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    Why Are We Drawn to Looking at Other People's Screens

    Breaking : Peoples eyes are attracted to flashing and movement! more news at 11
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Looks like a awesome opportunity to pop my cooler-tube bending cherry!
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    Android App Locks Your Phone If You Use It Too Much

    It seems stupid at first glance but some people need a crutch, to sit an bitch about someone creating a crutch when there's demand.. just as silly. I have no problem engaging people using a phone, maybe the topic is boring? I don't care if people look at shit when the topic isn't interesting...
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    Wired Hates Far Cry 5 - No One Cares

    I thought it odd they wanted to sneak up on sleeping children and families at night. Not considering that having such aspects in the game would cause a media riot. Maybe it's a bucket-list thing?
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    iPhone X Face ID Again Unlocked with Mask, Even with “Require Attention” Turned On

    Wouldn't police or a robber just point the phone at your face after they carefully clubbed the back of your skull? Never the front, duh.
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    Rule Number One - We Don't Talk About Killer Robots

    I'm pretty sure the HK-Tanks had feature this already. Wellmaybekidofinreverse.
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    Number of Social Media Users Passes 3 Billion

    I couldn't find a stat for percentage of new SJW identified this quarter? Nothing about overall PC levels either... They did a terrible job.
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    Microsoft Forces OneDrive Users to Start Using NTFS

    It's all related to permissions/security model, onedrive is meant to be secure. fat is not. You should be using ntfs already. OSX has security built into the fs. ExFat is good for cameras and CE devices.. no implied security when you can pop out the drive and shove it in your TV or printer kiosk...
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    HTC Hints at Less Expensive VR Headsets

    400-500ish for something that doesn't make me want to hurl
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    perhaps I should have added a sarcastic smiley
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    So almost 20 years ago I was deemed a systems engineer by my employer in a tech industry, I had a measly aas degree. I've done lots of little bullshit vendor certs and have been called network engineer, sr network engineer even now network architect. I'm not worried about you putting me on a...
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    Logitech Flow Lets You Control Three Computers with One Mouse

    Another vote for synergy, osx, windows and *nix for long enough I can't remember exactly when I switched to it. I do remember having to maintain my own ssh tunnel scheme to keep everything encrypted for at least a decade.
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    Stanford Economist: All Fossil-Fuel Vehicles Will Vanish in 8 Years

    Actually, I'd take an electric driveline for one of my wranglers. It's gotta be able to take harsh conditions and have the ability to swap out batteries on the trail. Ideally lighter than a diesel swap. I'd need consistent torque over a long period of time... But this guy's 8 year theory is a...
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    Vivendi Moves Closer to Hostile Takeover Bid of Ubisoft

    I really enjoyed Farcry Primal, but the thing that got my attention was mention of Guillemot. Anyone else own a 3D Prophet 4500?
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    Gaming Hardware Needs to Grow Up

    Still using a ms ergo 4000 v1 keyboard and a 6000 wireless laser mouse from 2005ish at work. They are still comfortable. Two x-mas back I received a steelseries apex 350 and sensei wireless for home. I actually really like the lighty-crap on them, I have them set to change color schemes when I...
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    Uber Announces Beacon

    now I want bacon also.. and you actually said bacon so it's no misunderstanding.. BACON!!
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    Stupid Tech Invention of the Day

    Personal signal blockers, stupid tabletop blackboxes.. terrible ideas for terrible people. :rolleyes:
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    Woman Burned By Exploding iPhone 7?

    shortness of breath..
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    Apps To Blame For Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years

    Per those stats, 20-29 year-olds should be takiing public transport :P
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    New MacBook Pro Touchbar Justified

    touchbar app ideas: instant e-peen display selectable target countdown timer (feed cat, scratch balls/crotch, buy milk/beer) work injury counter
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    An AI Was Taught to Hunt and Kill Humans In Video Games

    mostly circling lefts and occasional awkward rights.. they should expose the rewards system and acks during play. or if they did I TL:DR.
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    Dude Turns iPhone 7 Into An iPhone 5

    I agree it looks rough.. spend some time making a cool mad max case for it instead and leave it warranty intact.
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    AT&T CEO: Congress, Not Companies, Should Decide Encryption Policy

    Corporations have reporting structures.. they can't stop filing taxes or responding to subpoenas: "because encryption" That's just silly. Whistleblowers will have an easier job capturing data and hiding it in this case. Stop using tech as a foil for things that are social engineering problems...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Augmented Reality 3D Engine Maintenance App

    it's an interactive version of the stickers already under most cars hoods. Fluid fill locations, serpentine belt routing. Common sense things like avoiding burning yourself, checking the overflow not the radiator can be stated plainly. Proper fuse locations and how to test them. I guess I like...
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    Creator of the GIF Sets Record Straight

    Asshole seconded
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    Anonymous' Strike Against US Government Is A Dud

    There was a decent sized centurylink outage yesterday morning, maintenance gone wrong. A small verizon outage also. Neither attributable to anonymous in reality but there was lots of speculation and hand wringing. Lots of banks calling ISP's worried. Hopefully anonymous will realize that taking...
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    Global Internet Slows After 'Biggest Attack in History'

    I agree and so can your "user handle" :)
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    Global Internet Slows After 'Biggest Attack in History'

    Spamhaus needs a solid infrastructure because they piss a lot of people off... they've hardened over years and years of retaliation. Honestly if you ever get listed they are incredibly aggravating to get off.
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    It Doesn't Matter How Long Games Are

    I didn't read the whole thread.. just wanted to say "it's not the length of the game, it's the motion of the ocean" ..and done.
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    Blackberry’s CEO Says the iPhone Is Old Hat

    that last iphone/exchange bug pushed me far enough to sell it off and switch to a note 2. I really like the additional features of the platform even if they all cost battery-life. I bought a pair of replacement batteries and if I do ever run it dry I can just swap batteries on the go. I honestly...
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    Android App That Infects Your PC

    so Google Play validation "just works"..
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    Video Games Are 'Electronic Child Molesters'

    never listen to the douche that killed the corvair!
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    Violent Video Games Removed From Rest Areas

    I always liked Brave Fire Fighters better than Timecrisis.. and using hoses on things is more rest stop appropriate.
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    Violent Video Games Removed From Rest Areas

    I think he meant women getting the vote.
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    Violent Video Games Removed From Rest Areas

    I want to puke this person in he face too! ;)
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    Windows 8 Desktop Share Approaches 2%

    well I built two gaming computers this christmas for my kids, they are both win8 64bit. the 16 year old figured out everything herself after handoff. the 13 year old had some issue with gfwl communicating with gta iv/dead rising2 for saves but got it figured out with some whining and googling...
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    Italian Tax Police Visit Facebook's Milan Offices

    wouldn't all their documents be "in the cloud" :P
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    iPad Mini Line Standers Should Be Punched In The Throat

    everyone, everywhere should be punched in the throat.. especially jimmy kimmel