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    Popular and successful games you just don't care for

    Hate the story and most of the characters in anything made past the 90's so if it features non skippable or just plain too many cutscenes, its an insta pass for me. Generally though open world games let me play my own way after suffering through the initial cutscenes . Too much worthless...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Got a Fanatec Clubsport recently. Thoroughly enjoying Dirt Rally . Until the 10th that is ...
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    Apple Took Out a CES Ad to Troll Its Competitors over Privacy

    Don't believe for a second that Apple is any less likely to sell private info to third parties however it is a smart marketing move that'll be hard to top. This may even motivate the Isheep to pay attention to privacy in the future.
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    China Alleges 'Massive' Evidence of DRAM Price Fixing

    Looks like Winnie is busy following the example of the European Union on how to fund future loans to the state.
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    EA Establishing the Jacksonville Tribute

    I am sure once the lawyers get started EA will be paying 100x for compensation claims.
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    Unreal Envisioned Through Unreal 4 Eyes

    Still waiting for Unreal 2.
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    EU Fines ASUS, Denon & Marantz, Philips, and Pioneer $130M for Online Price Fixing

    Totally expect big business to side with the EU skeptics in the coming years regardless of their political stance.
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    LG Embarrasses with OLED Burn-In at SID Tradeshow

    I guess one more reason to stick with projectors. My JVC still produces awesome blacks after 8 years of ownership(still original lamp) and will only be replaced when JVC releases a 4k projector at a similar price.
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    Micro-LED Display Boasts of 1 Million Nits Capability

    This would easily kill off DLP in mini projectors. TI is the worst when it comes to recycling old junk just because they can.
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    Uber Car’s “Safety” Driver Streamed TV Show before Fatal Crash

    Uber + Volvo. Every single news article on the subject. It's about time Volvo should take Uber to court. This accident was entirely Uber's fault , no doubt the lawyers would happily come up with something to make it stick.
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    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Out Over Relationship With Former Employee

    He'll be replaced by a chick who'll do even worse but will be impossible to fire due to gender politics. I for one think Ottelini was the last decent boss Intel had .
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    Cortana Not Going Away Whether You Like it or Not

    Just killed my lappy (kaby) with with a bad driver and decided to upgrade to win 8.1 . Was a little tricky but a modded driver got intel hd working just fine along with all the other supposedly win10 only drivers. Now laptop just runs soo much cooler and quieter as a result with all the same...
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    Facebook Connects ISIS

    No doubt it helps big brother to fish out future suspects.
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    Falcon Heavy Tesla Carries Science Fiction Books

    Musk sure hates Martians. Most boring and tedious set of books that I recall reading from when I didn't know better.
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    Nintendo Switch LABO

    Saw Lambo , then saw Nintendo. Sad panda.
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    Buy Anything with Cryptocurrency

    Wouldn't waste crypto on anything that I can buy with fiat ( unless they offer a suitable discount).
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    Windows Systems Performance Impacts from Spectre and Meltdown

    There is no conspiracy. MS found a new way to screw us over and they're riding it all the way to the bank. I expect a nice bump to their stock price in the near future ( same for hardware manufacturers).
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    NSA’s Top Talent Is Leaving: Low Pay, Slumping Morale, Unpopular Reorganization

    Constantly perving on your fellow citizens can get boring after a while, I guess.
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    Netflix Now Supports HDR on Windows 10, but You’ll Need an Intel or NVIDIA GPU

    Considering how much time it took videocards to output a reasonable accurate 23.976Hz , this should take about ten years to work on all computers.
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    Using Light to Assemble Electronic Components Instead of Robots

    For some reason I read Oral Trapping and got excited . Alas my desire was not be quenched.
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    Jen-Hsun Huang Bullish on Gaming, AI and Data-Centers

    I don't buy AMD/Nvidia numbers on crypto related sales. On one side they play down the significance yet clearly release cards aimed at mining.
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    Crystal Dynamics Is Teasing a New Legacy of Kain Game

    I they can grab Amy Hennig I am all up for it, otherwise it'll end up shit .
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    Rumor: New GTX 1070 Ti Set for November

    That card is pretty much 100% aimed at mining , probably the first that would actually deserve that title.
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    Asus Releases Mining Motherboard With 19 PCIe Slots

    Screw ROI , wanna see that 19 armed tentacle monster in action !
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    Fox Chief Disses Netflix: "Churn-Like Environment" Doesn’t Appeal to Filmmakers

    The filmmakers that Netflix rejects makes Netlfix the best. I for one got far more enjoyment out of Marvel on Netlifx then Marvel films in cinemas.
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    AMD RX Vega 64 Eclipses Polaris in Ethereum Mining Efficiency by 2X

    Seems like he was mining ubiq. Not too clear on that.
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    Germans Lead Autonomous Driving Race

    Google needs root.
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    “District 9” Director Neil Blomkamp Is Bringing Short Films to Steam

    Sigourney Weaver would pass on Aliens nowdays without thinking twice . No thanks.
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    Google May Be Sued over Nexus 6P Early Shutdown and Bootloop Issues

    Revenge of the Beta Testers. Maybe one day.
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    Samsung Ditches Digital Camera Business

    Smart move , it was always treated as a bastard child by Samsung anyways. Might be good time to snatch up a bargain.
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    Looks like after 15 years I'll be going back to AMD . They really did try a lot harder this time.
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    James Cameron To Godfather New “Terminator” With “Deadpool” Helmer Tim Miller

    Avatar is proof the ole Jim is gone Full Lucas . In the meantime Gale Ann Hurd has been consistently producing great action both on tv and film. Seems his ex-wives may have had more to do with his success than people care to admit.
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    How Many Frames Per Second Can The Human Eye Really See?

    It's amazing the amount of effort many go into to tell others what they can and cannot perceive.
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    LG Dismisses New Samsung QLED TV Technology: “It's Still An LCD Panel”

    OLED is the only tech that can comfortably beat my 6 year old pj in the blacks (still on first lamp) . Glad to see LG at least making an effort on improving it. With Sony onboard we might just get the best of both worlds.
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    Star Wars: Episode 9 To Be Shot On 65mm Film

    With the amount of cgi nowdays when even the actors are manipulated digitally seems like a total waste of good celluloid unless they decided to render everything at 8k. Which is highly unlikely considering even 4k renders are a luxury. Many films could benefit from 65mm, this isn't one of them.
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    China Is Stealing Your Kickstarter Ideas

    If it's using cheap or easy to produce parts i'ts going to be copied , you can count on it. Build something that is low volume and uses expensive components or relies on software updates and consumables.
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    Older Workers Are Better At Adapting To New Technology, Study Finds

    Any job will be frustrating to those without a clue, regardless of age. Huge respect to to a few old guys I met who have never stopped learning and were willing to acquire new skills when they should have been in retirement already.
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    Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer

    Still not sold on Chris Pine as an actor. Gadot on the other hand is a good choice. Hope they have a good film.
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    Millennials Admit Using Phones To Avoid Talking To People

    My guess the talking part isn't the issue , more of having to listen someones whinging about how people don't talk anymore (there is always one ). Before phones it was books and walkmans so little has changed.