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    why use ESXi free over Hyper-V Server?

    I actually use Hyper-V in my home install because of the better hardware support. It gets the job done for very basic setups. The reason I avoid it in a business environment is that clustering requires a domain to start up. It makes it difficult to setup a completely virtual environment...
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    Server Room temp monitors We have a client that has used these for years with great success. It can be tied into monitoring systems such as PRTG very easily. I've used...
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    Server 2003: TS gateway

    As far as I can tell, it requires a TS CAL and a Windows server CAL. I don't think it would make financial sense to use it with to connect to end user workstations.
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    CISSP, whos got it?

    I used a combination of books. Shon Harris was the main one. I think I read the book cover to cover two or three times. I also used Security Engineering by Ross Anderson. I had another book that I didn't read, but used the practice tests several times. I don't recall the name. No boot...
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    How Does Your IT Salary Compare?

    I feel special. It says I'm overpaid for my region.
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    "subscribe to" exchange 2007 distro group?

    It sounds like you are really looking more for a listserv. For Exchange, only 2 exist that I am aware of. GFI MailEssentials contains one and Active Subscriber @ Neither of which are particularly cheap. Price is usually a good way to convince higher ups that they...
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    What OS do you game with?

    Server 2008 x64
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    Exchange 2007

    The powershell integration rocks. The console is a pile of crap though. It is like they skipped so many of the common tasks that force you to use powershell that it is just silly. Exchange 2010 looks like it will fix most of that.
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    Venting heat from a network closet to a chimney

    You generally want your server or network room to be at a higher pressure than the rooms around it. With the scenario you have described, all the dust and bad air around this room are going to be sucked into it. You'll be turning your equipment into very expensive air filters.
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    Exchange 2007 to Virtualize or Not

    We have the majority of our Exchange 2007 servers virtualized. We have 2 CAS servers, 2 Edgeservers, and 2 Hub servers in ESX with no issues. Our mailbox store is not in vmware because it already utilizes the hardware fully (dual quad core with 32GB ram). I would recommend calculating out...
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    Cert Vs Degree

    Really, a degree makes your job into a career? I guess a cert will making you a freakin expert in that technology too. Face it, there are as many paper tiger degree holders as there are paper tiger cert holders. The only proof they offer is you are one step above a complete buffoon. It may...
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    L4D? that good?

    We've found rage quitting to be drastically lower if you let the other team live through the first level. At that point they've committed some time, so they won't be as likely to rage.
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    64bit xp ready for the show?

    I ran into that exact problem in Windows 7, but beta drivers for my sound card fixed the problem.
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    What's the best Security + certification training book/resource?

    Security Engineering 2nd Edition First edition is available for free online. I'd recommend the 2nd edition. Very well written and very detailed. I used the first edition as part of my study materials for the CISSP. Be prepared to skip and reread...
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    IT Certifications

    I've been in IT for about 8 years now. It took me about 3 months of studying. I read about 3 of the books on it.
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    IT Certifications

    CISSP Cisco Information Security Specialist CCNA MCITP: Enterprise Administrator MCSE 2003: Security A+, Server+, Security+ HP ASE ProLiant ML/DL Server Citrix CCA 4.0 I'm going to take the MCTS: Exchange 2007 test next week. I'll probably get the MCITP for it this year. I also plan...
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    5 Best Linux Distros to Convert Windows Users

    Isn't it obvious? If you have a problem with Linux, it is obviously because you are noob and need to learn more. ;)
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    GTA 4 Why do we put up with this crap?

    When they start letting me use my mouse and keyboard, I'll do that.
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    Exchange 07 and other domains

    The email address policies are in that same area. That is how you setup all accounts to get certain email addresses. If email is not being delivered, try using telnet to port 25 and see what error message you receive. If that works, then it...
  20. S - a new test

    This is what happens to a DS3 connection with a few thousand users surfing the web. :mad: Results from (Copied on 2008-10-30 15:04:02) Download: 3644 Kbit/s Upload : 7439 kbit/s Connects : 611 conn/min Ping: 89 ms
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    Wow, I'm failing at the most basic network problem

    Sounds like the linksys in the living room has an active firewall that you will need to disable to see anything on the lan side of it.
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    CCNA prep

    I recommend buying the program from It is a pretty well made emulator with lots of practice labs to do for each level of Cisco certification. I used it and a combination of Cisco Press books and actual hardware to pass my CCNA.
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    My Cert Plan (please advise)

    I'd do Enterprise Admin only. Server admin is roughly the same as the MCSA. If you have the Enterprise Admin cert, it seems to be pretty worthless.
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    Websense and the Server 2k8 DC

    No, it really doesn't work. We had the same problem at the company I work for. Websense will not talk to a 2008 domain controller and it has to be able to talk to the client's logon server.
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    Email servers

    If you want it to freeze a lot and just generally suck, then I guess you could do that. I'd use OWA before I'd use Evolution with exchange again.
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    I failed the A+

    I've heard they've started to make the A+ harder. I know when I took it; it was really easy. Sucks to lose that money though. What did you use to study?
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    Where to start: Microsoft Certs

    It is also worth mentioning that 2008 is basically 2003 with some new add-ons. Any company that is going to pass a candidate over for having 2008 instead of 2003 is a company you wouldn't want to work for anyways.
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    Exchange 2007 Mailbox Store Question

    All I have to say is thank god the company I work for has a 90 day email retention policy. Good luck getting 20GB of email in that time. We get to avoid all the headaches of having to archive huge amounts of email.
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    How to employers verify certifications. Comptia for example lets you email verification of certifications. Almost all of the major certifications will have something similar.
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    View Users' Passwords???

    Well, if the system is setup correctly they will be logging these events and saving them somewhere that sysadmins can't access, so it would end up being obvious if a sysadmin reset a user's password and then used the account.
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    Symantec Endpoint 11

    I've installed the MR2 release on a test server. It seems to be working better than the previous release, but I won't be putting it into production after the last episode anytime soon.
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    Re: Non-secure Exchange Page

    I'd honestly already be considering that. Do you really want to trust critical information with a company that is cutting corners with security? There is no legitimate reason for them to have disabled SSL in this fashion; either they are incompetent or cheap. Neither is something I'd be happy...
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    Re: Non-secure Exchange Page

    You'll want it secured using ssl. You are passing credentials over the internet in plain text if it is not set to https. If anyone were sniffing the network they would be able to capture these logins.
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    Anyone working on getting Window Server 2008 certified?

    I ended up using the MS Press book for the 70-647. I also grabbed a testking for it. The combination of the two made it pretty easy.
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    Anyone working on getting Window Server 2008 certified?

    I took and passed the 70-647. I don't officially have the Enterprise Admin cert yet because I still need to go take the 70-620 Configuring Vista test. I'm hoping to do that in the next two weeks if I can find the time.
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    Anyone working on getting Window Server 2008 certified?

    I have the 70-647 book coming in next week. I've been using Server 2008 since its release and also watched some of the train signal videos on it. I've looked at a braindump for it, but don't hold out much faith that it is accurate. I figure I could pass it with just a light brush up on trusts.
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    Anyone working on getting Window Server 2008 certified?

    I've upgraded my MCSE 2003 to the three MCITP certs. I'm going next week to take the Enterprise Administrator test. I still need to do the Vista configuration cert after that though.
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    Thoughts on application whitelisting / Bouncer by Coretrace

    For $24k, take the time and setup Software Restriction Policies using a GPO on your domain. It will suck to setup, but it isn't hard to maintain.