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    FS: 64GB Registered ECC Server Memory

    Which if any of these models have a heatsink? Have you had any ECC corrected errors?
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    Outer routing switch - collisions and packet loss

    A Defective cables might also cause that issue. Perhaps looking at the report from the switch may help.
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    Peanuthead's Post Labor Day Sale

    Nice small servers, do you mean to have the 3.4 Ghz and 3.6Ghz systems the same price? Full Systems: 1x BNIB Supermicro x10slm+-ln4f, 32GB (4x8GB) Samsung unbuffered, ECC RAM, E3-1240V3 with stock Intel cooler, LianLi V-351B - Asking $635 1x BNIB Supermicro x10slm+-ln4f, 32GB (4x8GB) Samsung...
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    WTS/ WTT xbox one with accessories & games and micro atx gaming rig

    to clarify are you including the case?
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    fs: Tyan server 2 x 2.14ghz xeon, 32gb ram, 2x 500gb WD RE4 $450.00 shipped

    Nice server but looking for a 2u+ that is a little quieter. You really should clarify the original post: 32GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz 2 x Xeon E5606 2.13Ghz Quad Core
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    Ins0mnyteq's FS Thread *Updated Frequently*

    Thanks, purchased by paypal: > 2x Netgear 48 Port Switch GS748T v3 series working >2X Kingston KVR16N11/8 8GB DDR3 1600mhz 240 pin
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    Intel Consumer Motherboards that Support VT-d

    It primarily hinges on the Motherboard manufacture supporting VT-d in the BIOS. AsRock has a great track record and others not so much for desktop boards.
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    What do you use your vms for?

    Curious what you are running at work in 200 VMs? Myself I am running Qubes with Xen over 17 VMs for isolation by task. Separate Shopping, Banking, Email, separate website categories, wordpress, isolated network and firewall, eclipse, gpg, and disposable VMs. ESXI All-in-one with Napp-IT...
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    small scale VMware vSphere setups for 2-3 servers?

    Thanks Vader. Yeah VMware quotes a typical sub 1 minute down time with HA recovery. What has your experience been? DPM sounds great for saving power in the evening or weekends. What do your deployments look like? 3 Identical servers with dual cpu, 64GB RAM, running windows servers...
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    small scale VMware vSphere setups for 2-3 servers?

    Thanks j-sat, wow that is a lot of licensing but guessing you have something rather mission critical. What were the key features you needed from vSphere Enterprise Plus? Could you sketch out a broad picture of your setup? how many VMs and in general their types?
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    small scale VMware vSphere setups for 2-3 servers?

    What does an outline of common VMware vSphere deployments with software and licenses look like for small businesses? Small business environments around 2-3 Servers and also outlining VMs they run. I can't picture it well. Here was the only really quick note i found on planning a deployment...
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    FS: Like New Transformer Book, Droid Max, Pro Dj Equipment

    Cool Transformer book. What are the specs, T100 (xx?)/T200/T300 ect
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    i changed channel for motel owner and now wifi down lol

    What model router are you talking about? More details and perhaps a reboot would help.
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    Price Drop: R9 280x Sealed, P4 CPU, FANs, NVidia Quadro PCIe Video only $19

    For Sale: Powercolor R9 280x 3GB Videocard, 2 mini-FP, HDMI, DVI, Fresh Sealed RMA Replacement from Powercolor AXR9 280x 3GBD5-2DHE/OC -- $140 shipped Quiet Silverstone SST-AP182/AP181 180mm FANs 170cfm/130cfm [Newegg AP182 $39 AP181 $27 (delivered)] 1 x Quiet White ST-AP182 180mm FAN...
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    For Sale: i5-2500k (or mb combo), WD 4TB Black, Seasonic Platnium PS, Fans, Quadro

    thank you, replied to PMs. Discussing combos with CPU/MB and CPU/MB/PS. CPU did basic air overclocking and then ran stock for years. WD 4TB Black Drive, was idle powered on as secondary drive not used much. EDIT: 2500k + Intel DP67BG Extreme Motherboard and Seasonic PS, SOLD: chuckd007
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    For Sale: i5-2500k (or mb combo), WD 4TB Black, Seasonic Platnium PS, Fans, Quadro

    For Sale: WD 4TB Black Hard Drive WD4001FAEX, Clean SMART (crystal disk) -- $160 shipped Seasonic Platinum 1000 Watt Power Supply 80+ PLATINUM Certified, Full Modular - SOLD Intel 2500k CPU Spec: SR008 with Intel DP67BG Extreme Motherboard & IO/Shield - SOLD Quiet Silverstone...
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    Home server vs packaged NAS

    Nice rebuild speed. Are those 7200rpm drives or lower power 5xxx rpm drives?
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    Stealing Data From Computers Using Heat

    It would be a much faster transmission rate to use malware on the secure pc (lol infected) that used audio to transmit data. I understood audio that is hard for humans to hear is possible from computer speakers.
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    Chrome on Fedora 20 needed 169 packages?

    Oh what do you see as a Chromium advantage? Looking into the differences, the sandboxed adobe flash and feature is a big plus for Chrome. Howtogeek Link
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    Chrome on Fedora 20 needed 169 packages?

    I'm a bit surprised that google-chrome needed 169 packages/dependences added to install on a freshly updated Fedora 20 system. It seams like a ton of code dependencies for security. Would it be unwise to build a statically linked version?
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    FS/FT: RX 470 4GB, Steam Games, and Collectibles!

    Nice Large Crucial SSD and good price. How many TB of Writes does it have? Can you post a SSD Life or similar screenshot? Crucial has a 3 year warranty from orginal purchase date. What is that date for your drive?
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    Crucial M500 reallocated sectors

    How about check it out with Crucial's SSD Toolkit: Crucial® Storage Executive Could also check it with SSD Life. This may be a false alarm but may not be. 65536 reallocated sectors sounds like a software issue with DiskCheckup. +1 to Snowkinght26 SMART Data is very drive specific so other...
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    Silent Knight's FS/WTB Thread

    How many TB of writes?