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    Gaming Laptop $760 (FS)

    It looks like this deal is over. It's listed at $869.99.
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    Scanners, what is good?

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    Windows 98 bootup error problem

    I am trying to install Windows 98 onto a Toshiba Satellite 2805 S201 that was originaly shipped with Windows ME, so the driver disk that was shipped does not have full support for win 98. During the initial startup of the computer, there is an error message along the lines of "windows can not...
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    S-ATA HDD will not show in bios

    My friend is trying to get his S-ATA drive to be reconized by the A7N8X-E Deluxe's bios. I have recomened to him to update the bios, but I am not sure if that all that needs to be done, I myself have no experiance with S-ATA drives, so I ask you all. This SATA drive is the only drive in his set...
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    5 Free Gaming Mags

    should I even trust this? They dont even have a real legal policy, and their main domain is BS...
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    Doom3: Music done by Tool or NIN ?

    No, Maynard would not have had time to have made any music for Doom 3 from what I understand. He was touring with A Perfect Circle for almost the entire time he could have worked on it. And he is no god that could work on preforming live, working with the rest of Tool on their new album, and...
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    SM3 and FarCry

    Look, everyone seems to have their panties in a bunch over Farcry and patch 1.2 and its SM3 shaders. Ya the Nvidia card runs better on farcry 1.2, but then again (can you really tell the differnce of a few FPS?), dont I see a sponsored by nvidia logo around this game? So what do you expect...
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    Nintendo DS and

    Intelegent argument... As for the release date, dont even trust it, as the date did not come from Nintendo, so its not official. Dosnt ebgames still say that the date for TF2 is 2/1999?
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    Brothers in Arm=wow

    Road, grass and tanks in the first two screens. I just want a game to use some high-res textures for once. To me this game looks only a little better then Battlefield 1942, well ok, its a lot better, better enviroments. But it still is lacking in that shit my pants awsomeness that I have been...
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    If you HAD a choice..........

    I would have said Maxis back when I was 10. But now they are bye bye, thanks to EA. So... Nintendo? Sure why not. They still have a few good games, even if they lack originality... using the same 20 year old characters, and even games, to sell stuff... It gets annoying. but it would be an easy...
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    Brothers in Arm=wow

    The textures need work, but this game has potential. I can not wait for more!
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    HL2 collectors edition

    Damn that case is sexy... but $80 is too much for that sexy metal HL2 case... I just want the game in a normal box at this point.
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    Command and Conquer III Thread

    It is only concept art. And seeing EA killed WestWood. And C&C genersals was horrible. I aboslutly do not want EA to make a 3rd C&C game. And this is from someone who loved the first two C&C games and RA2.
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    Purchasing SLI?

    Its way too expensive for me. But then again I am a broke student. Yes it sounds interesting and all, but Im not big of a fan of Nvidia. But hey, if the make a quality product with quality drivers, oh well!
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    OSX on an old iMac?

    Alright, thanks. I shall try installing it soon enough, and hope for the best.
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    OSX on an old iMac?

    Alright, so my girlfriend has an older iMac, the CRT versions, she says its about two years old. That is all I know about it. It has OS9 already installed, but she has recently gotten cable interent and she wants to do more on her computer, she wants to use current software. And as you may know...
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    Help looking for an MP3 player

    Well I guess people just dont know how to care for a player. I havent had any problems with mine. Nore have a lot of people. I assume there is just a very strong and vocal group around the Karma. To fix it, just get an exrta warentee for that peace of mind.
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    DIY Film Developing?

    I as well would recomend B and W Photo for the chemicals, and by all means only stick to black and white for your own stuff. Color is no fun, from first hand experiance. Black and white film developing is boring as hell, so unless you shoot a lot and can save a lot of money by doing it...
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    Help looking for an MP3 player

    Personaly, I would recomend the Rio Karma. It has by far the best user interface of all players, and very well organized. Sure you can not have folders and the like, but it will organize all the music by ID3 tags (you should have the tags already, if you rip it right, so dont bitch about it!)...
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    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and The Legend of Zelda

    I am just sad they called it "metroid prime 2", I really wished they could have came up with a differnt name, ya know? But all in all, I can not wait for these named games. The next zelda game, oh shit!
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    New Monolith In Game Video - F.E.A.R.

