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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    oh well i guess i might as well
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    Official StarCraft 2 Discussion Thread

    Where are you guy getting these play-by-plays from?
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    SoundBlaster has the Worst Customer Support Ever.

    Indeed. I'd guess that even if your emails had only gone to/from Jeremy this wouldn't be nearly as bad, but they just let them all bounce around. Call them.
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    D-Link DGL-4300 $99 at Fry's

    I paid $141 for mine in April 2005, and it's been great so far. It's never locked up on me, no matter how much I've gamed or torrented, even at LANs (including some ~30-40 seat events). Occasionally my laptop (wireless) gets super laggy reading files from my desktops (wired)... power cycling...
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    Do your X-Fi Drivers work?

    Installed fine on my Opteron 165/LANParty UT nF4 Ultra-D rig. And that's with my Chaintech AV710 installed simultaneously and a relatively dirty Windows install - this install used to have my onboard sound setup, as well. So it's the third soundcard in this system, and everything went...
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    M-audio Audiophile 192 and X-Fi XM coexisting together?

    I don't think it'll be a problem. You should be able to have your X-Fi set as your primary audio output, and then just set your recording apps to use the M-Audio individually. It might take some tinkering to get settings right but you sure won't be the first person to have two different...
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    Choices....X-Fi models

    So it is the breakout box or the FlexiJack or what that does the digital output? 'Cause looking at the pictures with the connections labelled at Newegg, the only difference is the presence of an AD_LINK (external) and AD_EXT (internal) connector. Music diagram versus Gamer outside and...
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    Choices....X-Fi models

    Yeah I'm curious about this, too. I know the Music has different connectivity but I've never read anything definitive on Gamer vs. Music. $70 for that Gamer is really, really tempting, but I want to be sure I'm not screwing myself over compared to getting the Music.
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    Eastern Washington (Tri-Cities) - tcLAN - January 20, 2007

    Planning ahead. :) Note that all information below is subject to change; feel free to influence as much of it as possible at the official site. Date is tentatively scheduled for January 20th, 2007. Computers and consoles - computers are BYOC, consoles are BYO console/TV/controller if...
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    Looking for a MP3 bit rate changer

    You could also try WinLAME. It's a version of the LAME MP3 encoder (the best) with a nice frontend. All open-source and free as well.
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    Chew on this for the weekend...

    That'd be nice. :) How 'bout it, Moose?
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    Not related to the subject at all, but nice try. I also own both of them and I'd say the 280s are probably better, but that said I still use my HD497s, although not as frequently as my Grado SR60. Listen to both of them. :)
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    You, presently, have them both? ... why don't you listen to them and decide for yourself?
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    PS3 folding = $$$electricity bill$$$

    This is why it's nice that we're getting our winter... my CPUs make wonderful space heaters, especially in my cold-ass basement.
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    I Think We Need to Celebrate!

    Rock and roll, gentlemen, rock and roll. :o
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    i need an amp.

    Thread content is totally overrated. I much prefer to infer meaning on my own. Wasn't the Pint taken out of production because it was failing a lot? I could've sworn. Unless it got fixed and put back out, or unless you find one of the rare ones, you might consider it's predecessor the Mint...
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    PS3 folding = $$$electricity bill$$$

    Honestly I don't expect it to be worse than a PC, but I guess I could be totally off base here.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    FLECOM shames me, but I'm still happy to pass 500,000!
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    **HOT** New IPOD Shuffle, Nano, Video

    So for $50 more than a 2GB nano you get ... a smaller nano. Yeah, so it might be a bit odd if the cheapest was the exception, but it is. If you go to audio forums - like, say - and look around, the shuffle is considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to flash...
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    **HOT** New IPOD Shuffle, Nano, Video

    I really like the nano and shuffle redesigns. And don't bash that shuffle clip until you hear some real-world opinions of it, it may not be so flimsy. And my original shuffle has proven to be pretty damn durable, I reckon these new ones will at least match that. This doesn't belong here...
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    Return of the 600 POINT WU!!!

    The second core of my Opty is chewing on a 2409 right now. According to YURT I had a 600pt 2414 go through that netted me 313ppd, and two 600pt 1164s go through a while ago that were 312ppd. Very tasty. :) Although apparently my Opteron's best ppd was from a 364pt 1478 that netted 480ppd....
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006!

