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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Corsair equals high quality, reliable products. I've been running corsair ram for afew years with fantastic results!
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I want to see how much faster a new Corsair SSD with the sand force controller is compared to my old Kingston SSD without a sand force controller.
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    Survey of 32" 1080p monitors

    So what is your guys take on the new 120hz displays? The Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR6 will have it and i'm pretty sure none of the other displays in this thread will.
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    Survey of 32" 1080p monitors

    Do any of you guys know if the Toshiba can do picture in picture between different inputs? For example, could i have a full screen of my PC from an HDMI with window for digital cable over HDMI or component? I know my dell 2005 fpw can do this.
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    If you found a gem of a monitor resurface for a fraction of its cost...

    Have most of you ordered this from the website on the first page?
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    ASRock 939Dual-SATA2

    do any of you know if there are any stores that still have this in stock?
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    Netgear WGT624

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    Ti-84 plus silver?

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    Macbook or Macbook pro?

    What do you guys think about the new macbook and macbook pro's? I want to get a notebook within the next few months, and i've wanted an apple for a long time. I like the smaller size of the macbook, but i dont like the integrated graphics. Other than the better graphics and larger screen, am...
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    compal GL30?

    Thats awesome, i really may be interested in doing this... thanks for your help! edit- next question: what sort of graphics card for desktops would you guys say the Go 7600 compares to?
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    compal GL30?

    i was just looking on RJtech, and the compal GL30 notebook has captured my eye. Do any of you know how reputable a company compal is (i think i saw somewhere on RJ that asus sells the GL30 as one of there own), and also if i could use a core 2 duo proc with it?
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    Abit NF7-S won't boot

    make sure the board isnt rubbing against any of your case metal (to cause a short).
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    Wii to be $200?

    if they price it above 200, then it better come with a full game (maybe duck hunt and the attachment?) and some credits to download 5-10 games off the virtual console.
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    Solid Snake in New Smash Bros on Wii

    Mario vs Sonic vs Crash would be so damn increadible, it would have solved so many arguments from when i was young...
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    carrying case

    Anyone know of a good carrying case for a dell 2005fpw?
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    New Rev Game - "Sadness"

    i think that looks really cool!
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    Debating over Dell 2005FPW.

    same with me, i love my 2005fpw.
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    Long Live Dreamcast

    I'm glad i got my dc when i did, ive had alot of fun times with it. Jet Grind Radio blew me away, wow that really was a fun game...
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    Windows MCE remote settings

    Ive got an msi theatre 550, and i recently installed win mce 05, Its great! Everything is working except the remote, the button mapping is really off, is there anyway to manual tell windows what each button should be?
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    Jet Moto....anyone miss it?

    yea i played both of these games for many hours aswell on my trusty ps1. However i did enjoy wipeout xl more than jet moto.
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    windows mce sata question

    I'll look into that nlite program, but here's another question ive got for all of you. Right now I've got my 160 sata partitiond into a 60 (for the OS) and the rest is for media. I've also got a 100 gb ide drive, and now my 320gb sata. I think it may just be easier and cleaner for me to...
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    windows mce sata question

    damn it, well i guess ill just have to figure out something.
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    windows mce sata question

    Over the weekend, im going to be installing Windows MCE 2005 on my comp to take better advantage of my tv card, but i just realised that i left my floppy with the sata drivers for my mobo at home (im at school). Does anyone know if MCE 2005 has built in sata drivers, or am i gonna have to make...
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    simple sata 2 question

    i was thinking about getting a WD320KS, and i just wanted to make sure that it would work with my nforce 2. Im pretty sure it will work, but just transfer at the sata 1 rate (and disable NCQ and any other new features). Am i correct?
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    NFS:MW - Tank?

    ive had alot of luck with the lambo's, because they are so low to the ground and the front of the car acts like a wedge, it usually sends the cops flying off into the distance.
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    Revolution Hardware Specs uncovered (not offcial)

    I think ill get a rev because the controller looks so damn cool, and there should be some decent games. if it has a $150 or $100 ill have one on launch without question. Oh, and i think sony doesnt have any one mascot, but rather a mascot/icon for each genre of games available. like...
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    ASRock 939Dual-SATA2

    has anyone tried to OC any of those 939 opterons with this board yet? and also did someone think that chaintek was comming out with a board like this?
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    ASRock 939Dual-SATA2

    does this board work well with 20 pin power supply connectors, or does it need a 24 pin?
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    Got Quake 4! First Impressions

    why the hell cant i do a bot match?
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    Do you have a PERFECT 2005fpw/2405?

    i would say my 2005fpw is perfect. No dead pixels that i can see, and i never notice any significant backlighting issues.
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    10 AMEX Reward Card for FREE

    so do we get 1 $10 gift card from this?
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    Revolution Controller!

    i think its great. one of the big selling points for the revo will be the nes/snes/n64 emulation and that works perfectly for that (in addition to being a dvd remote, if this thing plays dvds that is). And if the revo has gamecube controller ports, then why not just keep using the GC...
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    Nitendo Light Gun

    all i can tell you is that im upset my guncon 2 wont work with my 2005fpw. i want timecrisis!
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    Age of Empires 3 Demo released

    well it looks really good. i dunno about the gameplay tho... i still like starcraft better (i never really cared for the Age of series, so maybe if you liked that alot, then this is more up your alley).
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    funny halflife 2 comics

    thats great stuff, i cant wait to read it all later.
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    For those with widescreens

    get a widescreen monitor, they really are alot better than a standard aspect ratio.
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    need some pc game recommendations.

    hmm, i would say get: painkiller, far cry, hl2, maybe doom 3 (didnt really like it, but some people do), riddick (i still need to play it, but i want it). if you do not want a life, then WoW could work, but first i would say stick to those fps's just to push your system.
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    [H]OT! X800XTPE AGP $206.10

    i ordered my msi x800 xt pe earlier today, i cant wait to get it! anyway, i think the whole UE3 thing is being exagerated, maybe it will artifact on maximum quality, but even then would an x800 series card be able to handle a UE3 engine game on maxium quality anyway?
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    Upgrade advice

    just another question, how much slower is an x800 pro compared to an x800 xl?