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    27-Inch iMac Output to 4k Display Question

    Ah that's too bad. I was starting to wonder, since all of the reviews that I could find using the Samsung either had people using the new Mac Pros or Retina MacBooks. Oh well, looks like I get to take this 4k monitor home with me and put it onto my gaming system for a couple of days until I...
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    27-Inch iMac Output to 4k Display Question

    I tried it on a Late 2011 27-inch iMac with Thunderbolt ports and it worked, although the maximum supported res for the Samsung is still only 1080P...
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    27-Inch iMac Output to 4k Display Question

    The company I work for is considering upgrading some of our users to dual monitor displays. All of the users that will be upgrading are currently running on either early or late model 27-inch iMacs. After a bit of research on my end (And given the ridiculous shopping request of 'aesthetics...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Does anyone know if there are any LGA775 (standalone) server boards that are on the hardware whitelist for ESXi 4.1? My computer is setup with a Q6600 & 6GB or RAM, and it's time to upgrade. I'd like to either upgrade the computer or end up buying an actual server. At this point I think it...
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    Routing Traffic from Remote Access VPN's over Site to Site VPN's

    FYI people wanting to access Site B are going to get screwed, a LOT of networks your remote users are going to run across are going to be running a network, especially if accessing from home or a small business, in my experience.
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    Cisco ACL Best Practices?

    If you aren't at all familiar with ACL configuration on the ASA, I would reccomend either picking up this ASA admin guide off of Amazon: Or its newer brother...
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    Looking for help with Cisco ASA

    ungghh bs. Creating anything vpn-specific from commandline is a gigantic pain in the ass, along with ACL's that have 20-30 entires in them. ASDM makes that all a breeze.
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    Inside network communicate with DMZ

    ACL's aren't only for allowing or denying traffic, they specify interesting traffic as well. If you have an access list that was access-list captest extended permit ip any any and told an ASA to 'capture traffic_capture access-list captest' it would capture all traffic you specify in that...
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    IT Resume Thread

    Uploaded an updated resume to google docs in the hope I can get some critique. Really mangled the formatting, but it really fits on 1 page.
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    Cisco Guru's, it's been a LONG day

    Yes I did set about 5 up under Public Servers in ASDM, but have also set up NAT rules using CMD for others (separate IP's obviously) ASA version is 8.2(2)
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    Cisco Guru's, it's been a LONG day

    Cisco Gurus, halp! While attempting a rollout today of our ASA5505 we ran into an issue where web pages on NATd public ip addresses aren't viewable! We have configured around 10 servers that need to be accessed via their public ip over ports 21, 80 and 443. During our testing phase we...
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    Is there any way to make WHS use a certain drive as a system drive? I made a 186GB Raid 1 mirror specifically for the system partition, but it only defaulted to 20GB of that, and the system is using the rest for storage and backups, but I have a Dell Perc6 on the way for the storage array (6...
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    Tell me about the Dell Perc 6/i controller

    Well I bought the one off ebay so I'll update with pics/comments when it arrives :D
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    Tell me about the Dell Perc 6/i controller

    I was looking at the one....don't know if it has any issues or not, for that price I hope it wouldn't
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    Tell me about the Dell Perc 6/i controller

    After hearing the stellar reviews and all the information on hand about the Perc 5/i controller from Dell, I was thinking about buying the next generation Dell controller, the Perc 6/i. As well as doing all the things the 5/i does (raid 0, 1, 5, 10) the 6/i supports RAID 6, 50, and 60. The...
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    New 8 bay Drobo Pro

    Do they offer support for their products that include disks?
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    Shuttle SN78S video cards

    I recently purchased a shuttle sn78s for work use, and some light gaming. Due to the crappiness of the build in GF8200, I need to upgrade the video card to something with a bit more oomph, however the case only has a 300w power supply in it. I'm looking along the lines of a GF8800GT/9800GT or...
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    Building a 1u server - Hardware advice

    I would say a used Dell Poweredge 2850 would be right up your alley. They can be had on ebay w/8GB RAM and dual dual core 2.8 Xeons, or dual 3.2ghz single core xeons around $1000 usd w/raid. The only drawback I can think of is that uses SCSI drives which can be a bit pricey when you get up to...
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    Post your ebay/ dual monitor arms

    Anyone know of a desk mount arm that supports 200 mm x 100 mm VESA AND 100x100 VESA monitors AND doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I'm beginning to regret purchasing this Samsung 2693HM :( edit: Whew okay looks like you can get a 200x100 VESA to 100x100 VESA adapter. What's the largest...
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    Server 2k3/ntbackup questions

    I doubt it's a hardware issue. I was trying to run a scheduled backup on our file server to my backup server (saving to a network drive) and it was really hit or miss. I've since made a new folder for backups on the existing file server, and then have a batch file on our backup server which...
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    FAQ: Virtualization - What is it?

