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    CPU / Motherboard Issue

    I'm having an issue with my CPU / Motherboard and I'm not sure which is causing the issue. I had an asus striker extreme mobo and an intel E6600 CPU. We had a series of power outages and after the 2nd power outage my comp would power up but would not post. The LCD poseter was giving me a...
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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PC)

    k. I've been playin this for a few weeks (yes i know it's old) anyhow, I'm ready to do the championship tour stuff but can't seem to unlock it. I finished the Tour skill level courses and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to open the championship mode. Thanks in advance.
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    What was the best deal EVER youve seen here?

    the 21" dell trinitrons on and the sports bundle of winXP that came with the bobble head and big league chew.
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    anyone know what calender program he's using here? anub|s
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

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    MX700 $50.37(CDN)+free shipping (for canadians)

    blah. out of stock. damn crap. gonna have to try again later. :\
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    2500+ oc'd to 3200+ on stock amd cooling straight out of box?

    I just bought a 2500 while on holidays and am having problems hitting 2500 and keeping it stable. I keep getting blue screens. Even tried to drop it to like 3000 and 2800, but am having no luck.