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    How to I upgrade to Service Pack 2?

    You can order the sp2 cd from microsoft, it's free. I ordered 1 and they sent me 3.
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    FS: Abit KV8 Pro mobo only CHEAP

    All the links are outdated.
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    f/s - f/t Rolex Watch

    Also on a real Rolex the second hand sweeps it doesn't jump between seconds so a video would help also.
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    Far Cry multiplayer! AARRGGHH!!

    I think HL2 could have done better than just throwing cs in there. The price they charged for it and after a couple times thru the game your pretty much done with it. Hard to find a game thats good in both single and online play.
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    AHHAAHAAHAH, this must be a joke?!? No.... :-/

    The limit is when people stop buying the high end cards. When there are willing buyers then they will continue to escalate the cards. Processors are the same way, who really needs a P4ee or a FX-55 at the prices they are bringing. Just because some won't pay the high price doesn't mean that...
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    AHHAAHAAHAH, this must be a joke?!? No.... :-/

    You want the latest and greatest then it's going to cost ya. I won't spend over $200 and I upgrade about every 2 years, I can still play all the most recent games at very good settings and frame rates.
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    AMD? Intel?

    I have a P4 3.06 hyperthreading and a Athlon xp 2.4. The P4 has a gig of rdram and the Athlon has 256mb of ddr. The P4 is slightly faster but not that you'd notice for most apps. The P4 folds protiens faster and is faster in photoshop but that is probably due to ram difference and the difference...
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    AMD? Intel?

    IMHO you get better bang for the buck with AMD.
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    new here

    She's smarter than I was at that age but thats not saying alot. :D She knows enough about computers to download and install programs, change user settings in the control panel, manage her desktop apperance and uses virtual drives. :rolleyes: Kids nowadays.
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    "D" to ...?

    New here and I've added a P4 3.06 hyperthreading 1 gig ram, 2.4 athlon xp, 2.4 celey laptop and a old celey 466mhz to folding. So whatever that adds there it is. :D
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    new here

    My daughter is fine, she is 7 and has a big heart so I explained folding to her and she loved the idea thats why I use her name. There are 17 wu's that I had before coming here. I look forward to many more here. :D
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    new here

    Hi I have added 4 computers to your folding team. P4 3.06 hyperthreading, amd xp 2.4, 2.4 celey and old celey 466. The folding name is Katlyn for my daughter. I hope this helps the team some. :cool: