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  1. mittyZz

    Posting here because this can be considered a game!

    There's a guy on Twitch that does this and allows them to connect to virtual boxes he's set up. It's so funny.
  2. mittyZz

    My works

    Wow I really like these.
  3. mittyZz

    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Wow..definitely making some changes once I get home. These are amazing.
  4. mittyZz

    What (average) FPS is acceptable to you in games?

    I have a very good rig and I still play with all of my graphics on low. I really can't stand low FPS and less than 144hz anymore..
  5. mittyZz

    noblechairs ICON Series Desk Chair Review @ [H]

    I was so close to getting one of these but sadly a good price elsewhere pushed me away. They still look great though.
  6. mittyZz

    Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    Man this makes me want one of these even more..
  7. mittyZz

    The Best Keyboard wrist rest?

    I use a Grifiti at work and I like it a lot. I move it around a ton and have quite a bit of room though.
  8. mittyZz

    Atari VCS Pre-order info in April

    Oh this is great. Probably going to have to pick one up for party games.
  9. mittyZz

    FTC Says 'Warranty Void If Removed' Stickers Are Bullshit

    I really love that this has been published and people won't be afraid to do things.
  10. mittyZz

    I need a large mousepad

    Little late, but check out Glorious PC Gaming Race. They do occasional sales and you can get stuff for half off.
  11. mittyZz

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Work: HHKB and Final Mouse classic ergo. Home: RS 68 w/ HyperFuse caps and a Final Sunset. (Plus DKT mousepad)
  12. mittyZz

    Need a new mouse

    I loved my G9X before as well. Now I've been using Final Mouse for a while and I really like them. (Strong palm gripper)
  13. mittyZz

    Torturing yourself with blank keycaps?

    I did this with my first board too. It was great to have in college though because people would try to do stuff on your computer and give up since it was blank.
  14. mittyZz

    What are some higher quality current keyboards and mice?

    I personally love Final Mouse as a company, they make good products. Keyboards are hard and I think that is just really on personal preference once you start getting into full customs.
  15. mittyZz

    How do you guys store your keycaps?

    I just ordered an Evil Box for my artisans. Otherwise my main caps I just toss in gallon bags and have them in a box.
  16. mittyZz

    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    I love my currently this looks great.
  17. mittyZz

    Why do newer MOBO's have so few USB ports? How to cope?

    Definitely agree with getting some nice USB hubs.
  18. mittyZz

    nVidia CEO makes a comment about GPU supply

    It's too bad that so many people trying to get into computers are running into problems because of this.
  19. mittyZz

    How has mining affected your electric bill?

    Wow those monthly bills are quite a bit lower than what I would have guessed.
  20. mittyZz

    Buy Bitmain S9 Antminers - but only accept bitcoin cash - what exchange to get BCH

    So between these, Baikal's, and Obelisks....Just a matter of getting a hold of one of them and deciding what you want to mine?
  21. mittyZz

    You might want to see this

    It's really sad how many coins are just scams..
  22. mittyZz

    Best Gaming Mouse ($20-$60)

    I'm a big fan of the Zowie FK series for FPS.
  23. mittyZz

    Fractal Design Define R6

    Wow I really like the look of these...very clean.
  24. mittyZz

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Destiny 2! PvP in it feels so smooth.
  25. mittyZz

    Hey I'm interested in that Ducky if you decide to part out. Lemme know a price.

    Hey I'm interested in that Ducky if you decide to part out. Lemme know a price.