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    New drivers incoming for RX 6000 GPUs

    discovered that starting with this driver (and subsequent releases), it would push my PSU over the edge. I was teetering at the edge of what it could do prior, and apparently this driver changed the behavior of the card to tip it over, and thereby cause system instability. Upgraded PSU, and no...
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    Moore, not his law, is dead
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    GPT4 sucks. It wouldnt talk to me in the style of a prostitute because it is "controversial." wtf.
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    Sound Card, Adlib, 1990, PC, ISA

    a simpler time...
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    Uneven Circuit Aging Becoming A Bigger Problem

    Yup. Must reflow everything in the microwave. Very brittle bga solder joints.
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    So how do I put chatgpt4/pro in racist mode? A friend wants to know.
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    The BIG 1L PC Upgrade HP Elite Mini 600 G9 Project TinyMiniMicro

    I have one of these with a 10gen “T” chip and the proprietary Nvidia 1660 board in it. For its size, it’s a pretty good setup.
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    Dish hit with $469 million verdict over commercial-skipping technology

    Wish DISH and sister company Echostar a fast and painful death. Charlie Ergan can eat a ….
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    Meta “threatens” to pull news from Canadian users

    Everyone gets their news from TikTok today anyways. Duh.
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    MSI Also Working on Motherboard With Connectors on the Reverse Side

    Interesting idea. Obviously chassis will need to accommodate the new design. Should be a welcome change.
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    RoboCop: Rogue City

    is peter weller voicing?
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    UEFI Bootkit Successfully Hits Windows 11 BlackLotus

    so youre saying my computer already has AIDS?
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    Metroid Prime: Remastered (Switch - 2/8/23)

    Still waiting for my cart. Amazon now says march 12, from April 3. So much for preordering.
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    Dish Network goes offline

    Many moons ago,I worked for dish/echostar. It was a cluster and the worst working environment I have ever experienced. Charlie Ergen and friends can eat it. I hope they lose every subscriber they have.
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    Metroid Prime: Remastered (Switch - 2/8/23)

    cheaper for N to do digital distribution? higher margins? i have 3 switches in my house, and trading the cart is the best option. so I will wait.
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    Intel CEO Sees ‘Green Shoots’ Emerging

    maybe they can get AI to bring Battlemage to market with better drivers, and a price that isn't ludicrous.
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    NVIDIA to Put DGX Computers in the Cloud, Becomes AI-as-a-Service Provider

    not saying this is DOA, but megatrends indicate AI is moving back to the edge. network infrastructure, while far more robust than it has been, is becoming inadequate for the amount of data necessary to fully utilize some AI techniques. but im sure they will find a use case for hosting...
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    Metroid Prime: Remastered (Switch - 2/8/23)

    Amazon has my preorder pushed out to apri 3. wtf?!
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    Twitter shut off its internal Slack, and now ‘everyone is barely working’

    i still buy the theory that Musk and Bezos are Bond villains. He has much bigger plans for Twitter than most can even imagine: world domination!
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    WTB: i7-6700/7700k

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    New drivers incoming for RX 6000 GPUs

    23.2.1 was bad for me and my 7900xtx. Had to roll back. My PC is in 24/7. Would randomly find it off. Upon reboot, it would loop until I killed power (e.g. remove psu cable). Then it would boot, but not at the correct resolution. One more reboot and then I would be back up, at least until...
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    ASUS Z590M-Plus BIOS safe mode loop

    magically started working again. no freaking clue.
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    Doom The Way it Was Meant to Be Played - v1.1 Multi-monitor

    impressed with dude's patience. i built one retro PC and getting drivers was teh suck. good for him and i hope he gets a lot of views for it.
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    Intel Talks "Battlemage" Xe2-LPG and Xe2-HPG Graphics Architectures

    i think what is annoying about the whole AMD naming, is they just got stuck. First Polaris, then Vega, then Navi, then Navi2, then Navi3. there are a crapton of other stars to name this stuff with...