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    Seattle Considers Allowing Uber And Lyft Drivers To Unionize

    If Uber was still the same price as a taxi I would defer to Uber. Better cars, nicer drivers, overall improved experience. The fact that it is cheaper? That just makes it a no brainer. Legislation / Unionization should increase prices. Ideally it would distribute the wealth (yeah, I said it)...
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    States Pass Laws Backing Uber's View Of Drivers As Contractors

    Employees fill out a W4 to receive a W2 at the end of the year. Service jobs are a-ok. It is a great avenue for more extroverted people to work in. Not everybody wants to be a programmer or mechanic.
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    States Pass Laws Backing Uber's View Of Drivers As Contractors

    Thanks to a vague rating system , Uber has full control over their drivers. This is not by mistake either. Drivers are way closer to W2 than employees with the level of control Uber exerts over it's drivers. Have you driven for or read about the experiences these drivers have? They have no...
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    Jack of all servers

    Hosting e-mail is mostly a privacy concern at the cost of performance and reliability. With these routing methods will I lose some of the privacy I seek to gain?
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    Four NSA Reform Initiatives Outlined

    Im mobile right now, thanks for saving the typing.
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    Jack of all servers

    Working to build a server for Owncloud (CalDAV too) Host my own e-mail Minecraft Web server for a few simple web pages. is this going to be too hard or just a matter of routing all the ports around each other building in Ubuntu any experience with this?
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    Chromecast Getting Hulu, HBO Go Support

    Does google track/collaborate your viewing on Chromecast? If not it seems like the end of Roku as we know it.
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    Samsung Ban on Apple iPhones, iPads Vetoed

    The law distortion field strikes again.
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    GameStop Exploiting Devs And Consumers

    Easy, start your own used game store. Good luck.
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    Microsoft Claims Constitutional Right to Reveal Data

    Sounds like damage control for Public Relations.
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    Microsoft Responds To NSA Data Sharing Allegations

    Microsoft is a lying sack of shit.
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    Thinking about buying myself a Mac with retina...

    My experience has been that Apple will release a 2nd gen Haswell MBP roughly 6 months after releasing the first. If you can holdout for that one, it is usually the best. I bought within the first two months of my 2011 MBP and I was burned on the SATA ports. One is Sata 2 the second is sata 3...
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    Facebook CEO Repeats PRISM Denial

    Mark, what about indirect? Define Direct and indirect for us.
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    30 Day Update on my Temps after Lapping 2011 MBP Heatsink

    I'm assuming this voids Applecare?
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    !HOT! 1TB Seagate SSHD ST1000LM014 95.99 @ Amazon

    I just read that, great observation.
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    !HOT! 1TB Seagate SSHD ST1000LM014 95.99 @ Amazon

    95.99 Almost best price I've ever seen, finally cracked and bought one. 1TB Seagate SSHD at Amazon TODAY ONLY!
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    laptop with the best display for $500?

    Look at something used or save more money. If you plan to keep it for such a long period of time it would be well worth it to spend more, even if it meant saving. The longer you wait the more your money will buy with technology.
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    Copyright Troll Righthaven Stops Responding To The Courts

    Should be distributed on DVD at their expense. Justice!
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    Crowdfunding Bill Backed by US House

    it allows investors to hold shares in private companies? this is new?
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    iOS 5.1 Update

    how crunched for space could someone be on one of these devices? photos are only a few meg. they also need a batch deleting option for these photos, one by one takes forever!
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    Apple Barred From Pursuing Kodak Patent Claims

    Wouldn't such lawsuit claims be placed in the proper order of claims against Kodak? Sounds reasonable for the suit to continue provided it received proper treatment in order of claims. Is anything left for the shareholders? Please enlighten me.
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    FBI Turns Off Thousands of GPS Devices

    What about the cell phone driver or soccer mom dealing with noisy kids in the back? Do we have checkpoints for those scenarios?
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    FBI Turns Off Thousands of GPS Devices

    DUI checkpoints are garbage of the police state. Please tell me you don't support those. In other news, a small victory.
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    Kim Dotcom Complains About Women Inmates' Letters

    Yes, it is like the hen and egg paradox.
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    This Is Why I Pirate

    And if it was impossible for the pirate to engage in legitimate transaction then I would say the pirate is also in the right. Pornography is legal, prostitution isn't?
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    Beats Electronics Is Breaking Up with Monster

    Hopefully Beats and Monster starve, the world could use less BS
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    23.6" or 24" Asus?

    links? additional specs?
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    WD IDE Drive, 3 loud clicks at power on

    freezer trick > pray > backup
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    Feds Found Manning-Assange Chat Logs on Laptop

    Anymore it seems like congress gets away with just as much treason. Seriously, National Defense Act? Might as well shove the constitution and bill of rights in a paper shredder anymore. Thats treason.
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    Free wifi calling on ipod touch

    Sounds like OP actually just wants to make a normal phone call. No frills attached. amirite?
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    Feds Seize 130+ Domain Names in Mass Crackdown

    Knight, I think you do need some protection of intellectual property, or the property of the mind. Provided it is novel. That helps to spur innovation, by offering incentive. Everything else you said is spot on, the slob federal reserve that runs our financial system is long overdue for an...
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    Apple Reportedly Has No Plans to Bring Siri to Older Devices

    +1 , also if its past 12:00AM (the next day) you end up asking your phone to set you an alarm for "today" how stupid does that sound? I also think its barely if at all faster than punching through with your phone. Thats assuming Siri understands you the first time. Although the 4s has a...
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    where did you find this desktop bg? found it in the osx...

    where did you find this desktop bg? found it in the osx desktop thread, awesome picture. Does it come 1920x1200?
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    Patent Troll Is Suing Hotels For Offering Wi-Fi

    Don't forget to defend yourself once you get there too! Lawyers have to eat too., whoddathunkit
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    R.I.P. Vertex

    Only the strong will survive.
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    $1500 range laptop?

    MBA battery life, 7 hours +1 MBA