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    Anyone looking forward to the new Mac Pro?

    This clearly is a niche product. One niche I can see it for are DIT (digital imaging techs) on film sets. They are needed for mobile data transfer, encoding, and color correction for digital camera workflow. Compared to a standard tower case this is smaller and fits into much smaller road...
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    Anyone looking forward to the new Mac Pro?

    Why should people wait for actual results when they can speculate as to why its a bad idea? :rolleyes:
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    Thinking about buying myself a Mac with retina...

    False, the Macbook Pros have user upgradable hard drives and RAM. The Macbook Air and Macbook Pro with retina display have the RAM as part of the PCB because they are so thin. They also have SSDs that can be replaced:
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    New Toy :)

    Weird coincidence, today there were two threads on the Apple subreddit talking about owners coming into used G4 laptops. A common piece of advice in those threads is to install an SSD, performance and usability jumps exponentially.
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    Thoughts on 7xx series becoming outdated...

    The rate of improvements have significantly slowed in the last few years. Things like DX versions are spaced out more, hardware is viable for much longer (a gaming rig from late 2009 is perfectly fine these days), and so on. I wouldn't worry. Consoles have put a hard limit on graphics in AAA...
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    PSU for 2 x eVGA GTX Titan superclock signature

    Fantastic, thanks very much. According the review I just read the fan doesn't even kick on until it hits 70%, and its still under 20db at 90%:,7.html On top of that it is efficient even at low levels...
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    PSU for 2 x eVGA GTX Titan superclock signature

    I don't want to make what is certainly the 1000th post asking something similar so I might as well ask it here. :) I'm possibly getting a second GTX 680 when I do my Haswell upgrade next month. Does a Corsair AX760 sound good for a SLI GTX 680 setup? It seems like it should be but I figured I...
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    The SGS2, SGS3 and SGS4. Which one was the biggest upgrade?

    Funny thing is that quad cores won't really help with that, it'll be thanks to 4.2.2 and faster single thread performance. Even most desktop PC applications don't use quad cores, and mobile doesn't really benefit from things like multitasking given how it usually works (one full screen app...
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    IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III?

    Practically speaking you're still looking at smoother performance on the iOS side, things like scrolling webpages, UI, etc. Benchmarks on page loads and FPS kind of solidify that. On the one hand people are defending synthetic benchmarks that have little relfection on practical performance...
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    IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III?

    He linked GPU benchmarks comparing the GS3 to a much older iPhone (the iPhone 5 that came out only a few months later benches nearly twice as fast as the GS3) and synthetic benchmarks that don't line up with practical browser or UI performance. How is that useful?
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    IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III?

    I look at an iPhone and a GS3 side by side and the differences are night and day. Color, rendering of fine detail, contrast, the GS3 just doesn't do very well in comparison. Then again, I'm a display freak and I work in the film industry. All of my monitors including my Elite Kuro are...
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    IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III?

    Synthetic benchmarks like Geekbench don't take things into account like efficiency, optimization of the OS, GPU, etc etc. I didn't use Geekbench because it isn't a practical benchmark, not because it showed the GS3 as faster. It is like picking expensive RAM based on SiSoftSandra scores when...
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    New to Mac: Mini? Pro? Macbook?

    Consider an iMac. The Mac Mini plus a comparable IPS screen, mouse, and keyboard will cost you more than an iMac but it will have worse specs to boot. The Mac Pro was always overkill for almost anyone since it uses Xeon, ECC RAM, server grade mobo, etc, but it makes even less sense now given how...
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    IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III?

    Paper specs mean little. I thought we were almost a decade past the point when it was assumed that clock speed was the only factor in performance. The iPad 4 gives a preview of GPU performance in the next iPhone. As for resolution, the Pentile screen in the GS3 is a...
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    IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III?

    The iPhone 5 has a higher quality screen, faster performance, and better applications. The GS3 has a larger screen, SDCard expansion, and swappable batteries. Get your hands on one and see which one you prefer.
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    Should I stay with iPad... or SGN 10.1?

    The iPad has better apps and better hardware. I'd stick with it unless there is something specific to the 10.1 that you really need. You did say that you don't really use apps, so...
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    The single player is excellent, better than WoL in every way except being a little easier (crank up the difficulty if that bothers you). Multiplayer is great but its a bonus Not true at all, the single player is nothing like the multi. Different missions, different units, etc etc.
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    Will the iPhone 5S be enough to compete against S4, One, N5 ?