    I agree in full. I can not wait for this game. Do they even have any idea when this game is going to come out?
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    I'm Beginning To Feel A Little Let Down By My 2500+ Which BARELY Overclocks

    Dont complain, at least yours goes past 2ghz. I have a hell of a time even getting mine past 1.8ghz on a 200fsb. anything faster and the temps go through the roof. I am also not even using stock cooling. Well, time to invest in a mobile wile I still can...
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    current 2500+ sucks at OCing, should I go for the mobile?

    ya I would, but it is almost 10 months old now from newegg... never really could do a thing, 7 day OEM warrenty. well then what mobile do you recomend? the 2500 or the 2200?
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    current 2500+ sucks at OCing, should I go for the mobile?

    Alright, so my current 2500+ will only be stable at 9x200, and all in all that is underclocking the core, so I am not happy one bit. If I even push the FSB to 205, or put the multi at 9.5x, my temps sore into the 50~53C idle, 58~60C load. Wile they are 43~45C idle now and around 50~54C load. It...
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    What Music Encoder Do You Use?

    if you want a back-up of the audio on your computer, use FLAC, its lossless, and still has good compression, compared to WAV files. But if you dont have a portable MP3 player, (or one that supports OGG), by all means, encode in ogg format. I still prefer to over LAME, and I do think it gives...
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    Game Cube Question

    Ya FF:CC is worth it if you like that kind of game. But personaly I got bored with the game way to quickly. Instead pick up Metroid Prime, Mario Kart DD, SSBM, Mario Sunshine, F-Zero GX, along with whatever other kinds of games you fancy.
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    Tribes Vengeance Beta Signup Now Up!

    submission works now.
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    MP3 Players (Dell vs Ipod vs ???)

    Personaly. I have the Rio Karma, and love it to death. Yes, its 20gb, but its cheap. I think Rio has great tech support, and has constantly put out newer and better firmwares for it, adding many features, and fixing all the problems with it. Yes people have claimed it has a high HDD failure...
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    Tribes Vengeance Beta Signup Now Up!

    damn, I had to email him the info. I do hope it works tho. I would love to play this game.
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    US only, free John Kerry bumper sticker

    Wow, that made me laugh, it talking bad about their "smear books" when it was itself a smear film.... but come on, lets get off our soap boxes and just get on with our tech loving lives. do with the sticker as you please, just keep it to yourself.
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    My FX53 is about to get faster :)

    Oh my god, I hate you! Well my friend has about $3000 he is willing to spend on a new computer. I want to get him only the best stuff. So if anyone could help me price out an FX system with a X800 Pro, I would love you. I just dont know what is good anymore in the land of the 64 bits. As you...
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    Scanners, what is good?

    So, should I just get some cheap 1200x1200dpi scanner? That seems a little more reasonable in the cost. But anyone recomendations on the type of image sensor is the best?
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    Scanners, what is good?

    OK, so I am a black and white photgrapher, and I need something to scan the prints I make, or whatever else I might want to scan. I have looked at the Epson 3170, it seems good. But I dont know if I need everything it has to offer, like do I really need 3200dpi ect. So, what are some scanner...
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    Neat fractals, including one at 4096x3269

    those are rather interesting. I always liked fractals for some reason, even if I have NO idea what kind of math is used for them. And I dont think I would understand too well if someone tryed to tell me, me and my limited advanced algabra knowlage.
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    Release Date Lottery (HL2)

    hmm... ya know. I do not think it will be released the 31st. Not going to happen. Nore do I think before E3. Oh well, whenever it is released, se shall be pleasantly supprysed
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    how to make a .iso from a CD-ROM

    I would like to know the same. How can I get an .iso image using nero. I have read it can be done, but I have no idea how to.
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    best aim version?

    I am using the same, and I love it. just go to to get them.
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    very cute cats
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    Biggest Videocard jump u ever made

    A Geforce 2 mx200 32mb card to a Radeon 9700 Pro. And that was the best move I ever made; I could FINALLY game. The previous card I had to work from was an ATi rage mobility 8mb card on a laptop (I think it was based on the mach 64), that I got in '99
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    Battlefield Vietnam GONE GOLD

    I can not wait, but I need a demo first, so see if the game is what I hope it to be. And I sure hope they fixed the client/server netcode, if so, I might just have to buy it.