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    How The Chinese Manipulate App Store Rankings

    When I saw the pic, the first thing I thought of, if some of those are androids...they should have virtualized.
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    Time Warner Cable Sneaks In Higher Fees To Customers

    Very glad I got away from TWC. Google Fiber FTW. had a good laugh when they emailed me a promo "It's a great time to come back to TWC"
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    Google Fiber Build Complaints Mount

    Another KC guy here with GF. First crew came by and strung fiber along the utility poles along the back property line. Fiber was then strung through the air (just like power/phone/coax). The only problem we had was with Crew 2 who had to drill through my concrete house. They worked with...
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    Time Warner Cable Customers Are Fleeing

    Here in Kansas CIty, TWC has taken a big hit. After getting Google Fiber, we turned our equipment at one of their two physical stores in the area. They had 5 reps taking returns and they had quite a line. Took us 20 min just to get to one of them and we were done in a couple minutes.
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    Win Server 2012 and PCIe raid controllers

    Wow, that is amazing that you tested that far. It is an older bios based board, I may have to try to play around. Because I'm conscientious about a group that has severely limited funds. I'm donating my time, and moving to another port that works just fine seemed like the right answer. 1...
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    Win Server 2012 and PCIe raid controllers

    that is a good idea, I'll look into that.
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    Win Server 2012 and PCIe raid controllers

    the motherboard's onboard raid has had one failed port already and so I just don't trust it. Also, the motherboard is a socket 940...790 chipset I believe. I don't know if there are raid drivers & management software for Win2012. Window's native software raid does not raid the boot...
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    Win Server 2012 and PCIe raid controllers

    I'm admin for a very small non-profit. I built them a server years ago, but as I'm upgrading to Server 2012 Essentials, I'm also going to move the drives to a PCIe Raid card. Looking through Newegg offerings, for the lower end cards (SATA II, 2 internal ports)...the highest OS level advertised...
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    This Life-Size Lego Car

    I was thinking the same thing
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    The Reason Facebook Forced Video Ads On You

    I don't really see a lot of ads on facebook. however, when I do, I always mark them as sexually explicit. Did you know I find M&M's sexually explicit? :D
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    Google: Gmail Users Have No Legitimate Expectation Of Privacy

    I've been running my own server for a few years now (still have a gmail account for stuff that I want to be sure doesn't get filtered) using HMail. If you run it off of your residential connection, your ISP likely blocks outgoing mail, so you'll have to config it...
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    Time Warner Cable Jacking Up Modem Fees Again

    Google Fiber starts in my area this fall....c'mon Google!
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    Raid 1 noob, need some help - SB600 controller

    I got two new drives and put them in yesterday. I must have had a setting on in the utility to automatically start rebuilding, as I booted up with one of the new drives in, it was already rebuilding with only an 80GB partition. Rebuild on that took 5hrs. I staged the 2nd drive and had the...
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    Raid 1 noob, need some help - SB600 controller

    I think I'll go for the mirror idea. I'm not too concerned about partition size. the drives are now 80GB and we aren't even using 30GB yet. I normally have folders in root that have junk, installs, and folder copies...maybe that's a good use for the extra storage. Does rebuilding of the...
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    Raid 1 noob, need some help - SB600 controller

    Long story short, I built a "server" for a non-profit years ago using a Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H. I wanted just a tad more redundancy than normal builds, so I spent a bit more and setup a Raid 1 with the onboard SB600 controller with two Seagate ST380815AS drives. One of the drives died and now...
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    Do LinkedIn Endorsements Violate Legal Ethics?

    How is that an issue? I might be wrong, but I think you can remove endorsements, or at least not publish them. If that is the case, then it is up to each lawyer to be ethical. :D LinkedIn only supplies the means for the endorsement, valid or not.
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    server room of doom

    Normal relative humidity levels are generally 40-50%. Get your levels up now. 21C/70F is also very low. Majority of equipment have upper limits of 95F. The higher your temperature, the more energy savings you will experience. 25U racks are tiny, all your servers are at the floor where cool...
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    Google Fiber’s Next Stop: Austin, Texas

    Silly Citizen...that's why you have the free market! If there were demand, it would be built by now.
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    A Firewall for Your Car’s Black Box

    Thank you for that! I heard a story on NPR about these boxes a month or so ago. They supposedly record data at the last few moments leading up to an accident, or some other type of failure. That data can then go back to the R&D to see how well the safety features worked that they implemented...
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    500K Google Reader Users Convert to Feedly

    reminds me of the South Park episode with Kip.
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    You guys will laugh-need upgrade advice

    I built my machine back in '05. It was a nice system back then and I built it so I could upgrade it later in pieces. Shortly after I got my job, I had no time for all I ever upgraded was the processor (3200+ single core to 3800+ dual core) and memory from 2GB to 3GB. Recently I...
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    What Do You Do With the World’s Fastest Internet?

