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    Qualcomm Inside: Mobile Dominance No Matter the Manufacturer

    With the way Intel is trying to storm into the mobile market prices should drop some. Hopefully the next gen chips will put those ARM bastards in 2nd place and x86 will rise again.
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    Grisly 4chan Photos Were Uploaded By Killer

    This is where the death penalty makes sense. Scum like this shouldn't be able to live a long healthy life.
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    343 Industries Explains 20GB Day One Patch

    Somebody is not telling the truth. The switch to blu-ray was to not have to download extra content. Those on metered internet lines will not be happy. I'm taking a guess it's a day 1 patch because they manage to screw up something before printing.
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    Will Android And Chrome Marry?

    I'm really hoping FirefoxOS gains some decent support. Google is one of the companies I want to distance myself from. If MS would get there head out of their butt and just have 1 version of windows instead of this RT crap and give it decent support they'd do much better.
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    Sprint to Turn Off WiMAX 4G in Nov. 2015

    No worries the person in charge of the WiMax era is gone. I still have my Evo Shift laying around a back up and my palm pre as my backup backup.
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    Latest Destiny Patch Making Things Worse?

    Can't wait till the beta testing is done on consoles for the PC release =)
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    ASUS Dominates 3DMark With 6 World Records (4 With Strix GTX 980)

    If you look at 3DMark it says 2099. I think Asus is playing quack.exe on the side =D
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    Celebs Threaten To Sue Google Over Nude-Image Hack

    Maybe if some Celeb's don't use Apple products and used something more reliable this wouldn't happen. Oh wait Celeb's normally WANT these pictures leaked out when their careers are going into the toilet and need a media buzz.
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    Netflix ISP Speed Index for August

    Yay, Optimum is #1 again. I feel better for paying way too much for it now.
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    Amazon Buying Twitch

    I'd rather see Amazon then Google buy them at this point. Maybe Google will step up on streaming on youTube because its not that great right now.
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    Sony Online Entertainment Having Rough Day

    Hope they enjoy jail. Any bomb threat from Twitter or any source results in Jail time these days. This is uncalled for and make a DDoS attack which is terrible to a terrorist threat. These script kiddies likely a bunch of stupid Teens will find out that the world doesn't take kindly to bomb threats.
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    BlackBerry Passport Specs Leaked

    1440x1440 screen sounds nice. Looks like a great phone for business.
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    Which State Is Torrenting The Most

    Watch Dogs is the most pirated game out of all the states. Ubisoft is doing a great job with uPlay.
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    Netflix ISP Speed Index for July

    Cablevision keeps my cold hard cash for a reason.
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    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Announced for Next-Gen Consoles, PC

    1080p was so last gen. Come on SE make it 2160p or 1440p native atleast.
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    FCC: Should We Raise The Minimum Broadband Speed Definition

    15 Down / 5 Up should be the minimum for now. Then Bump it to 20 down / 7.5 up in 3 years from now.
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    Will RadioShack's Suppliers Let It Live Through the Holidays?

    I remember radio shack way back when to have alot of electronic parts and cables and such. I bought a BreadBoard a long time back from radio shack. That's really my only memory besides buying batteries when they had a sale every now and then.
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    Blizzard Financials; WoW Down to 6.8M Subs

    I quit WoW because I was tried of seeing PVP/PVE gear thrown away at the next level at the expansions greens. In TBC I had my tier 3 gear it lasted all the way to Level 70. Now its like oh Heroic T25 gear from the final boss oh this green fetch quest item is better. That and all the classes play...
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    University President Took A $90K Pay Cut To Pay Employees More

    He's an interim president. The next official president will get played more and revert any paycuts. Thing is they won't report that.
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    Ubisoft: Gamer Resistance To Digital Decreasing

    Bring back the expansion packs
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    EA Blames a 'System Error' That Charged $5 for Demos

    They should give the full copies of the games to the people that got this $5 dollar charge on mistake for. This would be the right thing to do.
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    Are there any 24/25" monitors that can compete with Apple displays?

    If I remember its an LG display on the Macbook Pro's. Though its built to Apple's spec's.
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    Sony “Danced In The Aisles” When They Heard The Xbox One Price

    *shrugs while playing Mario Kart 8*
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    E3 May Pull The Plug On Los Angeles

    I wouldn't be shocked if they went to the Anaheim convention center next year.
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    Tesla Will 'Open-Source' All Its Patents

    I'd so buy a 25k Electric car. My commute is 5 miles each way. I use more gas letting my car warm up then driving it.
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    Netflix ISP Speed Index For May

    Yay my ISP is #1 now they can just fix the rates =\
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    Kinect 2 Coming to PC, Pre-Order Now for $199

    I guess Microsoft's comment about committing to PC gaming again is true. "PC order Pizza"
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    Dead Rising 3 Comes to PC This Summer

    Better support steamworks and around $30 or I can wait for it on the Winter sales.
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    Google and Twitter Join Forces for Disaster Alerts

    I had an Amber alert text for Ohio..... I live in New Jersey....
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    Intel to Ship Open-Source Galileo 2.0 Computer Soon

    I think that's for more for schools/colleges for classroom use.
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    Next Unreal Tournament Game Will Be Free

    Long as it doesn't use Origin or Uplay sounds pretty awesome.
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    Microsoft Surface Mini to Debut in Mid-May?

    Looks interesting. If its windows RT then I'll have to pass. I can't really justify not using a full version of windows for my work tablet.
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    Sony Sells Off All Square Enix Shares

    If Nintendo was smart they should buy Square-Enix and make them 2nd party & PC only.
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    The Low-Fi Sci-Fi Of Alien: Isolation

    Depends how they do the action in the game. If its a few 4-5 Aliens and nothing but build up then yes it could be good. If they just throw a couple 100 of them in a small ship then w/e game will be another one in the budget bin.
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    Samsung: Steve Jobs' Death 'Best Opportunity To Attack iPhone'

    I'd buy one if comes with an Octa-core processor it.
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    XFX R9 280 $249.99 after $20 MIR

    If you can hold out till the fall. You'll have some mighty fine GeForce 8xx cards that will blow the current gen out of the water.
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    Intel Haswell Refresh Price List?

    I just can't wait for the 20th Anniversary Pentium.
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    Microsoft Offering Windows For Free

    Hopefully this will bring some more Wintel Tablets to the market. I don't like Windows RT and 8.1 is looking quite nice in the new build.
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    EA Secures Titanfall 2 Publishing Rights

    So there will be a PS4 version that plays at 792p like the Xbone in the next installment ?
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    Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Now $450

    Still too much for a Netflix box.