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    Post your Aquamark3 scores with your 6800GT OC'd crap memory, no tweaking, don't even have the card anymore but here you go.
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    What do I need to OC a 2.8GHz w/800 fsb?

    Fingers, a keyboard, perhaps a monitor. :D You can get an in depth answer in the overclocking and cooling section, but I would suggest trying to hit 250fsb with a 5:4 divider so your memory can run at ddr400 speeds still. You might have to give your vcore a little bump though, make sure...
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    You must have missed the words VAPOCHILL. If I didn't make it clear, that will be on my next system.
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    I think I meant 55c. I haven't touched it in a week or so, i'll report back with screenshots, etc.. after I put it back together(im lazy).
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    Maybe 65c at most and that is if its texas hot outside, i'll have to double check that cause i'm not totally sure. Might be a few days though, no video card and i'm too lazy to put the system back together with an MX. Parabellum, check your pm, sorry about that!!!
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    The cooling was a Gigabyte 3Dcooler with AS5, which isn't the best cooling solution but it worked fine for me. I'm about to go vapochill but i'm getting a better heatsink today cause I got paid :D As for why it runs so cool, this might be just with the ES's, but the cpu boots to 1.36v default...
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    Yes, I love mine. Runs so cold I might just throw it in a shuttle too.
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    Selling Engineering Samples illegal?

    Fly low on the radar and they shouldn't care. IMO it would be a waste of time and money to bust someone for selling a few ES processors. If they started dishing out a ton of them on ebay I would understand.
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    478 or 775?

    Get a newer 5xxJ p4, mine idles lowww.
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    Selling Engineering Samples illegal?

    Of course anything this good has to be illegal ;) but I think its cause I robbed sativaman at gunpoint for mine.
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    Intel "J" CPU's and the Dustbuster

    What kind of temps are you getting with the stock cooler? I was using a gigabyte 3D Cooler cause it was the only 775 hsf I could get at a local store and my temps were around 39-42c idle. My experience with the new E0's is that they run way cooler. My 478 prescott had about a 10c higher idle.
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    7+ G Overclock on Main Page

    witch hunt much?
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    6800ultra, or XT-PE?? Buying in the next 3 days

    I used my roommates xt-pe and didn't notice enough difference in cs:s to even warrant paying more over my GT.
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    Who owns a 3.46EE?

    I believe he is talking about the LGA775 1066FSB newer 3.46EE.
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    F/S 40Gb Ipod 3rdGen with iTrip

    Its time to scrammble for rent money, selling my precious 3 month old ipod. Comes with the cradle,iTrip usb cable, firewire cable, car charger, and a cover so you can clip it on your belt or whatever. Asking for $320 which isnt too bad considering how bad they rip you off on accessories...
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    A 3.4 gig P4 socket 478 that is not Prescott or EE?

    my pressy runs cool and I haven't even begun to try and OC
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    Intel 560J and Abit AS8 Overclock

    Nice OC, makes me want to raise the voltage on mine.
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    Whats The Main Difference Between The 530 And The 530J?

    I have no experience with the earlier 775 prescotts but the J ES I have runs at 39-41c idle on psudeo crappy air cooling oc'd to 4ghz. It boots to 1.36v default. Much easier to deal with than my 478 Prescott.
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    560J Series

    do you use a lot of 64-bit programs or even windows 64 bit?
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    P4 E0 stepping problem?

    IS7 is 865 chipset right? Maybe the board does not have good support for later prescotts?
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    Need a Motherboard for a LGA775 550 3.4GHZ

    if you dont want to upgrade to pci-e and ddr2 yet get a Lanparty 875p-T
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    Lanparty 875P-T owners....

    do you have a link to the bios it ships with? I'd like to get my 4.3ghz back :mad:
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    Lanparty 875P-T owners....

    What bios are you guys using? I tried the one on dfi street with supposed support for the E0's. Now I can't get off of 14x multiplier, i'm about to go take this board back to frys.
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    6800GT pci-e

    they had a sweet deal, 2 x BFG 6800 GT PCI-E's and a BFG 550 Watt power supply with dual 12v rails for 849.99
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    ES chip or not?

    im not saying you are a scammer, I am saying that that is not an ES chip.
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    ES chip or not?

    Prescott es chip stepcodes go something like Q64YES or Q65 Q76 and so on and so forth. The fact that that processor has SLJ79 on it should be enough to tell you its not real. I don't know why i'm even posting on this topic again, its clear what is going on.
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    ES chip or not?

    you should at least get some money back, that is bs. edit: oh ok, I was under the assumption that you might have paid well over retail.
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    What will nVidia do about the X800 XL?

    I love my 6800 GT, but if the pci-e prices don't drop soon i'm not willing to pay $500 for a GT. The XL might have to do for now.
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    Fs/ft: 3.8eo Es!

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    Lanparty 875P-T owners....

    Hmm, I haven't experienced any problems like that with mine. However I did test a 2.8 533 lga775 ES on here, and no matter what I changed the multiplier or the fsb to it wouldn't hold.
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    3.2C or 3.4E????

    I would get the 3.4E if hes going to get a new heatsink too, I ran my 6800GT on an antec 330 so unless he has a ton of drives it should be fine.
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    ES chip or not?

    that is an identical processor(the pic I posted) to the one im using, i've got 10 or so ES chips I have pictures of, if you really want me to post them all give me some webspace desire, the northwood es chips probably look different.
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    ABIT Fatal1ty Motherboard Review at [H]

    You should check out some other reviews of the 875p-T, mine is prime stable @ 250fsb and other sites have had similar success. Perhaps [H] got a bad one, it happens.
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    Es chip or not?

    None of the prescott ES's, both 478 and 775's, that I have seen(close to 20) had speed ratings. Check the thread in the intel section.
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    ES chip or not?

    I see yours doesn't read funky voltages like mine does, mine is at 1.36 also
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    ES chip or not?

    Yes, cpu-z says "Genuine Intel(R) CPU 3.80GHz (ES)" multiplier reads "x 17.0 (14-19)" the step code on the 3.6 ES's are Q76YES or all the ones I have
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    Pentium M Dothans on a 478 MicroATX board?

    The DFI 855GME is mPGA479M. I could see how an mpga478m proccessor would be compatible with that. I am going to get this board asap.
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    Es chip or not?

    You should take it up with whomever you got that chip from. They clearly etched in the bottom half by themselves. On real ES chips it is all laser etched.