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    FS: 4790k, Asus Z97-PRO wifi-ac, 4x8gb ram

    Accepting Paypal, Amazon Payments. Heatware under "topdragon147", eBay profile freely available upon request. Parts sold AS-IS. Parts will be shipped via UPS fully insured with tracking number.
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    Plugging in/out USB device causes screen to blank and refresh (asus 970)

    Specs: Asus Z97-Pro (Wifi AC), 4790k, 16gb, Corsair HX1000i, Asus 970 Strix, Samsung 830 256gb, windows 8.1 64-bit Method of windows installation: 32GB PNY USB3 Description of problem: Whenever I plug in a usb device to my computer, windows 8.1 will come up with the blue alert that a new...
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    FS: Home lab hardware! i5-2400, 16gb, vt-d mobo, aune t1

    Accepting Paypal, Amazon Payments, Bitcoin. Heatware under "topdragon147", eBay profile freely available upon request. Pictures available upon request.
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    NVIDIA's Game 24 Discussion Thread

    How do I watch Linus?
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    FS: 2500k + p8p67 DELUXE, Aune T1 headamp

    2500k + p8p67 DELUXE has been sold. Please see my new thread.
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    FS: Aune T1 Amplifier

    Standard tube, yes. The sound was good and balanced...I don't think it really colored the music in any way. There was an occasional popping noise but it comes and goes, and only happened when there was no music playing. I saved the original box and packaging, so it will be shipped...
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    FS: Aune T1 Amplifier

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    FS: Aune T1 Amplifier

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    FS: Aune T1 Amplifier

    Accepting Paypal, Amazon Payments, Bitcoin, Dogecoin. Heatware under "topdragon147", ebay profile freely available upon request. For sale is my silver Aune T1 amplifier in "very good" condition. I have had it for less than a year. $100 shipped Comes with the standard US power adapter...
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    FS/FT: Nvidia Holiday Bundle (AC4, SC:BL, Arkham Origins)

    Selling the two codes I got with my card. Redeem them here. Heatware. Bitcoin preferred, Amazon payments, with paypal as a last resort. Batman: $20 Assassin's Creed IV + Splinter Cell: Black List: $40 ...or trading all of them for BF4 PC.
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    X-Fi Titanium PCI-E Sound Card $39.99 Shipped

    Could you point me in the right direction? I searched for hours but never found a solution.
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    X-Fi Titanium PCI-E Sound Card $39.99 Shipped

    As a heads up, I had the xtremegamer and Titanium HD. Every time I booted with one of them, I had to mess with the Creative Control Panel. (switch between entertainment and gaming modes). Otherwise I wouldn't have any sound. This was on windows 8.
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    FS: Schiit Magni headphone amp

    For sale is one Schiit Magni headphone amplifier. Great condition, nothing wrong with it. SOLD Pictures available upon request. (too lazy otherwise :D) Heatware under this same name, ebay profile freely available upon request. Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, Paypal, Dwolla, and Bitcoin...
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    FS: Quickfire Rapid, Blackwidow, GW2 Collector's NIB, E2000

    ttt Edit: I'll try to get some. (I'm in my dorm this week and the KB is at home.)