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    Colorblind - IPS still worthwhile?

    Yes its very important! I am colorblind as well and the wide gamut models help me see the difference between blues and purples in WoW.
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    AS SSD - Kingston: High Performance Test Failed

    you won't compile code faster. do some googling, and you'll discover its mostly cpu limited process just think about it. source code is tiny, so loading all of it ahead of time is not a big deal. once its all in memory compiling is just taking cpu time
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    Security Software Often Misses New Malware

    I've been saying this for years. People just don't understand what real security means
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    How does pixel density affect everyday use?

    if you have high pixel density you will need higher resolution images and videos. Otherwise you'll be scaling up images and videos which would not increase overall quality (given same screen size)
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    HoN is a Dota clone LoL is a rework of Dota and is made by the original Dota allstars creator.
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    Dell U2311H

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    Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5970 now available!

    Probably board bending due to short screws?
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    Dell is ftw when it comes to LCD monitors
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    Two users (monitors) using the same desktop simultaneously

    This will become the future, just wait a few years
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    1680X1050 22" TN's going to transition to DP or phase out?

    Definitely phase out if you can buy 22" IPS at 1920x1080:
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    Dell U2311H

    Awesome! I've been waiting for the U series to come to 1920 But I don't get why they released both a 23 inch and "22" inch model for $20 difference. 3* $279 for cheapest IPS eyefinity setup!!
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    Counter Stike Source Limited Beta

    This is Valve is the best company in the world. Others should take them as the golden example and copy extensively. They just need to make sure not to release L4D3 before HL2:EP3
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    Talk me into keeping my SSD

    defrag isn't actually enabled for the SSD. It detects which drive is an SSD and just skips it. don't worry about superfetch. it doesn't cause wear and in fact would still speed up your search because indexing is still faster than not having it
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    more 27" IPS coming out soon?

    I doubt more will be coming out soon. The U2711 is a good buy. Wait for a sale and commit
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    Best 27"-30" gaming display???

    I would go with U2711. The input lag isn't high and it has all the fancy new connectors like 3008
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5970 now available!

    Buy it. Review it. And let me know
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    5970 at MSRP, when?

    When it was released. I knew this would happen and got one in the first preorder
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    Black boxes around name in League of Legends?

    Ok fixed the link. Took out the s
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    Black boxes around name in League of Legends?

    Link works for me
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    Black boxes around name in League of Legends?

    I posted a bug report on their forums: But I was wondering if anybody else with ATI 5xxx or 5970 having this problem?
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    Request - 90hz LED e-IPS 30-inch 16:10 2560x1600

    90 Hz won't happen, but 120 Hz will. Just requires Displayport 1.2
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    Is there anyway to stretch the FOV in single player Bad Company 2?

    This is why nobody should make PC FPS expect for Valve. Others just don't understand simple issues like FOV.
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    LGA 1155 and 2011 details.

    So I guess I'll just buy a whole new system again. I wonder why they are even bothering with SATA 3 Gbps ports? Just make them all 6 or drop the 3's
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    Build-Log: 100TB Home Media Server

    Ok after understanding a bit more about URE with my post: The guy has a point about raid 5, but he got raid 6 all wrong. Raid 6 requires a error at the same sector, which decreases the probability of error way down. I have come to the conclusion...
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    Raid 5 will have problems after 2009?

    Do you constantly read all the contents of the drive? The premise of the article is a URE will occur during a rebuild (hence you would be reading everything)
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    30" to 27" Dell

    Yes you should. And then send me your 30
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    Raid 5 will have problems after 2009?

    Ok I posted this link in another thread: It talks about how using large drives (at least 2 TB) in a raid 5 configuration by the time 2009 comes around the size of the drives and the bit errors means you are very likely to have a read error during a...
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    New 24" ViewSonic 120 Hz V3D241wm-LED

    Well...TN is a start. Can't wait to see 24-27" 2560x1440 IPS 120 Hz on Displayport
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    Build-Log: 100TB Home Media Server

    Read this: You pretty much are guaranteed to have at least one disk fail within the first year. You'll also have the raid 5 fail to rebuild. With that in mind you must go raid 6 with hot spare.
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    New SATA3 SSDs

    Yeah AMD's chipset doesn't do SATA 6 Gbps very well, so we need to wait for Intel to fill that gap. SSDs will come near that chipset release.
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    Question about 30" and dual - link

    Get drivers for monitor. Same thing happen to me.
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    Apple's Next iPhone

    Yes, this is why you should never drink for the rest of your life.
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    Apple's Next iPhone

    Mainly the large gap on the lower left corner and the fact they made one seam into two by separating the volume button into two
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    League of Legends vs dota

    So now that I've played lol a lot more I really like the Match making. I hated waiting for tens of minutes just to get into a dota game just to have somebody leave before the game even starts! People complain all the time how they are level 10 being matched up with level 30's but you have to...
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    Apple's Next iPhone

    Its too ugly to be a final Apple product. I bet its for testing only.
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    New iPhone 4G?

    It looks like a testing device and I bet the productive device will look completely different.
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    I changed my mind and made a decision: IPS monitor all the way!

    Welcome and spread the word! Only IPS can save you!
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    Dell 3007wfp-hc or U2711?

    The input lag of both monitors are comparable so I would go for the new one. Its nice to have display port as you can see ATI is pushing that technology (booo nvidia!)
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    Can't decide between these hx850/hx1000

    Go HX850 because its a single rail and 1000 is not. I just got one a few months ago and I drive a 5970. Its the best power supply I've ever bought. I love the modular design