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  1. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, that is pretty broken at this point LOL. And as someone pointed out, it applies to all skills too, so that can be pretty amazing on most classes. Just tried out the new channeling weapon and source on my wiz along with mismatched gems, rings and a WD hellfire ammy. Went from barely able...
  2. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Yeah they were pretty laggy earlier for me too, came back from work and I'm getting better ping now than I do on live servers. Seems like they did something to fix it? Has anyone seen PTR leaderboards? Sader and WD hitting 90+ GR while other classes are doing mid 80s.
  3. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I gave it a try too, but mostly for the DPS calculations when swapping gear.
  4. timmylol

    Razer Naga $24.99 @

    Thanks for the heads up. Just shipped one to store.
  5. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I have never gotten a rainbow goblin or the rainbow portal.
  6. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I would assume that they take 400% per stream since they're 2 separate hydras.
  7. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    This would be a nice feature to have and its fun competition. ;)
  8. timmylol

    Anyone upgrading 290x to GTX 980?

    I currently have a 7970 and will definitely make the move when money allows. Need something that is more power efficient.
  9. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I've gotten really bad luck today with the new prices while others I know are actually getting something. This also makes it harder for people without prior characters to actually "farm" shards to get gear and also tough for people who aren't able to run higher Torment levels.
  10. timmylol

    FS: EVGA GTX570

    PMs replied, sale pending. EDIT: Card has been sold
  11. timmylol

    FS: EVGA GTX570

    Up for sale is an EVGA GTX 570. This is the -AR version so it has the lifetime warranty. Card is guaranteed to be working and was pulled from a working rig. It is a bit dusty so it'll need to be cleaned. Comes with everything shown in the picture. Heat...
  12. timmylol

    FS: 3008WFP

    PM Sent.
  13. timmylol

    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Running on specs in sig. Had to downclock my CPU down to 4.2 though, think I might need to bump up voltage a bit more for 4.5 to be stable (again). EDIT: Ran again with a slight bump on the 7970 overclocked @ 1100/1500
  14. timmylol

    Unopened NIB Intel i3 530 CPU and NIB Biostar TH55B HD Mobo

    Wow, if only I had the funds to pick it up right now, would make a great HTPC. Free bump for you, glws.
  15. timmylol

    Non Contract S4?

    Get the GPE, everything's unlocked so you have the freedom to go on any carrier. I got the AT&T one and while it's smooth (IMO), I've noticed my friend's GPE GS4 being much smoother. Wish I read about the update before I updated since they patched it and I can't replace the rom for now.
  16. timmylol

    Looking to replace my Steelseries Mouse Pad

    I alternate between the Icemat V2 and the Corsair MM600 depending how which house I'm at and after a few hours of gaming, I've never seen any movement. Though these 2 pads are more of the hard surface rather than the cloth you were looking for.
  17. timmylol

    Zotac or EVGA?

    I would go with the Zotac, use the $80 you save on an upgrade or so.
  18. timmylol

    How Do You Benchmark?

    I usually just go straight into the game with fraps running and let it log. Or if it plays fine enough for me, I know it's fine.
  19. timmylol

    So everything is o.c.'ed in BIOS...but not in Windows 7

    You gotta switch your power plan in Windows to "high performance" for it to show the OC.
  20. timmylol

    Which setup would you prefer?

    Steambox cause of the usage I can get out of it and cause of the massive amount of games I have on it as well.
  21. timmylol

    A subjective look at my new RV03

    Black Caviar drives tend to run hotter than the "green" drives, so that drive definitely has to go up front.
  22. timmylol

    Good site for comparing video card specs.

    Friend is in the market for a new card so I guess I could forward these sites to him so he can take a look. Thanks in advance.
  23. timmylol

    Time for a replacement?

    Try running everything outside of the case and see what happens.
  24. timmylol

    H50, 3770k and temps?

    Yeah, that's normal. Though with your temps like that at load, I think it's possible I have a bad seat on my end.
  25. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I'm a CM Wiz easiest class to play (for me at least). If SB grabs someone, we usually just keep that person up there so it can't do anything else. I wouldn't touch Ubers on HC. :D Yeah, my friend's barb scored MP10 on that site. His barb is pretty nicely geared too.
  26. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    The only uber I actually don't really like doing is SK and Maghda. Others are fairly easy/quick at MP10. I wouldn't even wanna attempt ubers on HC haha.
  27. timmylol

    Quick curiosity question: i7-3770 idle temp

    That looks a bit too high for comfort, even on air. Especially for that amount of load that you're putting on it. I usually try to stay under 75 on a full load.
  28. timmylol

    Changing GTX 470

    With that budget, a GTX 760 would be your best choice. Maybe if you strike a deal, a used GTX 770.
  29. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, don't think I can ever be "crazy geared" it's already hard enough trying to find an upgrade without spending a fortune or the RMAH. And agree with you guys about the EHP/DPS thing and most likely the gear rating has a factor in it as well.
  30. timmylol

    Asus 7950 DC II (Literally) Caught Fire

    Reading all of this makes me wish that my motherboard will die when it's out of warranty so I won't have to deal with Asus CS.
  31. timmylol

    Great job EVGA and GTX 780 - coming from 7970s.

    Love those new ACX coolers from EVGA, if I had the money, I'd switch to a 780 just so I don't have to run my fan >50% all the time when gaming. I've been maxing out most games with my 7970, all except from what I've noticed, FF14: ARR with extreme settings.
  32. timmylol

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Nice find! They put my CM Wiz at MP8 when I could do MP10 just fine. Score 11k even with 242k DPS and 263k EHP. Think I'll get a better score if I have my Tri-Pox and my other Tri-Rare ring with main stat. Highest score goes to my source at 1438 (higher than I thought) and lowest score...
  33. timmylol

    Crashing in games with a 780 gtx ACX evga version

    Glad you got it figured out and solved. I remember picking up a 6970 release day and had it artifact in Minecraft.
  34. timmylol

    How big is your drive, actually?

    All mine are close enough after formatting that I don't really mind.
  35. timmylol

    Recommended Video Card ~$200

    We're all bad influences are here. :D Good luck with the new house.
  36. timmylol

    Good cheap thermal paste

    I have a large tube of MX-2 that I've owned for a while now. Works pretty well and temps are good too.
  37. timmylol

    How did I kill my MB? You pick! A or B or all of the above.

    I've pulled plenty of CPUs out of their sockets while removing the heatsink, never killed one. I'd say it's probably the PSU not being able to hold a load.
  38. timmylol

    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    I like! I think it's plenty nice.
  39. timmylol

    New linpack from intel

    Thanks for the info, didn't know that.
  40. timmylol

    Use your onboard GPU to stream games and render video.

    I'll give this a try instead so my 7970 can actually downclock to idle clocks and not heat up my room as much. :D