    Google fiber is for residential locations. Commercial data center power in this area ranges from $.05 to $6.5 per kwh. I pay about $.20 on my residential bill. I don't think anyone with that idea will get too big. There is also wording in their TOS about not reselling the service and no...
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    What Do You Do With the World’s Fastest Internet?

    I get Google Fiber this fall. While the bandwidth will be great, I'm really looking forward to the TV package offering. FU Time Warner....a big F U. Another great benefit I'm looking forward to are the N access point/TV box. I don't think I'll have wireless reception issues again either.
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    Joomla extension suggestion for non-profit membership

    Guys & Gal, I need a bit of help trying to find a Joomla extension that will help me keep track of membership dues for a non-profit. Site is I'll be using paypal as my gateway. That is already setup. I've looked at several, but it seems that most are...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    That is a big part of it too. I watch our local Fox news station every morning...never seen an ad or even heard it discussed. I watch Fox News, CNN, Comedy Central, and a number of the science channels...nothing there. I don't see anything in my web experience. Most of it is word of mouth...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    Here is the only time that you pay $300. - If you want the basic internet and want to get the fee over with, then you pay. Else you pay $25 for 12 months. - If you get just internet and decide to cancel before your 1 year contract. - if you get internet & tv and decide to cancel before your...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    One thing NumbNutz forgot to mention was that each cable box also doubles as an access point. I'm running 10 year old WRT54g routers...Google Fiber is going to rock. TWC can suck it. Their network is actually pretty good, but their TV sucks a big one. I've lived quite a number of...
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    Windows 8 Will Be Available Oct. 26th

    Oh I remember all of that. I'll be picking up a copy for my wife's laptop for $15 since we just had to get a new one. I'm also going to grab two copies for dad's Vista and mom's XP install. I'm willing to bet that this offer has more to do with the giant number of XP and Vista users...
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    The Microsoft Mustang Concept Car

    the word FUGLY comes to mind. You don't do that to an old car. Makes me want to go buy a [insert droid tablet here].
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    GeForce 296.10 WHQL Driver

    all GeForce cards?? even my MX440? Hotel Sierra!
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    7 HDD's for sale

    PM Sent
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    Blizzard Cracking Down On "Inappropriate" Starcraft 2 Maps

    Heh, reminds me when I could edit the minimaps of BF2. I'd throw very nice images in the corners. They nixed that eventually as well.
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    Monitor the Internet

    are you sure the files are in the "default user" profile?
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    about 6 months ago, I finally upgraded my 3200+ to a X2 3800+ on my main rig. Win7 plugs along nicely. I think I'll be running this for a few more years.
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    8-bit Left 4 Dead

    but if you formatted that 1.44MB disk, it reduced down to 1.38MB...that'll make it 16 disks!
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    Man Turns Self In For Ripping Own DVDs

    Playing devil's advocate, one can have the right to do something, but to actually perform it, they may not be able. Let's say I sell steel blocks on a market. I sell them in pairs and do not want them to be separated. however, there is a user-base out there that wants to separate them and...
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    Firefox: Heat and the CPU Usage Problem

    I gotta agree. In other terms, it is capacity planning. Any production piece of equipment should be able to sit there at 100% utilization and disperse enough cooling to cool the equipment and remain cool enough for the user to operate comfortably. Firefox doesn't make the laptop hot...
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    How Does Your IT Salary Compare?

    hmmm, I don't see data center infrastructure in there...but I know I'm way underpaid. been to a interview for less work for double my pay.
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    Comparing Windows 7 to Server 2008 R2

    Not to stir the pot, but I'm about a week into using 2008 R2 as a desktop. If the limitations are known and are accepted, it beats paying for Windows 7 if you still have an educational email address. Biggest problem I'm having is Bluetooth seems to have been striped out. It seems there are...
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    removing first XP partition from XP/2008R2 dual boot

    I thought I needed to dual boot XP and 2008R2 since my scanner is no longer supported...but I'm not going to go out and buy one. It turns out, 2k8r2 sees the scanner and an XP virtual machine can use the scanner, so I don't really need the dual boot. I tried playing with 2k8r2's disk...