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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    So beta not out yet? Curious, site is down, but all my mechs/cash have been reset. More concerned because I have a countdown to my premium account and then said it would not be activated right away.
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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    Oh unfortunately it can be a very real problem. I don't have the numbers but around ~40% of the time I play PUG the other team is grouped. Its terrible.
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    X-COM Enemy Unknown

    I am actually going to admit defeat and try playing the game on Normal. I have been trying again and again on classic but I keep failing miserably. I always seem to reach a point where the game goes from beatable to meltdown.
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    Low end VPS

    Yeah they are a lot of fun. The only thing to keep in mind is you do not get those 4cores dedicated.
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    Mechwarrior Online NDA Lifted!

    Where is the info for the TS server? I looked but all dead links and the forum is super crowded.
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    Mechwarrior Online NDA Lifted!

    Yeah they are definitely targeting the MP crowd. There was a HUGE MP community surrounding the originals and then on to MechCommander. There was someone amazing about being part of a group that was part of a much larger map. Deciding to invade planets etc and getting certain defined resources...
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    Remote Network Consulting / VPN Setup

    Hah I wish. I might have confused it a big. THey are a huge corporation, we are trying to implement a vpn connection between our servers and they 100% run cisco and in this case cisco asa. No getting around it. Our trouble has been finding the most efficient solution to create the tunnel since...
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    Remote Network Consulting / VPN Setup

    Right thats VPC. Lets you partition off a private/public subnet for your instances. It really works best with BGP. They just added static routing but it seems that its still really shaky. Our client uses a Cisco ASA which does not offer BGP.
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    Remote Network Consulting / VPN Setup

    Whats your opinion on this? I was looking at something similar as well, (
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    Remote Network Consulting / VPN Setup

    Location South Carolina. Client is running Cisco ASA. Wanting to setup site-to-site vpn connection. We run all of our production servers in AWS cloud. There is no native firewall/vpn service as part of AWS. The best AWS can offer is something called VPC. Until recently it only supported BGP...
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    Remote Network Consulting / VPN Setup

    Does anyone know any company / person who wants to make a few bucks helping out setup a VPN site to site? We have an server 08 machine needing to get setup as a client to a remote peer. Beyond my scope as a database guy and we just need to get it finished.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    ARGH! Cannot join any of the CQ Servers. It just crashes on map load. Any solutions?
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Yeah WTF!?!!?!?!? No voice yet, seems like the most obvious requirement for a team based game. No idea why its not default.
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    Computex 2012 Booth Babes

    Really? That chick on the left looks like she could almost be in her late 30s. Under 18 trololololololololol
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    $50 for Battlefield 3 online play

    yeah I was thinking the same thing. BF3 is the one game I have never had real trouble getting into a server. Given I only play hardcore rush 32 (3-4 popular NA servers) but its still never a problem. I would have paid $50 for all the older generation games that had no queue and the dweeb server...
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    ARMA II - Dayz Mod

    Anyone want to get a regular group going?
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    Dota 2 Beta Key give away.

    Still have a beta key myself.
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    Mount and Blade: Napoleonic wars multiplayer DLC (200 player online)

    So I assume if I have all the steam versions their website DLC will work with it? Wish it was just on Steam.
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    Dota 2 Beta [H] Steam Group

    Hit me up. Got 2 invites.
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    Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 - 60% off on Steam!

    Kind of a silly question. Everyone has different hobbies and interests. Its really no different then a flight simulator or any other simulator for that matter. As for prior questions the DLC are priced like that because of the niche market it is.
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    Office NAS Suggestions

    I am hesitant to build my own only because I do not want to be responsible for it but its not something I am unwilling to do. The only problem with freenas is the encryption requirement. Would be stuck with freenas7. Not that anything is wrong with that but i dont want to waste my time...
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    Office NAS Suggestions

    This was setup before my time but office is currently using JungleDisk to connect S3 buckets as a make-shift fileserver. I hate it, its miserable and JungleDisk has compatibility issues with a number of machines. Trying to find a local NAS box that will fit the role for a small office...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 - Does anyone still play?

    Exactly. The infrastructure was there and it was something I was hoping to see when it was announced but never happened. Some think it sounds shitty because you might have to leave mid-game but think about the other people you are playing with. Any game where its less than 10 people requires...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 - Does anyone still play?

    Its would have been really easy. Make a real match making system. You join a match you cannot leave till the end, simple.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 - Does anyone still play?

    Same, never could get into L4D2. The first one was amazing, played it to death then dropped it after a few months. Tried L4D2 and it was just full of asshats raging all the time. What did me in was the lack of any type of rage tracking system.
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    Gabe Newell opens up about lack of updates regarding next Half Life...

    trolololol. The last thing Gabe cares about is more money. They make games for the love of it, I can imagine you can get bored with the same storyline. Gabe already made it in life after working at MSFT for YEARS. He has said time after time that Valve is about making enjoyable games. Sure its...
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    Offsite storage server - encrypt the data?

    FWIW Amazon has has a datacenter in South America now.
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    I need more building games.

    Check out Cities in Motion highly underrated game. Its a transportation building games, you are given a city and you have to develop the public transportation. It has its flaw but I found it to be highly entertaining from the development aspect...
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    Announced : Mechwarrior Online & Shadowrun Online

    Awesome for a super arcade like tank game. Which what I am hoping MW does not become.
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    Postal 3 thread!

    I hate to be mean but the game just looks bad. Its postal 2 with slightly better graphics, they really could have been a lot more effort into it.
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    GOG Thread

    How is steam a DRM plague? lulz
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    In light of Hawken and Mechwarrior Online - Joystick (for mechs) thread

    Go somewhere else then. You asked advice about joysticks for two particular games. Someone pointed out that one of those games would probably suffer from a joystick. There is no value in turning down free advice. Cheers though. +ignored.
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    Jesus christ, this was related since he is using the same fans. 11 fans for a water cooled system, sheesh.
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    Cherry G81-1800LUMUS-0 mechanical kb - $27.99 shipped

    LOL "The biggest reason for buying one of these keyboards might be to harvest the key caps and put them on a modern board with Cherry MX switches. "
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    Setting up offsite backup for home use

    IMO no point in going with spideroak. AFAIK crashplan offers the same features and is much cheaper. There is no reason you cannot backup to your parents machine but honestly, paying for crashplan is the way to go. Much higher level of redundancy and a lot less hassle.
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    switching from s#@Verse to Comcast

    In the past when I had comcast I always ended up buying the cheapest router I could find on ebay. Worked fine for me.
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    Two WANs, one LAN... but no load balancing

    Just to add. The easiest thing in pfSense to setup is just plan old round-robin with a few clicks.
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    Two WANs, one LAN... but no load balancing

    No need to buy a commercial solution or jerry-rig something. Just run pfSense on an old machine. If you dont have a spare machine you can buy plenty enough for under $100. pfSense is fairly easy to get running. I dont have a ton of experience setting up dual-WAN with it but the instructions I...
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    Server in my house? How to make it?

    Sorry but you are either ignorant or not a business owner (or a bad one). Lets first start with the fact that running a legit hosting service is hardly easy, it takes time to have a high uptime that is redundant and is secure. Unless your time is worth less than $0, it is 100% not worth the...
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    Protect your laptop info in case it is stolen?

    I do not have specific numbers but my short answer is no. I use TrueCrypt and Pointsec/Checkpoint FDE and I do not notice any issues. I am sure there is some IO lag but with a modern processor I notice nothing. Of course this is just with the manipulation of data files and not gaming or anything...