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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    could of just called it brokeback space cowboys
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    everyone wants to GTA in real life
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    Internet Fire Challenge Leaves 12 Year Old Girl Horribly Burned and on a Ventilator

    if only they knew a glock is great for Russian roulette!
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    Battlefield 5 Developers Wish They'd Included Women in Battlefield 1, Too

    they made a game for 10% of the fans. sales are as expected
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    Seattle Plane Thief Said He Had Trained on Flight Simulator

    thats about what i did on FS years ago. got it in the air did some stunts and crashed a few times then back to cod
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    Ninja Becomes the First Twitch Streamer to Reach 10 Million Followers

    he was just the first to make enough money to buy followers that never had or used prime before.
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    Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps From the Play Store

    i guess google was not invited to the NASDAQ meeting???
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    Into the Mesosphere at Mach 2.4

    copilot whispers to pilot, pilot announces that this is a billion dollar view!
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    “Star Trek 4” Rumored to Feature Female Villain, New Female Hero

    damn i just found out Anton Yelchin tried to stop a rolling car and died. i thought he was the best version of Chekov. going to be hard to replace him.
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    Synopsys Shows World’s First USB 3.2 Demo with 20Gbps Speeds

    cant wait to see 100 years of chewy before he meet Hon
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    Samsung Turning off TVs in the UK

    my toaster wants me to know eggo's are on sale at shop n save Saturday only
  12. P4B

    Facebook Closed 583M Fake Account in Q1'18

    they didnt close any of my extra accounts
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    Mod Brings 2.2 GB Of 2k Textures to the Original Doom Games

    and i thought the ppl still playing warcraft2 was bad
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    Cheaters Gonna Cheat at CS:GO

    i guess punk buster is no longer a thing?
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    Hacker Head Arrested in Spain

    but it took a accident to find the Nigerian prince
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    U.S Calls Broadcom's Bid For Qualcomm a National Security Risk

    its more like "we control the propaganda right now and if this happens will we still"?
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    Bloke Sues Microsoft: Give Me $600M, or My Copy of Windows 7 Back

    i could see my dad here, new phone and has had it replaced 4 times for "not working properly" in a year
  18. P4B

    The Fall of Voodoo

    time where so simple back then, AGP was going to take over the world in a blaze of glory!
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    CS:GO Weapon Skin Sells For $61,000

    rich ppl look at 100 dollar bills as 1 cent
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    Outcry as YouTube Star Posts Video of Dead Body in Japan

    should of posted it at LiveLeak.
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    Fall Creators Update Already on More than Half of All Windows 10 PCs

    i put win 10 on a small ssd and it wont stop asking to delete win7 to make more room
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    Watch Star Trek: Discovery’s Main Title Sequence

    going to be just as bad as orville!
  23. P4B

    Ready Player One Teaser

    I seen Freddy Krueger get blasted but It still looks like a hour and a half commercial for VR
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    NASA Warns That Your Eclipse Glasses May Be Unsafe

    when standing under a tree youll get perfect little suns on the ground with the moon part cut out. or you could just use your hand to let a little light shine through and youll get the same effect. neither are as good as a shadowbox but you get the same effect. I think a shadow box looks great...
  25. P4B

    Facebook, Google, and others Swindled for $100M

    he probably just sent payment request to the billing departments and they got payed
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    Surface Pro Buyers Are Complaining about Backlight Bleed

    So you goto the store. See light bleed on the display. then think i need that in my life! lol. online buyers atleast have a excuse
  27. P4B

    Nice Box You Got There, Sweetie

    I only "collected one Amazon box" it was used to raise my closet door desktop up on a old night stand. Had a Newegg box on the other side. :-) .. Still cant understand why i never won the worst desk setup!!! worked great for a few years.
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    Visa Is Offering Restaurants $10,000 to Stop Accepting Cash

    with the new "chip" in my card it now takes longer to get checked out at mobile gas stations
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    Monkey Takes Selfie, PETA Says He Owns the Copyright

    of a stolen camera
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    Monkey Takes Selfie, PETA Says He Owns the Copyright

    cant wait for peta to have to pay for everyones legal bills
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    Airbnb Host Who Canceled Reservation Using Racist Comment Must Pay $5,000

    I guess a updated charge for services was to much?
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    Programmer Automates Data Entry Job, Ponders Whether to Tell Employer

    sell the code to the company.. and or become a company and sell leases for them to use it.
  33. P4B

    Young Men Are Playing Video Games Instead of Getting Jobs

    everyone knows it is play video games or pay child support to one- two women. or both. since most will not want to merry if they can just get a check and go out every weekend for some strange with daddy getting the kid only on the weekends
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    Destiny 2 Will Launch on PC Nearly Two Months after Consoles

    ill forget about it by then. maybe killing Nazis or something by then
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    Dolphins Have Figured out How to Use Tablets

    there are a few videos of turtles doing the same thing. So one would assume that turtles are as smart? just a little slower! lol
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    ASUS “Leaks” STRIX X299-E Motherboard

    trying to get white with RBG is hard! :-)
  37. P4B

    Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in Harvard Commencement Speech

    lol it was a joke, but fishing all day does sound kind of fun since i have worked 30 years and never have taken a real vacation