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    The dead horse, PHP or

    C strings are not "the very framework of data storage and efficient use of memory". You need to be aware that strings aren't always going to be single byte arrays, or fixed size characters, or you are putting yourself at risk of getting burned by encoding and internationalization errors. Unless...
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    The dead horse, PHP or

    the syntax of a language is hardly consequential. Just because a language doesn't use curly braces, doesn't automatically mean it will grow a persons mind. I could create a clone of FORTRAN that looks similar to C code, and having someone familiar with FORTRAN use that wouldn't teach them much...
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    Hoverbike Video: Real or Fake?

    Why is there no sound?
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    DEA’s Servers Low on Disk Space, Drops Charges to Make Room

    Too bad megaupload was offline, they could have just stored their info there.
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    How To Modify An Element in the Dictionary Class?

    why don't you just write a test program to find out for yourself? What happens if you do: FooDictionary[5] = new Bar(); when there is no element with index 5, and see what happens? Maybe it will throw an exception, maybe it won't. You can also read the documentation and example program...
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    CERN Scientists Hit 5.5 Trillion Degrees

    because under intense temperature and pressure, matter does really, really bizarre stuff. By seeing what happens in those situations, we can learn more about the universe.
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    NASA's "Green" Lander Crashes and Burns

    building airlines has a well defined scope and expectations, and the next model is an incremental improvement over the last. NASA isn't trying to be a commercial enterprise, it is trying to do science. Much of their stuff has never been done before, they can't just simply spec something out...
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    NASA's "Green" Lander Crashes and Burns

    NASA isn't in the business of providing jets for commercial airlines or fighters
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    What is a good free software and book to program games?

    programming software for computers is quite a bit more complicated than punching codes into a game genie. What exactly is this "list of codes" you are after.
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    Keyword Search

    didn't you know that setting up a complete VM for each and every application you'll ever run is the cool thing to do these days? :p
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    programming language for math

    very few things in life have global answers. Software engineering is no exception. If anything is a global answer, it is "it depends".
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    programming language for math

    you should give us more details about this. Library support is also important, and that will also influence what is most suitable. Even a "slow" language with an excellent library, can outperform a half-baked implementation of the library functions in a 'fast' language.
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    perl and parsing big files

    and since your mem mapped data structure prioritizes random access behind the scenes, your performance in doing a sequential read operation is going to be even harder to predict compared to the regular file i/o. This task doesn't require random access, you aren't going to get any benefit from...
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    Does it Still Make Sense to Buy a Desktop PC?

    Desktops won't go away or become niche. A Desktops 1000x bigger than a cell phone, with little power concerns, will always be way, way cheaper to build. There will always be people that want cheap computers, and for computers, more volume will always be cheaper.
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    Coding Management System

    you still need to install additional software to get your front end. Those 4 components alone aren't good for anything besides running other software.
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    Texting While Driving FAIL of the Week

    biking on the wrong side of the road is vastly more dangerous than the right side of the road. Good thing you don't set transporation policy, you'd get lots of people killed. In the US, you and that woman would go to prison.
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    Content management systems.. need advice

    Daily drivers..... need advice: Ford Fusion vs. Caterpillar D7 Thoughts?
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    how do you load a bitmapimage in wpf?

    are you trying to do this in code or in XAML?
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    Coding Management System

    "All in one front end" means different things to different people. Additionally there is pretty much nothing worthwhile that doesn't require additional software besides the LAMP stack. However, everything is just one apt-get away.
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    Assault Rifle Made With a 3-D Printer

    Any shape. You are obviously limited in materials with 3d printing, today.
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    screen simulator

    not really no. You'll have to change your monitors resolution, then adjust for screen size by changing your viewing distance.
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    Why don't computers work?

    Don't hate on the SNES. It's not as complicated by today's standards compared to what we have now, but it sure was when it was built. The reason for stability in stuff like the SNES isn't because they are simpler, but because the market demands stability in gaming consoles, it doesn't for PCs.
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    Why don't computers work?

    Because they are really fucking complicated, and market demands on PCs don't emphasize stability.
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    WikiLeaks Wins Case Against VISA Iceland

    at least in the US, the laws primary apply to people with security clearances. Those people are responsible for keeping classified material from regular people. Regular people, with no clearance, generally have no responsibility to maintain secrecy of classified stuff.
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    ‘Leap Second’ Bug Wreaks Havoc Across Web

    this has been known to sysadmins for quite some time now. With DST changes they had announced the updates months in advance, there's nothing they can do if sysadmins are ignorant or lazy.
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    Scientists Find Evidence of Machine Learning

    at least not right now.
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    What Woz Thinks About Kim DotCom

    Megaupload also provided copyright holders those tools for sending takedown requests, and complied with takedown requests, and has paperwork behind them all.
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    Kim Dotcom: Artists Rejoice, Megabox is Not Dead

    Allegedly this is the service that caused the whole raid to come down on him in the first place, if you buy into the conspiracy theories.
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    horizontal toggle panel

    I think what you mean to call it is an expander control Toggles are typically checkboxes or occasionally radio buttons.
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    Winamp Agent

    Preferences > General Preferences > File Types > Show Winamp in: Uncheck system tray.
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    Best Buy To Combat "Showrooming"

    is "us" supposed to be the people that buy TV's at best buy, or people that look at the TVs there then buy them online? Because I think it is reasonable for BB to want to give the latter a giant middle finger.
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    Court: Apple Must Pay Samsung Damages Over Patent

    These patents sure are great for society, aren't they?
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    Haven't Programmed in Ten Years--Need Help with Project

    This is one of those things where its best to just stick to paper.
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    Drupal vs Joomla vs Wordpress

    Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress are do the same things, the same way a Laser, a Hunter 38, and the Maltese Falcon all do the same thing.
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    Linus Torvalds Calls NVIDIA The Worst Company Ever

    I'm guessing he is alluding to the silly "free if your time is worthless" adage, as though windows servers somehow don't require administration details of their own.
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    Linus Torvalds Calls NVIDIA The Worst Company Ever

    You are totally confusing Torvalds with RMS.
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    Asset management software

    And how much are you willing to pay?
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    Which technology(s) / language(s) to write linux web application/service?

    For a home automation system, neither is going to peg your cpu at 100% as long as you aren't doing anything ridiculous and using bubble sorts or other hideous O(n^5) algorithms and whatnot. The efficiency you are more likely going to want, rather than optimizing for CPU time, is for...
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    Which technology(s) / language(s) to write linux web application/service?

    in terms of what language to use? Unlikely to be consequential.