    I don't see why not, they still sell more than the high end Galaxy and HTC devices combined. Superior applications and excellent hardware will keep them selling well, even if the base OS is looking stale. Android will always have its own market with larger screens and cheaper low end devices...
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    My Brother says Android will go down in size to iPhone 4 by end of 2014

    They won't all go down to iPhone 4 size, that's ridiculous. However, I think there may be more Android running phones available in a smaller size. It is ridiculous that the best Android devices are all in the 4.5"+ range, all while having lower performance and less LTE/wifi battery life than the...
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    Disappointed with Apple

    You jumped the gun on getting a new iPhone. I don't see how the the iPhone 5 is "uninspired" either, it is the fastest smartphone on the market while also being very small, has 8 hours of LTE browse time, and its third party developer support is the best in mobile. As for Mountain Lion, great...
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    Buying my first MBP

    I agree. The Fatbooks are the worst value in the Macbook lineup IMHO. The MBA or rMBP both make more sense. One is very light, one has an incredible screen, both have SSDs and are blazing fast.
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    Do any games fully utilize 6 CPU cores yet?

    Random double-post, please delete mods
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    Do any games fully utilize 6 CPU cores yet?

    Futureproofing is a bad reason to get hardware. Get hardware that works now and don't worry about spending extra on bleeding-edge features that won't get used. Quad-core back in 2006 and 2007 was a waste of money, buying a dual core yielded much higher practical performance. Its the same with...
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    Breaking the Chains: Apple's ecosystem

    Get a GS3 or Nexus 4 and buy an iPad if you don't have one already. Tablets are better app machines than smartphones and you'll get to keep all the great apps you have on iOS. Odds are that most or all of them are universal applications, plus you get an Android phone that you'll be happy with...
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    Nintendo Direct 1/23/13 - Whoa.

    Wind Waker sold extremely well. The fanboy outcry over the graphics at the time were ridiculous. A decade later it is pretty widely regarded as one of the best (and best looking) Zelda games. I agree, it is a timeless looking game. Aside from the triforce hunt at the end, which was only about...
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    Which MBP? 15" Non-retina 2.6, or 15" retina 2.3?

    It doesn't work like that, it works like the iPad where it keeps text and graphics the same size but it quadruples the number of pixels used. Proportionally everything is the same as the lower res version.
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    First Time Mac Buyer

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm actually going to suggest one of the Fatbooks. Yeah, the display isn't as good as the Retina MBP (nothing is) and optical drives are a thing of the past, but it sounds like you'll appreciate being able to put in larger internal hard drives. You can...
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    Is THIS the SteamBox?

    Everything about this post is awesome, A+
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    netbooks are dead.

    Soooo spot on. Netbooks are cheap but that's all they are. Displays, keyboards, trackpads, performance, even the best ones are third rate in every conceivable way. However, if price is all you care about then yes, a netbook is cheaper than an ultrabooks. :p
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    Galaxy Note 2 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 - Bang for your buck

    And here's another review pointing the other way: None of the features listed in the Engadget review except for iPad optimization (certainly coming) and caching for offline use (not a dealbreaker...
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    Galaxy Note 2 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 - Bang for your buck

    Yup. The best version of Google Maps is on iOS right now, which does seem strange. Also strange is that Google still makes more money from iOS than they do from Android. There is this misconception that more users = more money, but it doesn't when most Android users are on low end devices that...
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    Galaxy Note 2 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 - Bang for your buck

    Apple doesn't pay exclusivity rights to anyone. iOS is the target mobile development platform simply because it is the most profitable one out there. Companies that do cross-platform development have said that they make a quarter for every dollar they make on iOS. There are several reasons why...
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    Galaxy Note 2 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 - Bang for your buck

    Pay apps are the big difference for me. Aside from sun tracking and cinematography apps that I use (obviously very purpose specific to my job), there are things like German board games and deck-building games that are iOS only. This company does a fantastic job with them. Ascension is one of my...
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    id Software co-founder John Romero says goodbye to consoles.

    Performance isn't the issue, the iPad 3/4 are surprisingly fast. Crytek and Epic, among other big companies have shown amazing visuals at fast framerates on a device with resolution that exceeds that of most desktop PCs. The real limitation is that of 100% touchscreen controls, which is why...
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    Quake 5 - What would YOU want?

    All of the fast and fun aspects of Quake and Quake 3, none of the slowness or nonsense of Quake 2, Quake 4, or Doom 3. Hell, if it wasn't being untrue to the game I'd want something as fast and insane as DOOM and DOOM 2. :)
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    FTL (Faster Than Light)

    Getting screwed for completely random and "unfair" reasons are hallmarks of the roguelike genre. Learn to enjoy the unexpected ways you get completely fucked over. :)
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    FTL (Faster Than Light)

    Sums up everything very nicely:
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    Core gamers no longer matter - go casual or GTFO

    DOTA 2 and Starcraft 2, hard game club is still in effect
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    Thinking of getting a Kindle fire HD

    Flash is a dead end on mobile, even Adobe has abandoned it. It doesn't matter since the web has accommodated the lack of Flash on most mobile devices (even most Android devices) by making them mobile friendly. Every single video site has worked without Flash since only a few weeks after the...