    Makes me wish I still worked at Best Buy. But only long enough to get my credits. :)
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    For all you WoW people :D

    Since I got an account in 2/05 I've quit twice. :( My highest is a 41, and I just don't have the motivation to do anything with it. I just recently reactivated under pressure from friends to get my 41 to 60, but I've been playing my lower toon instead. And even then, in the last week, I've...
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    Wenger (Swiss Army) Synergy Notebook Backpack -- $48

    I've been using that bag for my laptop/school shit since last summer and it doesn't show a speck of wear. I paid less on my BB employee discount, but I would've gladly paid $47 for it. Great backpack, great deal.
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    Thoughts on Senn 280Pro headphones...

    I had a pair from Nov 04 until June, and that sums everything up wonderfully. In June the headband broke, and I shipped them to Sennheiser and they sent me whole new phones, which I've had burning in 24/7, because my old ones sounded a lot better than these do.
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    Too [H]ot to touch! X-Fi XtremeMusic for $81.99 after $40 instant /w Free shipping!

    Man, if I didn't just buy a new monitor the other day, I'd be all over this. I told myself a while ago I'd buy an X-Fi if it went below $100...and here we are, right after I spent $350. Goddamnit!
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    what should i use to clean my monitor?

    The commercial suggestion: Monster screen cleaning kit. ~$10 at places like Best Buy, comes with a bottle of blue cleaner and a blue lint-free washable cloth. I've had it for years, and I use it to clean my TVs and monitors (LCD and CRT alike), and I'm maybe 1/10th into the bottle. No...
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    Would sennheiser 280 cans suit me?

    The HD280s were one of my first real cans, and I'm really happy with them. They are a little dry and a little light on bass, but I still find them enjoyable. They certainly sound better with lots of burn-in (to my ears, my 1.5 year old 280s sounded much better than the brand-new replacements I...
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    intelletext. sweet.

    I got used to the ad banners, I'll get used to Intellitext. I just hope Kyle doesn't need to add anything else. EDIT - maybe make the letters a shade of grey/white?
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    From what I can tell, it looks like it's the same, but it's been a while since I had my other HD280s so I'll post pics anyway. I remember some Head-Fi folks said their replacement 280s had a new headband, one of them even claiming they got a call from a Sennheiser service rep saying the new one...
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    Well, got my replacements in today. Not repaired - replaced. Didn't cost me anything (except $12 to ship to them), and didn't take an unreasonable amount of time (they sat at Sennheiser for maybe 3-4 days). The new ones seem a bit weird, though. The pleather seems... stiffer. Less soft...
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    Holy Crap!!!!1111oneoneoneeleven

    Man, this production makes me jealous! I'm as full-fold-ahead as I can get right now... maybe I'll bother the guys at work.
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    DVI port stopped working on Viewsonic VX2025WM

    So it seems to be luck of the draw. How frustrating! Maybe I'll opt for some additional coverage.
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    DVI port stopped working on Viewsonic VX2025WM

    Still something of a scary thought... my stuff gets swapped around pretty frequently.
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    DVI port stopped working on Viewsonic VX2025WM

    So this problem hasn't been fixed yet, huh? Does this DVI problem typically happen very quickly, like within the first few times of using the monitor, or could it possibly happen after running fine for a few months? I ask this because I'll be buying from a brick and mortar soon, and I may...
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    Opteron 165 @ $260.97

    $30 less than I paid in Nov. '05 from the same retailer... man, it seems this is the only piece of performance hardware that I haven't gotten fucked over on! (by it dropping rapidly in price or being replaced with something cheaper+faster like my 7800GT).
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    That's nice, man! Got a taste of almost everything in there. I'm jealous. I find myself very attracted to that line of AKG headphones... it's nothing I've read about their sound that makes them so appealing, it's a purely physical attraction. They look so good!
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    World of Warcraft $20 at Circuit City B&M

    Sure there is. A friend of mine just (gave in to peer pressure and) started a few days ago. $20 for it ain't bad, considering that includes 30 days of play time. And there's a big ol' thread in Free Stuff with people giving away 10-day guest passes (PM me with yer email if you want one, I...
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    Project PowerMac G5/X86 - SLI you bet!

    Excellent work so far, I like how pure you're trying to keep it. I'll be following this.
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    YURT 1.11 Released!

    >.< and >_< and variations there of are frustrated faces... have you ever seen South Park? When Cartman gets angry? His eyes become wedges ><