    Quick question: I recently stumbled upon instructions on how to install ESX in VMware Workstation 6. Is the process similar for Workstation 6.5? The reason I ask is that there is no option for Unix OS installs on the new VM creation wizard... edit: Hurf he had Linux selected. Youtube needs...
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    Post your network with discussion!

    Not quite sure how that SAN controller works, is it FC SAN or iSCSI over Fiber? If it's iSCSI, what target software are you using? edit: nm saw it was an FC SAN. How exactly does it differ from iSCSI? Does it use the same concept of target/initiator software, or something completely different?
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

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    iSCSI questions

    It just won't deny the second connection, but will override the first? That seems strange... Well, even then, if I only use one initiator instead of two, changes aren't being written to the disk in question, at least not until I manually disconnect the iSCSI session from the target. What...
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    iSCSI questions

    Hi all, just popping in after a few hours of messing around trying to get iSCSI set up on my windows server. To start, I have no background in i SCSI or any SAN infrastructure outside of the documentation that is included with the i SCSI target software I have downloaded (free windows...
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    Temp spike when running CPU test

    Heh did you even read the thread? It's a Thermaltake Bigwater, it's self contained. I'm currently rethinking my options. For now I've ordered a DD MC-TDX w/ 3/8" fittings because the stupid TT block is leaking again. Depending on the results, I just might order all DD stuff and return this...
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    Temp spike when running CPU test

    Hmm, I was thinking it could have been this, thanks for affirming this. I'm pretty sure the radiator and pump are fine for now. I'm curious if just throwing in a DangerDen cpu waterblock would solve the problem. I mean I LIKE how small and compact the 760 is, and it DOES do it's job of...
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    Temp spike when running CPU test

    Well after much consideration I went out today and purchased a Thermaltake Bigwater 750is. It is what is it, a replacement for a noisy Zalman Zxxxx 15 1/2 lbs air cooler I'm not looking to achieve a 4ghz OC with a simple 120mm cooler, water or air. Installation was fairly simple, although a...
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    Review: Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 on 8800GT (dialup beware!)

    Will the S2/Second Revision of this work with the first generation 8800GTS's?
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    [WTS] 2x Eve-Online Accounts

    Second character has 25,245,643 skillpoints and 188,335,335 ISK. Can fly Amarr dreadnaughts. Anchoring / Rank 3 / SP: 4243 of 24000 Corporation Management / Rank 1 / SP: 250 of 1415 2 Corporation Management skills trained, for a total of 4,493 skillPoints. Amarr Drone Specialization /...
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    [WTS] 2x Eve-Online Accounts

    I am selling my two Eve-Online accounts. I am only interested in real life isk ($) and will not accept in-game money as a substitute. I will pay the character transfer fee to move the character to your account. Please pm McDeth187 on AIM with any questions regarding the sale of these...
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    Problem with my 8800 GTS

    I was hoping to use NTune to check temperatures, but ATITools (Does this work with Nvidia?) and Rivatuner do that just fine along with MotherBoardMoniter. I also curiously get a BSOD when ever I try to go and play Armed Assault as well, although i think this has more to do with Starforce...
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    Problem with my 8800 GTS

    I have this EXACT same problem. It never shows up until I download NTune straight off of the Nvidia website. Also, don't know if it has anything to do with the video card, but I can't even play Armed Assault. Whenever I go into the game, even on a fresh install, I get a BSOD and it restarts...
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    Best S939 motherboards?

    I dunno. I am a really big fan of Asus/Abit. Something in me just despises the shit out of DFI motherboards, probably something to do with the 'XTR33333MEEE DFI L@NPARTY" with the glow in the dark bullshit on the board. Do they still make them like that?
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    Best S939 motherboards?

    I recently upgraded to a s939 4600 x2 processor, but kept my old motherboard and video card due to cost constraints. While I am enjoying the processing power booster over my old CPU, I understand that s939 may not survive it through to 2008. I do not plan on upgrading again for a while, maybe I...
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    Rate this setup

    Will I really see a huge difference between 1 GB and 2GB of memory?
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    Rate this setup

    I would do the whole 2GB but unfortunately that would push the system out of my price range for now. I say maybe 1 more month and I'd be able to get another gigabyte of ram to complete this setup. The Wifi is something I'm kind of torn about, because I definately need it, since I'm not...
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    Rate this setup

    I've been looking for a new computer to buy, and doing some research. I've discovered that while Intel may be more expensive, they pretty much win this release as far as speed and oc'ing ability goes. This is my first time buying an Intel CPU and mobo, so please rate this setup that I'm going to...
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    Best Core 2 Duo Mobo for OCing/Gaming

    Call me retarded, but whats the difference between the P5B Delux and the P5W DH? Just the chipset? Whats the difference between the chipsets?