" Person 2: "Nice and how is the temperature and power consumption?" Person 1: "Da wut?" :p
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    What type of gamer are you?

    #2 and #13
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    Which card is better all around GTX 480 or 5870.

    Yes, equip the 5870 with the Athlon times two (performance video referenced) cpu and you're set. :p 5870 is my vote.
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    Pick My Mouse!

    Logitech Scroll Wheel That was my first Logitech mouse and introductary into the Logitech brand. :)
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    XFX says no to 470/480

    Appreciate all the replies, I did not think this thread would produce a good amount of feedback. This is true and I think ManicOne meant in terms of accessibility and availability of the 470/480. XFX is still supplying Nvidia cards, just lower end/budget models for now. Interested to see...
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    do you care for vendor brands?

    Mobo - MSI and Gigabyte ATI - XFX Nvidia - XFX Memory - Kingston PSU - Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Antec Case - No favorable preference
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    XFX says no to 470/480

    A forum member suggested for me to make a thread of this news, as it does seem big. I can't help but feel bad to those who wanted to purchase a 470/480 through the XFX vendor. Unless said person does not care of vendor. :p...
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    MSI Apologizes for RTFM Joke

    My thought exactly, except I did that in real life. :D
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    Fermi Not Recommended in Back-To-Back SLI
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    New Nintendo DSI XL!

    Me along with a copy of WarioWare: Do It Yourself. :)
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    Which game company has delivered the most/best entertainment to you over the years?

    No order Id Software Bioware Maxis Valve Bethesda Nintendo Sierra Team 17 Westwood Blue Byte Dynamix Creature Labs Cyan Worlds Legend Entertainment