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  1. ProfessorUtopia

    Bigscreen Beyond - µOLED 2560x2560 per eye - SteamVR Direct HDM

    I will for sure be keeping a close eye on this one (kek). Headsets coming down to this size is really getting into the 'dream' territory for what I hoped we would one day see after using the DK2. I will also, however, be waiting to see reviews before I decide whether this is a worthwhile upgrade...
  2. ProfessorUtopia

    531.18 GeForce graphics driver bug may cause 10%+ CPU usage

    Good call out, thanks! I was eager to grab these drivers to try out RTX super resolution. If I hadn't been monitoring to see the utilization, it would have been easy to miss this for much longer. I've seen it eat upwards of 20% on my 5800X3D.
  3. ProfessorUtopia

    Steam Bucks - Buy Index or wait?

    I had my Index packed away for a year, mainly because I was traveling. I just built a new rig and got my VR space set back up; I didn't know how much I missed having it until I had it back. I was originally planning to get a new monitor to accompany the new rig, but it's now apparent that would...
  4. ProfessorUtopia

    Do any VR headsets support Freesync?

    No, VRR is actually not preferred for smoothness in VR. Reprojection accomplishes smoothness when/if your system can't keep up.
  5. ProfessorUtopia

    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    Some prices have come down since I pulled the trigger; the SSDs, RAM, and GPU are a bit cheaper, now. But the full build (excluding peripherals) ran me $2250.
  6. ProfessorUtopia

    Windows 12

    I'm running Windows 11 22H2 on my Surface Go, new gaming desktop, and work laptop. I had the same initial reactions at launch as many of the people in this thread, with the inability to never combine icons and no access to Task Manager from the taskbar being my biggest unresolved gripes. That...
  7. ProfessorUtopia

    Windows 12

    I think this sums up the disconnect, here: The driver/console in current versions of Windows doesn't compare to what was distributed for Windows 7, and even XP. On my recent build, using a B550 board running Windows 11 22H2, I discovered I actually get more functionality using the generic driver...
  8. ProfessorUtopia

    MSI Releases Beta Bios's with (-) Voltage offset for 5800X3D on certain B550 boards

    Interesting. I'd be curious to see how well these chips remain stable with the same clocks under lower voltage, given they have (allegedly?) been binned to be pushed to the low-end of the voltage-per-clock envelope.
  9. ProfessorUtopia

    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    It was 'new build' time for me this past weekend, "on the horizon" be damned. My trusty 4790k & GTX 1080 was just not cutting it for VR. Here's to no regrets... 🍻
  10. ProfessorUtopia

    RTX 3090 Half the speed now on new Ryzen build?

    Is it positioned in the top slot? That's the only one that runs PCIe x16 mode. If the Ryzen build was running another card before the 3090, did it get a clean driver install? Sharing full system specs helps us help you.
  11. ProfessorUtopia

    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    I need a new system in the next month(ish), so I've decided to split the difference. I'm buying a mid-range card now, then I'll flip it for a high-end next gen card. My thought being, if every current card does drop significantly in resale value, that bite is probably going to hurt much less on...
  12. ProfessorUtopia

    Windows 11 available on October 5

    A limited version of the Amazon Appstore is now available for testing in the Beta channel. Though, I don't know how long you might be waiting to see any Google apps, and media streaming support I think is an open question, at this point. However, what I've tested on my Surface Go 2 (Core m3 dual...
  13. ProfessorUtopia

    New HTC headsets. Vive PRO 2 and Focus 2

    Because Facebook will simply suspend your account for being "fake". Try it and see; even if you make an effort to evade the algorithm with obscure stock images and plausible fake personal info, you're likely only prolonging the inevitable. Their A.I. for fake account detection is uncanny. As...
  14. ProfessorUtopia

    Next Valve Index VR headset may be wireless

    This is great to hear. Speaking as someone who's used VR since the DK2 days, I'm deeply disheartened by the direction Facebook has taken Oculus. I have every confidence Valve will release an Index 2; otherwise, how would they never release an Index 3?
  15. ProfessorUtopia

    Microsoft is bringing Auto HDR to DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 PC games

    This is a build for 21H2, so if all goes well, it'll land in the fall.
  16. ProfessorUtopia

    Is VR even worth it?

    I run most games at 120Hz on my Index with a GTX 1080. Alyx requires low settings or dropping the refresh rate to 90Hz (I prefer low settings, still looks amazing). The improvement in visual comfort for fast paced games and smooth locomotion is fantastic; I have a much better time with games...
  17. ProfessorUtopia

    "Sweet Spot"

    The Explorer was my first VR headset; the sweet spot is indeed quite brutal, and I never really found a way to mitigate it. As far as I've heard, most of the headsets currently on the market are significantly better in this regard. An Oculus or Odyssey+ should do you fine, but the safer bet will...
  18. ProfessorUtopia

    Is VR even worth it?

    The cost is higher than most other headsets for several reasons: It's one of the few headsets still using external base stations for tracking. The panel supports a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. There are more features for customizing the fit and focus. The controllers are technically complex...
  19. ProfessorUtopia

    Is VR even worth it?

