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    Dolby Digital with X-Fi

    I knew that I saw this before. Took me a while to find. If you want to send your 5.1 analog to a receiver without the analog inputs, creative actually does have a solution. It's a DTS external encoder. No clue if it's worth the time but here's the link...
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    bios shows 4GB windows shows 2GB

    Vista 64 sees 4 gb on my computer and 2.5 under XP and Vista 32. The dual 7900 GT's suck up a bunch of memory for some reason.
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    Antec Neo 480 reliability - small statistical sample

    I've contacted Antec about two Neo's that I've recently purchased that both died in the first 1 minute. They basically said that the neo's have very tight tolerances and that you need an HE (high efficiency) compliant chipset. They also recommended checking amps before purchasing.
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    Chipset Installation Confusion & Other ?'s

    Stay with the MOBO manuf. in case they've made enhancements. Check their site if they've updated it. (Chances are that intel's would be fine but use the manuf.) Match the colors so yes you were correct. Yes, your order looks fine. I install DirectX last but that's probably wrong. I'd...
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    Intel Boxed Kits BTX

    Big price difference on newegg for just a heatsink difference.
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    Intel Boxed Kits BTX

    Does anyone know exactly what the difference is between the Intel Pentium D 830's? There is one that is listed normally on newegg and then one that's listed as BTX version. What exactly is the difference? Is it just the heat sink? Thanks
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    Mostly gaming (Doom 3, Half-Life 2, F.E.A.R...). Some office work. 1 1/2 to 2 years between upgrades if possible.
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    Anyone see any price/performance charts on AMD processors? I'm getting the itch to build a computer and am considering moving from Intel to AMD. However, I get very confused with the cores and sockets when trying to look at performance. Budget would be around $250-$300 for the processor. Any...
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    BF2/5900 Ultra

    Thanks guys. I'm just trying to make sure it won't be butt ugly at a playable fps.
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    diablo is getting old and stale. Need help

    I enjoyed NWN. I only played Single player though. There seem to be more calculations going on about the environment. Even interactions with NPC's can be affected by your charisma and persuation skills. However, I thought this made it more interesting not less. I thought the platinum pack was...
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    BF2/5900 Ultra

    Anyone know if a 5900 Ultra will be sufficient for Battlefield 2 with a P4 3.0 Ghz and 1 GB Ram? I'd like to run it at med/high settings. Thanks, Rhys
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    Toss The Dell MoBo, Save The P4C 2.6

    I have approximately 500+ Dells where I work. They aren't speed demons but they certainly aren't abnormally slow. I do completely rebuild the OS on each and don't leave them with the factory install. Is the memory your using matched? If you have mismatched memory, it's possible that it's...
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    Worst videocard you have ever bought.

    The four Ti4600's I went through. Each had the memory burn out on them (two completely different computers each went through two cards). The last card wasn't even used for gaming. Each manufactor didnt' put passive cooling on the memory. One MSI 4600 and three PNY 4600's. They finally...
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    3.2GHz Dual-Core Extreme Edition Reviews

    I understand the article is 2 years old. XP is even older. I'd like to see something definitive that shows a Windows XP Home edition running one physical processor with four logical processors or Windows XP Pro using two physical processors with 4 logical processors each. Until I see that, I'm...
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    3.2GHz Dual-Core Extreme Edition Reviews

    I came across this document off Microsoft's site which some of you may or may not find interesting. XP Pro will support a maximum of 4 logical processors and Home will support 2. This would mean that even though the licensing model for...
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    3.2GHz Dual-Core Extreme Edition Reviews

    I'm curious how various OS's will be able to handle dual core and the dual core with HT. I thought there was a two processor limit in XP Professional. I'm uncertain if that means two cores, two physical processors, two cores but you can have HT. Anyone know which OS's will handle which combinations?
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    Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil purchased @ Target

    Oh my god! They've copied the Apple IIe game Bilestoad! They have blood and body parts!!! Heh heh. Thought I'd go even further back for an old game reference. Oh, it had multiplayer also :)
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    Diablo 3?

    And it's not single player nor does it have a story line you're supposed to follow like D1 and D2
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    I think Activision bought the rights to produce Mechwarrior 2 line from FASA. However, FASA then sold the rights to the entire universe to Microsoft. I could be wrong on that though about the entire line.
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    Yeah, the space sims that MS put out were a bit lacking even though some were done by the guy who made Wing Commander. Who in their right mind would make a space fight simulator run off a mouse and have no joystick support?
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    PS. I agree. Giant robots with lasers on their heads are frick'n cool!
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    Yes, it was a rifleman in the first (loved using it to blow off the atlas' head). The game fit on two 720k diskettes if memory serves. If you think the Mechwarrior games are just like playing Doom 3 or Half-life 2, either you need to actually play them or I'm losing my mind. You have to...
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    I know it was postponed. The thing about postponing is that on occasion it will be restarted. I was curious if anyone heard that it was restarted. It should be. With todays PC's, the game could completely rock.
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    Any ideas if/when 5 will be coming out?
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    Best PC Steering Wheel setup?

