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    AT&T to Double Wireless Data Speeds in 6 Cities

    Good to see some progress in the network area. this was tested today from my iphone 3gs.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    taken a while a go. Our linuxbox is having some trouble with one of the netcards so download isn't more than 55 mbps :( been doing 95mbps and suspect it will soon again. using iphone 3gs don't know why it show the server as being so far away. must be some routing.
  3. G - a new test

    sucky test. By the way I think the test uses bandwidth from akamai pipes.
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    Its an old result as the Copenhagen mirror isn't online anymore :( Just tried on a swedish testsite and got a better upload result. using bittorrent speeds often reach 9 megabytes/s PS yes its my home connection
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    I love Japan

    I love Denmark
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    Anyone got a large file with unlimited bandwidth to download from?

    Its really not that hard!!! Press the link and select download location closest to you. Please submit your speed so we can see!
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    New to wireless networking...Can my router search for the signal?

    Well if you don't already have a wireless card in the desktop thats what you'll need. But if you're already connected to the router using a cat 5 cable why not stick to that as its faster? There is no real advantage to having a wireless desktop unless you don't like having a cable going...
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    Bored last night while banned

    hehe yeah those macspoofing programs can help a lot. I've been shut down a few times due to stupid administrators. I gave them a little note with my mac on it and stuck it on their monitor telling them not to ban that mac. So far it seems to work but if it doesnt I can always spoof. Nice...
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    Bit Torrent/uTorrent Seeding Question (legitimate)

    I don't even know if you can share internally but you should be able to to so. In utorrent under advanced prefereces you should set bt.tracker to true. Then use the magic wond in utorrent to make a torrent with your given directory. Then in the trackers window you need to add the...
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    I think my neighbor tried to get into my network. . . Cool!!

    Don't know about the US but here its illegal to use other peoples wireless even if its not encrypted. I understand your frustration being a tech gay allowing some mom to break into your network. Must be some kind of glitch :) or maybe a hacker mom who doesnt know how to change her computer...
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    Post your connection speeds!!!!

    This is from my school. And this is from home ping times: C:\Documents and Settings\gummianden>ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=61 Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=61...