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    AORUS FO48U 48" 4K OLED 3840x2160 120Hz, PC MONITOR $799.99

    DP and USB-C Ideal monitor would be a 38" 3840x1600 curved OLED. Since that doesn't exist other competition is 48" C1 $100 more, 42" C2, or 34" AW3423DW (curved!), both $500 more than this.
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    Hardware Unboxed puts an LG OLED TV through their monitor tests. RTINGS shows up in the comments.

    As I recall there were still RAMDAC related tradeoffs of resolution/color depth and refresh rate. CRT flicker was considerably worse than PWM flicker in terms of eye strain.
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    Thin/light laptop, XPS 13 competitors?

    Update: I picked up a huawei Matebook X 13"! At least temporarily... I love the physical attributes, 0.5" thick, 2.3lbs, 13" 2160x1440 (the BH page is just wrong on the 2560x1440 res) thin...
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    Atlantic Rim? I'm sure if they outfit it with wind and tidal-power generators it would practically pay for itself...
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    Thin/light laptop, XPS 13 competitors?

    Been a Surface user for a number of years now. When they first came out the form factor was amazing compared to clamshell laptops of the day. But I'm sick of the floppy Surface Pro keyboard losing connection and having to be fiddled with to reconnect, and being unable to sit it on my lap without...
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    Android Creator Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Looks Stunning and Will Cost $699

    Fast charge and a non-serviceable battery? So it'll be toast in 12 months. Not shelling out $700 for a disposable phone. Batteries are a wear item, I wouldn't buy a car with non-serviceable tires, and I won't buy a phone with a non-serviceable battery.
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    Musk Calls Himself an "Idiot" for Complicating Model X Configurations

    I think the overall vehicle shape is more like a Pontiac Aztek than a Juke. The Juke would have decent lines if they nixed the oddly protruding light fixtures. The X is an aztek without the pontiac plastic cladding and bigger wheels.
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    New Surface Pro from MS

    Still $1300 to get 8GB of RAM in 2017. Hard pass. Which is really unfortunate, as I'm a huge fan of the 3:2 aspect ratio screen. 16:9 gets way too short with a taskbar and menu bar. Any other tall aspect ratio ultraportables to check out? My SP3 is showing it's age.
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    Father, Son Caught By Surprise As Drone Shot Out Of Sky

    Several hundred feet (200'-300') up? You're not going to hear a phantom 3/4 to the point that it would be annoying. With a mild wind or typical wildlife, you're not going to hear it at all. Now, no one should fly 'near you in your yard', but even if they did why do you think shooting is an...
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    Canada Using Special Camera Scope To Bust Distracted Drivers

    I'm surprised the cop had jurisdiction, I would have thought a Tim Horton's drive thru was private property...
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    Drone Taken Down By Spear At Renaissance Festival

    If you don't like how someone drives, can you throw a spear at their car?
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    Neuroscientists Discover Why Internet Pirates Don’t Feel Guilty

    Copyright terms are unreasonably long.
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    Hidden Camera Stunt Highlights The Absurdness Of Geo-Blocking

    This is exactly what an importer does though, buys or produces a good in a place with lower costs of production then sells it in a place where they can realize a profit. I see absolutely no line of reasoning where being your own digital importer could be frowned upon in any moral sense. This...
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    White House Declines To Support Encryption Legislation

    More likely it'll be slipped into some totally unrelated bill as a rider. SOPA/CISPA/CISA anyone? Fought against it multiple times only to have it back-doored in a must-pass budget bill.
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    Tesla Unveils $35,000-Model 3 With 215 Mile Range

    When is [H] going to get around to OC'ing a Tesla?
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    Playing MGS V Would Be “60 Hours Of Humiliation” For Snake’s Voice Actor

    This is part of why Tron Uprising was so great. The stunning visuals were another part.
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    Company Tears Down Wrong Home, Blames Google Maps

    I'm guessing the tornado might've messed up the signs a little bit...
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    Steel Series Sensei Raw ($39) Free next day shipping (with Prime)

    My (1) Sensei has survived a lot longer than my (3) deathadders ever did. 3 years in the buttons all still work, very accurate, smooth but distinct mousewheel detents. Good deal on a great mouse.
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    DOJ Says It Found ‘Possible Method’ To Unlock iPhone

    Because Apple would lose any customer PR points if they were just like: Why do you need our help FBI? It's easy to crack our encryption scheme. The FBI pushed for Apple to do it because they wanted to set the precedent and nothing sets precedent easier than "Terrists!" and/or "Think of the...
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    GM Will Rent Cars To Lyft Drivers For $99/Week

