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    Need a lappie...15.6" 1080p w/LED?

    Asus G51JX-X1 $1199 Intel Core i7 720QM(1.6GHz) Reports say that it comes with 1333mhz ram not 1066 as listed in specs. (Read the reviews) Asus G51JX-A1 $1299 after $100 MIR...
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    AGP not enabling?

    Worked perfectly, thx, JeffDC :) I forgot I had a nVidia chipset and uninstalled all my nVidia drivers.
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    AGP not enabling?

    I can not enable 4x or 8x AGP after switching from ATI to nVidia card to ATi video card. Tried enabling 4x/8x (agp3.0) in bios and smartgart will not turn on AGP even after manually setting it to 4x and 8x. Also tried Driver Cleaner posted in Video Card FAQ, and still can not enable AGP 8x...
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    Millennium Music CD trade for iPod

    I'd like to know that too.
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    So do you know your NES?

    280/600 Never even played/heard of 1/2 the games they pictured
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    Got one from Moreno Valley BestBuy, I was #15 out of 22. I showed up about 45 mins before the store opened. I went to the Riverside BB right after (approx 845am) and they were sold out
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    About to head out myself, an hour before they open. Wish us luck! ;)
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    Worth checking out, got nothing else better to do till after XMas :)
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    XBox 360 Premium, in stock. $399 @ gamestop

    Doh, all out :( Guess I'm going to BestBuy on the 18th
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    XBox 360 Platinum Bundle in stock at Target

    Why cant they just have a simple XBox 360 Premium+ Perfect Dark Zero Bundle :(
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    hi2u! 60 Tauren Hunter on Burning Legion :D Oh yah... Hunter Weapon.... :p
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    Who said Warlocks were gimpy? (World of Warcraft)

    You know, I knew I totally recognized those pictures, then I looked on the ropetown forums and remembered where I saw them... Small world, huh, Samelina? <-- Sasukekun (60 Tauren Hunter) :D How many people here are from Burning Legion?
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    How to set up a cs scrim? /server /join #calscrim OR /join #findscrim Look for a scrim in your area (West/Central/East), how many players (5v5 is the norm), pick a map (Most if not all scrims are on de_maps). Enjoy.
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    WoW: The burning crusade, blood elfs and druids?

    Where does it say they confirmed Spellbreakers?
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    The "The new WoW patch sucks" thread

    No, at least not on PVP servers, it flags you for PVP whenever you are in contest/enemy territory or attack a member of the opposing factoin. Lasts for 5 minutes when you are out of contested/enemy territory or have stopped attacking a member of the opposing faction.
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    WoW Patch Notes & Discussion 4/19/05

    Are you reading your combat log? Because you can take dmg while your feigning death.
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    The "The new WoW patch sucks" thread

    313 HKs today (and 3 DKs, damn civilians), I ganked a couple of lower lvls (40-48, grey for me, There was even a lvl 32 attacking TM) since they happened to be attacking me first or in the group with all the other alliance players attacking Tarren Mill. 60 Hunter I've had a 15 alliance attack...
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    WoW Patch Notes & Discussion 4/19/05

    I cant get on Burning Legion either. It connects and it gets to "Connected" and doesnt do anything. what's your lvl/class/race/name on it? 60 Tauren Hunter (sasukekun) 25 Undead Mage (kuga)
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    Serous System Issue! Help!

    I would try clearing those viruses before you start blaming your ram if you've already run memtest on them.
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    how does spider man 2 look on the psp?

    What tutorial did you use to transfer the movies?
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    WoW longon

    Burning Legion?
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    psp countdown

    Lumines and Metal Gear Acid I am definately getting. Wipeout Pure is on my considered list.
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    WoW longon;3831141;;/fileinfo.html
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    WoW longon

    Was able to download the patch off a mirror site, but cant get past the auth. Boo :(
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    psp countdown

    I will be since my local GameStop is having a midnight sale of the PSP :D
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    Anyone have a WoW trial?

    Why not use his buddy trial key? Or just play his account or buy it...
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    steam taking 42 megs

    steam using 8megs on my pc :D
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    New WoW Player

    I'm on burning Legion, 53 Tauren hunter, under sasukekun. LMK if you need help if you plan to play on my server.
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    Sony PSP Pre-order $221.49 shipped @ Overstock

    Saw it on AT, figured I pass it along. Credit to TheMacDadda @ AT for finding it. I upgraded my shipping (2 day) for an extra $9~, which makes the total $229.42 shipped
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    wow price

    Yes, they only come in 2 month subscriptions though. So $29.99 + tax for a 2 month subscription.
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    wow price

    It comes with a free month (also get a 10-day trial key for a friend) you do have to put your credit card on file though when you create your account.
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    Shuttle Accesories

    Just bought the Mesh cover from their eBay store for $66~ shipped. It was kinda expensive, but well worth it. Ordered Friday night, got it Tuesday :D
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    How could I have been so blind (EGM) just to name the top few.
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    Most fun class to play in WoW

    Played a hunter and warrior so far. Warrior is a lot better. I had fun ganking a lvl 31 undead mage last night. 15 warrior, lvl 9 warrion, lvl 6 pally took on a lvl 31 undead mage. He was sitting in the horde graveyard in Dun Morgh (Think that's how you spell it, whichever cont. is the one...
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    Catalyst 5.3

    Yah, I uninstalled them as well. I was getting a stutter on WoW, where I would have 4xAA, 4xAF and 1280x1024 res (What I usually play all my games at) and it would drop to 60fps (from ~90fps) for no apparent reason. Since I went back to the 5.1's seemed to have fixed that problem.
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    Newest revision PS2 warping discs?

    Watch a lot of movies in my PStwo (slim) and I've never had or even heard of the PSTwo warping discs
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    WOW servers..

    Wanna help me lvl? :D I'm a lvl 15 NE warrior under Kuga
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    Catalyst 5.3

    ~4-5 fps increase from 5.1 to 5.3 in CS:S (1280x1024 @ 75hz) I noticed my WoW got a lot smoother too, except I'm still having a problem when I open my character list or spell book my fps drops to 30 from 90+ and it's only my horde char. On my alliance char it works fine. Weird... Tried...
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    WOW servers..

    Firetree is a fairly good server, I think it's central though. I'm pinging about 90 off it from SoCal (West). Central Servers Firetree: 15 Night Elf Warrior Burning Legion: 49 Tauren Hunter
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    BBA x800xt pe new in shrink wrap

    Just to let you know this thread is about 4 months old ( 11-05-2004, 01:16 PM )