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    FS: CPUs, motherboards, RAM, graphics cards, HDD, etc

    I still have a Corsair HX850 I'd had around for at least a year ~ maybe 2 but I've never tested it (just opened and looked at the parts -_-). I could use another 22" monitor, I need a graphic card (brother burnt through 3 already) and another hard drive would be nice (highest is 1TB). I doubt...
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    New power supply

    crap I've had one before this deal but I don't need it anymore lol
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    HIS ATI 5970 Issue

    It might be heat related, try speedfan or some temp program online
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    FS: PS3 Games & Guitar

    bump, wished I saw this thread earlier, just got MGS4 online for more...sigh :/
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    How to get a good deal on an airline ticket?

    I tend to save more if I book the flight in advance. The more days before the more I save. I also don't travel as often so tread carefully :)
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    12 days of free food at Whataburger

    thanks its right down the street from here :D
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    New Swiftech Apogee XT - Claims to Best Heatkiller 3.0

    I hope Swiftech can put the XT into one of their kits soon :)
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    FS: BNIB Q9550 (E0) $215, BNIB i7 920 $260 (D0) (Retail box w/ HSF)

    bump, grats to anyone who goes for this, too broke to start up another build -_-
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    Galaxy - 8 Weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 3

    man i hope i made it
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    Free Sample of Bear Naked Cereal or Grain-ola Bar

    cheers, got the cranberry raisin cereal sample. wonder if its available at wal-mart
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    [H]OT? Cooler Master HAF 932 $119

    I'd grab the ATCS 840 Black if I had the money right now :/
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    Free OTC Logo Knife

    cool thanks
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    canon digital camera sd750

    quick bump for a camera i'd like to get if I have extra money
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    Warm? Asus Xonar DX 78.94-25 MIR = 53.94 w/ free shipping

    bump for a great sound card
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    Free Water Test Strip from Morton Salt

    awesome, thanks
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    PS3's for sale (Plays PS3, PS2 and PS1 games)

    bump for great console, don't have one myself but would've liked one in a better economy.
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    Free car posters

    cool thanks
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    Free beta key for Battlefield Heroes Beta on PC

    thanks, should have the key by the end of the week
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    Free Subscription to Wood Magazine (4 Issues)

    sweet, its been awhile since I did some Carpentry.
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    Free Sample of Tide Total Care

    many thanks, going home soon and we got a washer/dryer I haven't used in almost a year.
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    Video cards forsale: BFG 8800GT & BFG 8800 640mb

    quick bump. Might snatch the 8800 gt for a simple rig for my cousin.
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    Asus eee-PC 1000HE Black + 2GB mem upgrade = 359.98 shipped

    Would've been great if I had this earlier...yeah its sitting next to me now. Still worth it
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    FS: Original 60gb PS3, IBM T60 1.83ghz

    interest even if the fan isnt fixed, i might just mod a new fan in.
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    What's your current mp3 player?

    Cowon S9, headphone port thingy is in the middle (random), I can't think of anything else right now.
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    WTB - D-Link DIR-655 Wireless router and a few other things

    check eBay for the router, should be roughly $95 ish.
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    SENNHEISER HD 280PRO $74 shipped at newegg

    pretty much everywhere they're roughly $95ish at most places.
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    Retail E5200 CPU for $65 (free shipping)

    hmm still a good deal, im get it later on for my cousins budget gaming system. thanks
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    Newegg open box Asus P5Q Pro $69.99

    i just want a stable board and the i/o shield for it lol
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    Wired Magazine: 12 issues (1yr) $3.50

    currently at work, coupon is still good though, will get later today. thanks
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    razor gaming headset - gimme your opinions

    Get the zalman mic if your able to find a set of cans with thick enough wires. I grabbed a CA from Newegg and it works great even though it likes to pickup just about everything within 5 or so feet.
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    Cleaning out the closet to pay my speeding ticket

    is that the fat or slim psp?
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    Xigmatek ACK-I7751 Bracket back in stock @Newegg

    thanks for the heads up
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    Xigmatek S1283

    newegg should have it, i buy it everytime i get the cooler.
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    T-Shirt Hell 15% off (Out of Business Sale)

    thanks, i need a new pair of t-shirts
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    Free Yo-Yo Ma MP3

    Amazing Cellist(?), thanks a lot
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    Free Black Cloud Ammo Decal

    sweet, little bro would like the decal. thanks
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    Nomad's FS/FT - ipod touch, laptop memory, 8800 GTS

    bump, looking for pics of the PSP, old friend took my bro's psp and i'm looking to get him a replacement.