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    Tribes - 20year anniversary free games

    Almost makes me sad to think pc has "modern shooters" that are already 20... At least when I look back at old console games they feel like they belong back there for nostalgia sake. Thanks for deal!
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    EVGA 970 superclock - $143 Price match only

    yea, my best buy is full of douche canoes. wouldnt do it for me
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    EVGA 970 superclock - $143 Price match only

    I cant search it from the microcenter site, I can only access it from this link... not sure that will fly
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    Newegg - Inwin D-Frame Mini $259.99 Shipped

    Avatar Uno S. • a month ago What did you guys use to re-colour the rubber feets? As I am definite that normal acrylic paint or spray won't work • Reply•Share › Avatar Romeo Lavarias Admin Uno S. • a month ago They are custom ordered parts from In Win
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    EA Closes SimCity Studio

    aww... that last photo actually hits right in my childhood feels... glad I grew up in the golden age of pc games:(
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    Amazon Surprises Investors With A Gift Of Profit

    See... conversations like this start to piss me off... I hate the stock market, they I play their game.. Not every company can always be growing, that's ridiculous. Once you become a large retailer you already have most of the customer base you can get. However stock holders still demand growth...
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    NVIDIA Launches 800M Mobile GPU Line

    So how are we sure whats in these laptops? I dont see any specs other then 860m on there Im interested in the thin MSI GE70. is there any real difference in a laptop like this if its soldered in vs not...
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    Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper questions

    Yello all, just wanting to get some opinions out there, my parents are wanting to back up all of their movies to their htpc, completely built around doing this, and just wondering if this software is a good easy way to go for them. Mostly doing blurays and not really dealing with enough movies...
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    Quick recommendation for 8800 GT replacement

    i can see those 8800's lasting you... but damn.. that mobo was buggy as hell! Had tons of trouble with mine and an early death. :mad:
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    Surface Pro 128gb (First Gen) $599 Best Buy (Clearance YMMV)

    personally I feel something like the Yoga pro 2 is a bit silly, cool, but silly. and this item does a better job at at filling a niche market. carry it around with you, pull it out when you need it to do homework or take notes. load up blue prints on it to carry around on job sites. office...
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    US Lagging In High-Speed Internet Service

    2007 called, it wants its news back hurdur
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    HOT Asus RT-AC66U router only $149.99 at the egg

    had 2 of these going since they were first released and never had issues with them. Never have the problems that plagued other routers where id have to restart them at least once a month. really trust asus drivers on these.
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    5% off video card at newegg

    links dont work, you must have been signed in or something?
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    Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard $50

    I have 2 of these, one for the HTPC and one for my LAN system. both handle very well, are nice and compact for use on the couch or when desk space is sparse with computers piled together. for 50$ they are a great keyboard if you dont need all those damn macro buttons. Only thing that would be...
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    770 vs 780

    Odd note, why dual monitor gaming? No one does this, unless you only play supreme commander and have the second monitor for a giant map... whether its WOW, NFS:Paradise or CS:GO 2 monitors is just a huge distraction.
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    Also, going from AC to usb limits it to usb speeds... ive been avoiding that for this long.
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    I want it almost entirely for the AC wifi feature... would go so well with my asus ac router... drooooolllll. transfering movies and games would be so awesome with that.
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    Will the [H] review the Maximus VI Impact?

    Yea, would also love to know about it. Not much out there and its not easy to find yet
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    Free EA Games (Origin/Steam redemption)

    may i have sims 3 for my gf's brother?
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    WARM - ASUS GTX680 2GB DCII $360

    same on amazon, but holding out for a better deal saddly...
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    Hot Deals at Microcenter. 25% off open box!

    Yea... wasted my time driving out there, just saying 25% off open box is bull. need to add the details, its only orange sticker items. which means only items that have been sticking around the store for a year. So you COULD get lucky and have one 680 that has been open box since release... or...
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    Star Wars: Steam Sale 66% off the Franchise.

    Why the hell do they have dark forces and not Droidworks or X wing/Tie fighter
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    Company of Heroes 2 Beta Free (Facebook required)

    seems a lot like the original with fun little graphics and actions added in. I like that they didnt mess with it too much so far.
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    Company of Heroes 2 Beta Free (Facebook required)

    thanks, ill put up with facebook app crap to try this game out.
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    CM Storm Trigger - Fully Backlit $87.99

    Mean words like newegg make baby jesus cry... i mean kyle
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    LOL - Free SimCity with AMD APU's at Newegg!

    Lol, Just built my Dad an I7 3930 build for mostly the same stuff... :p have fun when you can
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    Origin (EA Store) 70% off during Player Appreciation Sale

    yea, seems like a dick move to put a super sale on the games they are going to give away to those of us who bought simcity.
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    Hover Hound for Newegg to Amazon Price Comparisons

    agreed. those links are making me resent amazon.... even though i have prime. it just alienates my freedom to look wherever the hell i want even if i dont by from the egg
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    TV above fireplace question.

    90% of fireplaces dont actually pump heat out into the room, they are just for setting the mood and all the heat vents out. They dont cook anything above them even if they have a fan to blows heat into the room. People wouldnt put $50k artwork above fireplaces if it hurt them. If enough heat...
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    Microcenter $40 off any compatible motherboard w/ processor

    this should just be a sticky if it isnt common knowledge for every one yet....
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    Man Cuts Internet Cables To Relieve Pressure On Brain

    bhahahahaha hahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha... yea... not how it works... time and material cost money good sir, im surprised it wasnt a lot more then that!? To get trucks and guys out there to fix it, taking a few hours for all that equipment to be there, and that it probably was considered an...
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    Planetside2 case mod

    Lol wtf, what of that mod told you it was that AC car? I cant see anything in common with it after the mod:p Very cool mod though. I do love a scratch build and not a cut a hole in a case and call it a mod.
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    Best cooling option for SG07/08?

    I have a similar build with a damn 480blower... Its loud but i just used washers and mounted my radiator straight to the grill on the stock fan. Has worked perfectly for me since the case was released
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    First HTPC, also with planned media server/backup use

    Just would like to add, I have the GD04 silverstone case and I love this thing, wayyyy better to work in then the older antec htpc cases and its very quiet. With proper fans and a hybrid psu, youll never hear it. One note though, is it comes with the fan filters on the inside of the case... as I...
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    Bandwidth matters! My 7870 to 7950 experience..

    What resolution are playing on? 1080, 1200?
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    New Antec mATX Case = $19.99 shipped.

    Nope, i use this site for deals, not to have Kyle dictate who i can buy from based on how fat his wallet is
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    once its fully functional ill make a decision. but damn, id upgrade from my sg07 for this,so far I havent found a case that really improves on much for gaming, but that might do the trick with large air hungry video cards
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    Bitfenix Prodigy Alternatives

    for sure dont go ITX, you really have to have the mindset for it. And you I can tell would not be happy with it.. a decent practical MATX case to work in for me would be the TJ08E by silverstone. Great quaility and layout that can fit everything you...
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    Best Buy $50 off $100, 10% off Open Box

    I went in at 8:30 with the old coupon and didnt have any issues with it... no one looked twice
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    Best Buy $50 off $100, 10% off Open Box

    got the seagate 3TB USB3 backup plus for 96 out the door. Not a bad deal for a usb3 external with 3tb now days...