    Interesting. I could see this being great during busy times. Rent the SUV for a week or two around holidays and vacation times, hit the 65 rides easily and the fees are waived entirely, for someone like a college student on break, that would be awesome.
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    FBI Quietly Changes Privacy Rules For Accessing NSA Data On Americans

    Since lcpiper isn't here to defend himself, let me give it a shot: This is like saying your phone company spies on you. The NSA doesn't spy on Americans, they just assembled the database. It's clearly the FBI that's spying on Americans. But don't worry, the entire government is staffed by good...
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    Rumor: HTC Making Nexus Phones For Next Three Years

    Maybe this is just an indication that Google intends to further expand the Nexus line. They did 2 phones from different manufacturers this past design cycle.
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    New Mouse Time....

    I've had good experiences with Steelseries mice, specifically a Sensei I've been using for over 2 years with no noticeable degradation. My last Razer lasted 8 months. I've never had a Razer work correctly for more than a year.
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    4tb 104 bucks

    For those that care: Seagate 5900rpm 64MB cache
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    Why Don't We Shoot Garbage Into The Sun?

    Most space elevator proposals I've seen involve extruding a cable from a suitable captured asteroid in geostationary orbit. The asteroid then provides the counterbalance as the cable is built and lowered.
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    Any Freebies for bags?

    Cabela's has lots of outdoor type bags.
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    Apple Launching Smaller iPad Pro, Not Air 3

    The Ipad Pro is like the Surface RT, an answer to a question no one was asking. Well, except "What's the next apple product I can throw my money at?", but I was thinking more in terms of practical uses.
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    I Got Hacked Mid-Air While Writing An Apple-FBI Story

    Didn't click, but I'm guessing it's by Brian Williams?
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    HTC Vive Will Cost $799, Ships Early April

    I don't know what you're driving, but all of my cars have been pretty modular and upgradeable. Those components Exavior listed do all come off, how much more modularity do you want?
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    HP Tries To Reinvent Computing With Elite x3 W10 Phone

    Loved my Atrix. Not so much for the lapdock as the micro-HDMI output that let me use it as a portable media player on most displays. And the microSD so I had space for said media. And the fingerprint scanner on the back, which was so much better than my current (well-loved) Note 4's home...
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    U.S. Ramps Up Fight With Apple

    So, win-win?
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    Google CEO Receives Stock Grant Worth $199M

    Tell me that after a year or two of no one cleaning the crapper. Bet they'll be wishing for someone with the vision to pay the janitor better. Stock holders won't care though...Just another unnecessary salary off the books!
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    Google CEO Receives Stock Grant Worth $199M

    Really? [No.] What's so hard about it? [Making choices without personal consequences.] Do they get paid little or nothing if they do a bad job? [No.] Are they unable to find another job after doing a bad job? [No.] Sounds pretty darn easy. Trickle-down would be funny if it weren't such an...
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    Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Have 5 Billion Users By 2030

    FB wants to act as national ID service (with appropriately strict identity verification procedures), online voting precinct, and all around big brother. You'll need a FB account to vote or travel and it will be illegal to use anything but your full real name if they get their way.
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    NASA Planning For A Disastrous Asteroid Strike

    Did you mean the Space Race? Because the agencies funded during the Cold War are apparently doing just dandy. The NRO recently donated multiple Hubble-class optical arrays to NASA. Presumably because they already have better...
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    Date Site Users Regularly Scammed

    I guess I'm not seeing how dating sites are any different from in-person dating. Heck, getting scammed online might be cheaper than taking a girl out to a nice restaurant.
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    Amazon Shipping Has Gotten Slower For Non-Prime Members

    You must enjoy it. Otherwise you'd price match to amazon (or Newegg or...)
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    Amazon Shipping Has Gotten Slower For Non-Prime Members

    Show shipping, tax, poor packaging when they finally do's cool Amason, bby, wally world, microcenter etc are happy to fulfill my orders and PM you. Plus they have b&m locations if I want things same day. I still look at Amason for reviews, but those are going downhill too.
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    Google’s Secretive 5G Internet Drone Tests Revealed

    Geostationary satellites have to orbit at ~22,000mi. Low Earth Orbit is only a few hundred miles though. If they're considering using this on drones, obviously fixed elevation/azimuth is not an issue, so long as they put up a sufficient number of sats to keep one within LOS at all times latency...
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    Volvo Promises 'Deathproof' Cars By 2020

    This is exactly what came to mind when I saw the thread title. Can't upvote or rep though, sry.