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    WoW: Cataclsym, anyone else bored and not feeling it ?

    Allow me to clarify: He has WELL over 200k gold, has every epic end game raiding peice of loot for his class with the addition of the highest ilvl PVP gear one can get, 98% of the achievements possible, EVERY mount available, almost every pet, maxed out proffs with every receipe, and is the #1...
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    WoW: Cataclsym, anyone else bored and not feeling it ?

    I know quite a few people selling their accounts off now is the time if your going to get out IMO. One of my buddies is getting about 3k for his toon. He's looking forward to Guild Wars 2 to play it.
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    they will.. so they are a little big for her, she's only 1.5 months old.. thanks again for the...

    they will.. so they are a little big for her, she's only 1.5 months old.. thanks again for the swag and the pop rocks warnings. My 13 year old has taken custody of them anyway LOL.
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    Sega Working on Dreamcast Retail Collection

    Blitz 2k1 please, call it blitz classic
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    Cataclysm Question ?

    The old fashioned way to get there is to ride the boat to rachet from Booty Bay. Not sure about any other ways, I don't play alliance.
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    TWO MONTHS of Christmas from Galaxy!

    From what I can tell they have done excellent work with their cards. Longer warranty would be good however.
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    CableOne Wants Fire Victims To Pay For Burned Gear

    Chances are Cableone DOES have insurance for this. They are just trying to get the customer to pony up.
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    Borderlands and The Dark Tower by Stephen King?

    Just FYI and no spoilers here, when Stephen King says stop reading here in "The Dark Tower", do what he says after the bit with Susannah. That's all I'm saying.
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    oc build for wow only

    I can't understand a word your saying kid, however the potential for the epicness of this thread has me interested.
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    Funniest Game Tag/ Name

    One's I've seen: Penis Pump, Gold Plated Love Glove, Shitty Ass TV, Dinnerplate Nipple, John Ritters Left Sideburn, Ass Chin, Saggy Granny Panties, WillSuckDickForFrags Ones I've used: Toetag, Death by Spork, NippleRings, SickmyDuck, Wavy the Croc (Craig Ferguson fan), Iketurner. I totally...
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    Giving WoW a second chance

    3 weeks of dungeon grinding actually about 2-3 hours a day...granted I was a pally tank so I got instant que's but still... it was pretty easy. If you are rolling a class thats a tank or healer your golden.
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    FS Logitech g35 headset

  13. 222 1/3 evil Deals 8/11

    case code isn't working
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    Question about gaining Exp while on a team in WoW.

    When I was in my 50's I had a paladin buddy run me through strat 4 times. I dinged a level every time. When I was in 70 he ran me through utgarde and was getting about 2k xp a kill and 4k rested. The closer to max level you are the more xp you get.
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    FS Drums....

    Doubt there will be any interest in it here but it never hurts to try. This is already on CL and if I have to toss them on fleabay I can...Wife is preggers now and I need the money instead of these sitting on the shelf. 1500 + acutal shipping (150-200 or so roughly) willing to work on shipping...
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    WoW add-on question...

    Horse crap, I used gatherer last night. If it's not working then it's not the newest one. Also you can go to your interface options and import the existing data and it works just fine. I use the curse thingy to keep my addons up todate.
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    WoW add-on question...

    gatherer is much better imo
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    Cataclysm; which tree for DPS ? Blood = TANK only

    WTB dual weilding ret pally's.
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    Going back to Gaming on CRT monitor

    If i could afford a high end LCD I'd buy one. When my Sony Trinitron died after 12 years, I got a good deal on a LCD where my wife works on a ATI 4850. I play wow and the occassional bout of COD:MW2. I'm not really worried about super duper high end visuals. If I could go back to my 21"...
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    WoW RealID will now reveal real names on forums, going back retro

    I used it briefly but then my guild mates kept pst'ing my 13 year old. So I took everyone off and let it be.
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    Going back to Gaming on CRT monitor

    I didn't switch mine out until my CRT died. I miss the old 21" trinitron but the new 22" wide is nice.
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    How to delete the DLC from mw2

    Funny I started playing a little last night, and got right in with no DLC.
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    just now getting into WoW.....

    Roll a character with the ability to dps or tank. So Warrior, Druid, DK, or Pally. As soon as you get 1k gold, get dual spec. One for dungeons and one for leveling. Having a 80 mage that was a raider 3 nights a week I got burned out after a few years. On may 15th, I started a pally who is...
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    I was at level 39 or so and stumbled onto a hacked server, shot one person and auto-leveled. I bailed ASAP... haven't played in a while LOL. I did use the AK though.
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    Knocked off a small transistor 5870

    NO NO NO NO NO.... only a person that is trained should ever use a heat gun on a PCB. I've seen people that don't know what they're doing scorch the shit out of a board and waste it.
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    Knocked off a small transistor 5870

    Believe it or not as long as it didn't pull any traces it is solderable. You'd need a good scope to see that and make sure there is no damage to the PCB itself. Once that's done, you should be able to get a list from the manufacturer for the parts. It can be hand soldered it just takes a very...
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    WoW auction house is now online

    Authenticators are about the best things to help prevent account's getting jacked. Several of my guild mates that are un-authed lost their accounts and it took WEEKS to get them back. I know there is always the chance the account could get stolen, but I hopefully reduced my chances by putting...
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    Hate to do it but Another WoW question about lvling

    I personally have to break the mid 20's wall I always get stuck at with alts. I get bored of it at like 22-25 and don't want to carry on. I have like 4 toons that are mid 20's that are just sitting there waiting on me LOL. I'm going to break that wall with this toon and move on. Once he's 80...
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    Hate to do it but Another WoW question about lvling

    It can be done in two weeks 6-8 hours a day, but you cant do anything but quest. No professions other then herbing/skinning (and only if your in the area questing/grinding and happen upon them) I used Joana's leveling guide on my mage and got um to 70 in about 6 days played (month real time) but...
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    No Easter Logo at Google Again

    That would actually be funny
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    FS Mouse, Bass Drum pedal

    sold months ago
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    CODMW2 fastest leveling tips?

    In all honesty I played a lot of ground war and leveled to fairly fast
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    WoW Tanks; Paladin or Warrior ?

    I have thought about leveling a pally just because they are fun but I hit that level 20-25 wall and get bogged down. Like with the rogue I started and did 1-22 in like 3 days of only 6 hours playing each day. I then stopped totally because I get bored of leveling thats my problem.
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    Coming back to Wow and was wondering IF...

    I've stopped again. The whole ICC gear chasing thing is just retarded. We didn't raid for the last two weeks in December and I haven't gone back since. I requested a downgrade from raider to member, I just got bored with the game again. So I play COD:MW2, my guitars and soon my DW's.
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    MW2 Prestige Mode

    I got on a server not realizing it was hacked and went from 48-70. I freaked out about it and logged out immediatly. This however was before the alleged patch that stopped the servers from doing the insta-level thing. I refuse to go prestige because I enjoy the weapons to much.
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    Video Games Blamed for Return of Rickets

    Look up Ali G and go from there
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    Modern Warfare 2 update 1.0.175

    The weird thing is it was normal, up until I killed someone and I leveled to commander. Then within about 2 seconds eight other people leveled, I bailed immediatly. It was a normal ground war, the only difference was there was a large amount of prestige players. Now I know why.
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    Modern Warfare 2 update 1.0.175

    Yeah I go into a "matched ground war server" last night. I shot 1 person and leveled from 48 to 70. :eek: While cool to level like that, it also definitly sucks, I better not get banned because of it. :mad: I just used steam, ergo it's not my fault that matched me into a hacked server.