    I personally find the refresh rate of the Index to be the single most significant improvement, versus previous headsets. If you're the sort with a strong preference for high refresh rates, I strongly recommend the Index (90/120/144 Hz) over the Rift S (80 Hz).
  20. ProfessorUtopia

    Rift S

    The Lenovo Explorer was my first VR headset; I found it to be acceptable compared to others I had tried, but it was manual IPD adjustment that provided the biggest uplift for me, when comparing the “Gen 1.0” headsets. I would suggest determining your IPD, before deciding on a headset. If you’re...
  21. ProfessorUtopia

    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    I'm unsurprised to see the 2D curmudgeons so so eager to bash this. If I was faced with potentially missing out on what may be the most revolutionary game in a decade, I'd be butthurt, too.
  22. ProfessorUtopia

    Microsoft has new Surface Wireless Earbuds

    You think that's bad? Wait until you see what's slated for launch in 2266...
  23. ProfessorUtopia

    Surface Duo (Christmas 2020)

    I'm keeping an eye on this, for sure. I begrudgingly switched to Android upon the death of Windows 10 Mobile, and even getting a phone with stock Android, de-Googleing it (as much as is practically possible), and loading up all the Microsoft apps, it's still not a particularly polished...
  24. ProfessorUtopia

    Senate Report: Equifax Accused of Failing to Prioritize Cybersecurity

    That I can get behind. Incorporating should not be an ironclad protection from personal responsibility. Executives and investors with large stakes should be held to some degree of accountability for their company's fuck-ups, which should potentially include decades of hard time.
  25. ProfessorUtopia

    Automation Will Change Every Job, but Only 25% Are on the Chopping Block

    People fear change; something as disruptive as A.I. is straight up fucking terrifying to the masses. I belive, if these predictions come to fruition, it is far more likely to vastly improve quality of life, on a global scale, than result in some sort of dystopia. But fear sells, and the product...
  26. ProfessorUtopia

    Seasonic FOCUS SGX-450 450W SFX-L PSU Review @ [H]

    Great review, as always! I particularly appreciate the details on the cable lengths; I was ready to pull the trigger on a similarly priced SilverStone 450w SFF PSU. The main complaint in user reviews is the excessively long cables for SFF builds. "Luckily" SilverStone graces us with the...
  27. ProfessorUtopia

    Considering a VR headset, want some opinions.

    You're right to not dive in with both feet, at the moment. Go for whatever headset you can get the lowest price on. If you don't need manual IPD adjustment, I would also suggest considering other WMR headsets. I would say your current rig is right at the minimum for a decently payable...
  28. ProfessorUtopia

    Anyone need a front panel VR hookup?

    I used one of these to mount this type of extension cable to my desk: Apart from giving me the couple extra feet of reach I needed to utilize my whole space comfortably, I like that using these protects the ports on my video card should the cable ever get violently yanked on.
  29. ProfessorUtopia

    Must have VR games?

    I use the Lenovo Explorer with Odyssey controllers; works pretty well for Beat Saber. I do experience the occasional positional tracking issue in reflex and archery games, but apart from that, WMR works fine with just about any SteamVR game, whether it's listed as supported or not.
  30. ProfessorUtopia

    Intel to Scale Down DIY Processor Shipments

    Intel would also like you to know this certainly has nothing at all to do with renewed competition within this market space.
  31. ProfessorUtopia

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Opposes EU Article 13 Copyright Legislation

    Fair, but just because their motivation is selfish, it doesn't mean their position is wrong. The EU may have stumbled into doing some good in the near-term, of late, but the urge to control everything will inevitably beckon forth the wrath of the Law of Unintended Consequences. (Thanks, Paul.)
  32. ProfessorUtopia

    First impressions on Vive Wireless on Gen 1 HMD

    Agreed; I use a few KEY-BAKs plus a 3' cable extension and have nearly zero issues in my 10' x 10' space. I also have concerns about the potential long-term effects of microwaving my brain for several hours a day...
  33. ProfessorUtopia

    Windows 10 October Update Supports Raytracing

    You forgot to mention the greatest, most long awaited feature of all: Dark Mode for File Explorer! :vamp:
  34. ProfessorUtopia

    VR Newbie needs advice

    If you're interested in value, ease-of-setup, and/or portability, WMR headsets can consistently be found for around $200. In real-world applications, they provide close to the same tracking experience as the Rift & Vive, and feature a slightly higher resolution. That having been said, the only...
  35. ProfessorUtopia

    Will mITX limit VR?

    My speculation: No, you won't need a PCIe slot. With laptop users and pre-built system buyers (who may not be inclined to install internal components) each being a significant portion of the PC gaming market, I would be surprised to not see a USB-based product. In fact, I would wager it will be...
  36. ProfessorUtopia

    Whitehat NSO Code Stolen by Employee and Listed on Dark Web

    Sounds to me like those tools are already in "the wrong hands". Security vulnerabilities should be disclosed and fixed, regardless of the supposed benifits to intelligence agencies. This is how shit like Ransomware happens.
  37. ProfessorUtopia

    Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 7.1 Wireless Headset Review @ [H]

    I've been using G930s for a few years and have no real complaints; the virtual 7.1 delivers an overall better experience versus my actual (admittedly basic) 5.1 setup, to my ears. I'd give these a look should I need a replacement, if for no other reason than I'm a G-Key addict. That said, I...
  38. ProfessorUtopia

    Microsoft Is Now More Valuable than Alphabet by about $10 Billion

    I don’t disagree with your points of Microsoft collecting too much data and not giving users enough control over diagnostic data collection, but nothing you provided supports your claim Microsoft sells user data, and certainly not that “They say so.” Forgive my crassness, but citing your own...
  39. ProfessorUtopia

    Amazon Not Liable for Exploding Hoverboard

    Losing a home is tragic, but ultimately you are responsible for what you bring into your own home. If you don't do your due diligence to vet the products you buy, especially things like cheap Chinese electronics, the fault lies with you and the OEM when something goes wrong; don't blame the...