    I've got the WingMan Formula Force (red). Had it for years. It's accepted all the abusive I've given it and still works like new (Need for Speed III, NFS Porche Unleashed and a few others).
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    Why can't PC games play with console games via I'net?

    Probably the same reason that most PC and Mac games aren't compatiable over the net, DirectX networking. Some games are written by developers to be compatiable and overcome the limitations (either by writing their own code or by engineering the Mac side to emulate the DirectX networking)...
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    Any descent 3 fans here?

    Yeah. I played through 1 and 2 repeatedly but never bothered to finish 3. It was also way too difficult in a few spots. Descent 1 was one of my first multiplayer games via modem. Great fun.
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    X-Wing Tig Fighter type games...

    The newer space sims by Microsoft are not worthy of attention. They look pretty but don't even support joysticks out of the box. They are more of a story with flying in between (via a mouse). Alliance wasn't bad. I preferred the older games but it had updated graphics and you could fly the M...
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    Why don't any games support light guns?

    Actually, I think the real reason is licensing. I believe Nintendo licensed the light gun technology which would require everyone else paying large fees for the technology. Unless of course they implemented it in a different fashion.
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    Audigy1 vs. Audigy2 ZS vs. onboard Audio?

    I have an Audigy Gamer (Audigy 1) and haven't seen a compelling reason to move to the Audigy 2's. They do a few things better but nothing worth the trouble of switching. Onboard audio usually uses more CPU cycles than a dedicated card and normally does not sound a nice either.
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    Question about Raptors

    I agree with Arvig on the 16 MB cache versions if you need the additional space. There are a ton of reviews about load times of the raptors vs other drives. Just do a google search. I don't have time at work to find them for you. Sorry. I like my Raptor drives but I don't need a lot of space.
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    SATA connections: what a load of cack

    Yeah. They're fixing the connectors. They could have done a better job designing them in the first place. I don't know how often I've bumped them when working on something else and have them pop out of place. Luckily, they've never broken.
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    ATA 133 and SATA

    Certainly. However, you need to make sure your system has the right connections. Some of the motherboards I've seen with SATA don't have enough extra ATA connections after plugging in CD-ROM's and DVD drives for extra harddrives.
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    Old Subwoofer/Audigy 1 and 2

    Really really don't have the money now. 12 year old tv finally went out. Apparently saving up for that first. :rolleyes:
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    Old Subwoofer/Audigy 1 and 2

    Hmmmm. I pulled the splitter off completely and hooked up a set of speakers directly to line 3. I hear the center out of the left (like I'm supposed to) and the sub on the right (like I'm supposed to). However, the static (test) sound is pretty much identical on both speakers. So my guess is...
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    Old Subwoofer/Audigy 1 and 2

    I definitely have the right cable for it and the right splitter. If I hook up headphones to the subwoofer split on line 3, when testing individual speakers, I hear it through the headphones when the subwoofer comes up. Yeap, just tested it again with speakers. If I hook up speakers to it, it...
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    Gaming Headphones? (5.1 Sound)

    I like my Zalman's 5.1 but definitely only for gaming (and some movies). Would I prefer surround headphones to non-surround headphones in movies? Yes because it actually has a center channel which helps for speech. Music - not a good choice but you can always pick up a different set for music.
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    Old Subwoofer/Audigy 1 and 2

    I am feeding it the dedicated LFE line using a y splitter that separates out the Center/Sub to different 1/8" connectors. However, I get more bass by passing the front speakers through the subwoofer and back to the fronts then directly connecting the sub to the y splitter. So I'm guessing...
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    Old Subwoofer/Audigy 1 and 2

    I have two computers. One with the Audigy Gamer and one with an Audigy 2. I have an old (ancient) computer subwoofer (JBL) that was designed for two speaker only setups to increase bass. The 1/8" line goes to the subwoofer then there's an out line to the speakers. (I have two of the...
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    Sneaky HL2 tactics - *Spoilers*

    Not on the prison levels but I took dog's ball with me after the gravity gun practice. It has some unusual properties that make it a very effective weapon. First, when you hit things with it, it packs a hell of a lot of punch. Second, it attempts to return back to you. Third, if you drop it...